Find out about how rugby is played here if you are soon to attend a major event and could be testing your skills to predict the scores…

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Find out about how rugby is played here if you are soon to attend a major event and could be testing your skills to predict the scores…

The first thing to understand is that testing your skills at score prediction in rugby must not be based on emotions… you must realise a lot of this is psychological and you must use facts.

You must familiarise yourself with how to play rugby which you can easily do by going to this link > here ( ) and here we will touch on some basic ideas. First and foremost you must immerse yourself in the game by watching it on video or tv screens. Getting that birds eye view of the game is totally invaluable. Seeing the formation of the players on the pitch. This leads us to our first major theme and that is breaking down and stretching those formations to breaking point is the fundamental tactic of all smart teams! Most importantly thinking of creative ways to do that, some of which could be super efficient and not use much energy while others could require intense tactical awareness and the ability to communicate with team mates in an instinctual way.
Once you have watched the game and see the personality of the players, teams and coaches you can start to build an awareness of who is likely to bring attacking or defensive rugby. Who is best in open passing the ball, fast play and who is using close quarters combative rugby such as mauls from lineouts in high winds to score really in an unstoppable way.

Kicking… you must understand how penalties affect the game! This way you are changing the dynamic from random to organised and if you use the Lottoland rugby guide you will get a super concise guide to the game!
High scoring: in a game of rugby a score of say 21 points to 5 points is not a big scoring difference. For example a team on 5 points could score 3 times and have 17 points plus the 5 they had and have a total of 22 and win the game! Remember if your team is scoring it follows the opposition are not atleast while your team is scoring so this high scoring attacking format is excellent at game score predictions!

Kicking from penalties will get your team 3 points. A try is 5 points and try conversion is 2 points so a converted try is 7 points! Seeing the complexity already!

One of the major big things that you begin to familiarise yourself with in rugby is that a score most often involves the entire team. So getting the ball off the opposition through attacking their attack and then capitalizing on their mistakes turning over the ball and instantly going on the offensive. When a team is attacking they often stretch themselves for the score and if they spill the ball can very often be super disorganised and find that they have left massive gaps!

In this way your teams defence has actually caused the attacking team to leave themselves totally exposed should your team get the ball. Your team could possible just jog to the try line and score a try under the posts which also means the conversion attempt is in front of the posts and anyone can see its an easy score.

Scores that do not expend energy are best and scores that do not cause injuries. This is why you find the best teams play a free flowing fast expansive game where they are passing a lot so as to stretch the defensive line of the opposition team. The more the opposing team has to spread out across the pitch then the more individual gaps are open to be exploited by fast agile players!

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