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Fermanagh parents rekindle spark through trusted childcare platform

Parents in Fermanagh now have access to trusted, local childcare, through an easy to use, fun, flexible and hassle free online platform.

Young mother and her toddler girl playing together with finger toys

The service, launched by Yoopies following its acquisition of Findababysitter.com last year, has been a big hit with more than three million users across Europe to date.

And, the company says, it will allow the parents of Fermanagh to go out, spend quality time together and rekindle the spark they had before their little ones came along.

Lisa Lambert, spokesperson for Yoopies and a mother herself, said: “Agencies provide a great service but they can be very expensive, through the site we have simplified the process so that parents and childcare providers can chat freely”.

“We do not deliver childcare to the home, we deliver peace of mind. We provide all the tools, help, advice and details of childcare in Fermanagh. Parents can then register and carry out their own checks, and all payments are made online. We talk them through every step.

“They do not have to make a booking until they have made contact with the babysitter and truly trust the decision they are making.

“We are the only platform allowing parents to re-book on a regular basis, and should a family be heading off to Europe on their summer holidays, they are able to carry out similar searches and book childcare for any destination in ten European countries.”

Yoopies was officially launched last month (April) after it acquired Findababysitter.com in 2017. Formed in 2012 by Benjamin Suchar, and friend and “mummy blogger” Jessica Cymerman, Yoopies has become one of the most successful social platforms of its kind in Europe, and the number one childcare website in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

And, its name change in the UK reflects the wider services that Yoopies offers.

From nannies and babysitters to dog walkers and cleaners, this easy to use service has been designed as a one-stop shop for booking home care professionals. Users simply log on to yoopies.co.uk, search for candidates using up to 50 different criteria and select those that suit their requirements.

It’s also possible to send messages to carers, arrange interviews and once hired make payments through yoopies.co.uk – avoiding the need for awkward conversations and visits to the cash machine.

For those looking for something specific, such as a chaperone for a child’s ballet class or a holiday pet sitter, then ads can also be placed. And to provide additional reassurance, the verified professionals listed are all ID checked and vetted to ensure that DBS checks, qualifications and training are correct and in place.

The basic service is completely free and allows parents to search and send a single message to a potential child carer. A premium service is also available from £9.90 per month (based upon annual subscription) and allows for multiple contacts to be made. Yoopies says it takes verification, safety and security very seriously, but strongly advises candidates are interviewed and relevant checks carried out.

Lisa added: “We provide an affordable, fun, flexible and hassle-free service and want parents to rekindle the spark that first attracted them to each other, and enjoy a social life safe in the knowledge their little ones are in trusted hands.”

For further information, visit www.yoopies.co.uk


Over half of Brits (55 per cent) admit to damaging their phone in the last 24 months
39 per cent of Brits chose to buy an entirely new phone rather than replacing the parts of their damaged device, costing them an average of £100 more
Mobile devices are used for 29 months on average, with consumers pushed to upgrade their devices frequently1
Electronic waste remains a huge environmental issue – EU predicted to generate more than 12 million tonnes per year of electrical and electronic equipment by 20202

Today, new insight from iSmash, the UK’s leading tech repair specialist, highlights a growing trend of consumers that purchase an entirely new phone when their current device breaks, rather than choosing to repair. This costs the nation a staggering £505 million per year3.

With the number of smartphone users in Britain now sitting at 80 per cent of all adults4, iSmash’s research not only uncovered the financial costs of purchasing a new phone, but also the environmental one, with a low rate of smartphones being recycled5.

iSmash found that across the UK, a whopping 5.05 million Brits have recently smashed their phone and chose to purchase a new device, at an average cost of £190, rather than getting it repaired, which costs an average of £90 at iSmash. Collectively this equals a total of £505 million a year ‘wasted’ on buying a new phone when replacing parts was a better and much cheaper option.

The research uncovered that 35 per cent of Brits have broken or smashed their phone more than once, with 39 per centconfessing they ended up buying a new phone and 44 per cent not taking the damaged device to be repaired.

Further to this, the research also reveals the real reasons customers decide to replace their device, with 48 per cent admitted they bought a new phone because it was just more convenient, 42 per cent said they believed the cost of repair to be too high, 23 per cent said they wanted a newer phone and 17 per cent said they believed repairing their phone was going to take too long.

In terms of the way devices break, the survey shows a shocking 18 per cent of those aged between 25-34 break their phone whilst taking a selfie, closely followed by breaking their phone whilst exercising (17 per cent). Those aged 18-24 were found to be more likely to have their phone fall out of their pocket with half admitting to dropping their device in the toilet (60 per cent).

To help Brits figure out exactly how much they could stand to save by replacing specific parts, iSmash has created a tool that breaks a phone down by its components and lists the average repair price for each: https://www.ismash.com/blogs/replace-or-repair/to-replace-or-to-repair

Julian Shovlin, founder and managing director at iSmash, said: “With mobile devices an integral part of our daily life, many people who break their phones panic and purchase a new device entirely, not realising that repairing is more cost effective and quicker. With an average repair time of just 30 minutes, anyone can drop into their local iSmash store and get back up and running in no time at all. There’s no need to waste money on a new device when replacing the parts in your old phone could save you hundreds of pounds and benefit the environment too.”

iSmash specialises in offering an express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers along with a wide range of mobile accessories and refurbished devices. Since launching in 2013, iSmash has grown to 26 stores across the UK and counting. It prides itself on offering an express repair service powered by iSmash accredited technicians, on-site at each of its stores, and all its screen replacements are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mindful Chef on shaping up for summer

The average Brit will go on a health kick precisely 53 days before their summer holiday, according to a study. Meaning many of us will be starting our pre-summer workout this week. Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults found they’ll spend a total of 33 hours and seven minutes getting into shape ahead of their getaway. Amid this, a whopping seven in 10 said they intend to shed weight in time for the warmer months – around 4.5kg (10lbs) on average. Aside from exercise, the most common methods employed include giving takeaways the heave-ho, going teetotal and eating healthier meals.

Commissioned by healthy food box company, Mindful Chef – www.mindfulchef.com – the research found increased confidence, energy levels and mental wellbeing are the biggest motivations to get into shape. Peer pressure also has a part to play – 45 per cent claimed they are motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle ahead of their holiday because their friends and family are doing the same.

Giles Humphries, Co-founder of Mindful Chef said: “Annually we see sales of our healthy recipe boxes increase significantly from the second week of May, peaking at the start of June. “Given the majority of us holiday in July and August, our sales data supports the research findings, suggesting that most of our customers kick start their healthy habits at this time of year as their holiday countdown begins.”

The research also found six in 10 have previously tried to get into shape for the summer or a holiday. And most of those polled – an incredible seven in 10 – were successful. Forty-five per cent said the hot weather typically prompts them to get fitter and healthier as they want to wear more revealing clothing without feeling self-conscious. And four in 10 said simply getting their summer clothes out of the wardrobe triggers them to get in shape. It emerged 60 per cent will follow a healthier diet in the summer, compared to the rest of the year. Half of us will start to eat more chilled foods such as salads, 22 per cent will try improve their portion sizing and one fifth will look to lower their calorie intake, during the summer months.

However, 41 per cent actually find it HARDER to eat healthily during the summer due to increased social activities such as barbecues and visits to the local pub garden. The research also found 46 per cent of the population have attempted a diet at some stage – yet over one third give up the diet after just one month. The most popular diet is the ‘traditional’ low fat diet, while other popular diets include a low carb diet and the 5:2 diet. When it comes to being active, walking is the most effective form of exercise for getting into shape according to those polled – followed by swimming and running.

Giles Humphries added: “The research revealed that nearly half of Brits will try a fad diet to get in shape, yet over one third give up the diet after just one month. Mindful Chef is on a mission to make healthy eating easy – demonstrating that by making some small changes to your diet, such as reducing your refined carbs and managing your portions size, you can see better long term results. We hear wonderful customer stories of how a mindful diet has transformed their wellbeing”

For expert tips on shaping up for the summer and to see the survey results in full, click here [http://blog.mindfulchef.com/expert-tips-on-shaping-up-for-the-summer/]

Raise a toaster to the bride – it’s wedding season

2018 could see a resurgence in gift giving over money and vouchers
Recent bizarre wedding gifts include a Papal blessing, a fire extinguisher, anti-wrinkle cream and a personalised toilet brush
Formal thanks remain popular with annual growth in sales of thank you cards

With wedding season approaching many people are starting to think about what gifts to buy newlywed couples on the big day. According to a survey from occasions experts Clintons, many guests are swapping financial donations and money for an increasingly wide range of gifts – from the unusual to the bizarre.

Particularly noteworthy gifts have ranged from cars, chickens, cigars, waterslides, shampoo and a year’s supply of loo roll. One of the most popular gifts is the classic toaster with one individual receiving seven toasters on their wedding day.[1]

Currently, around 20% of people who give a gift choose to give money. Donations to a couple’s honeymoon kept its place on the list with 6.1% of gift givers opting for the honeymoon fund.

Personalised wedding gifts have soared with the captions “Mr and Mrs”, “His and His”, “Husband and Wife” and “Mrs and Mrs” donning all manner of house hold items. Mugs, salt and pepper shakers, pillows, cushions, cutlery and plates are some of the classic items. Clintons’ survey also identified some more bizarre personalised gifts such as a toilet brush labelled ‘think of me whilst you use this’, underpants, herb boxes, wedding hangers, hessian sacks and pyjamas.

Research shows that there are particularly stringent rules when writing thank you cards for the big day. For notes to guests, “the sooner the better” is a general rule, but busy schedules and tight timelines mean it is acceptable to send a thank you note up to three months after the big day.[2]

Aside from the timing surrounding thank you notes, the method of showing thanks is also important. Texts and emails are deemed insufficient when showing gratitude for a wedding gift. A 2017 survey of adults revealed that the clear majority (96.5%) believe a handwritten note is the best way of thanking someone for a wedding gift, with 93% thinking that writing thank you notes were necessary.[3]

As well as thank yous for gifts, couples need to thank members of the wedding party and individuals who have been involved in the day, for example best men and bridesmaids.

Nicola Miller, Head of Cards at Clintons, said: “For many people, the time and effort reflected in a Thank You note is very important. In other words, no matter how bizarre the wedding gift, a handwritten card or note is key to show your appreciation. There’s no sign that formal thanks are in decline as we’re seeing an improvement in sales of thank you cards year on year, especially in categories such as ‘thank you best man’.”

Clintons sells a diverse range of Wedding cards, from ‘Mother of the Bride’ and ‘thankyou usher’ to ‘Mr & Mrs’. Cards for same sex marriages are increasingly popular with sales rising 16% in the past 4 weeks alone.

Summer Vases by Zangheim

Summer Vases by Zangheim Vases are the perfect accompaniment to any living area or adorning the dining table. Zangheim presents both contemporary white, juicy summer colours or classic designs to hold either long stemmed flowers or shorter bunches of blooms from your garden or flowers bought from the florist.
Summer Vases by Zangheim
Vases are the perfect accompaniment to any living area or adorning the dining table. Zangheim presents both contemporary white, juicy summer colours or classic designs to hold either long stemmed flowers or shorter bunches of blooms from your garden or flowers bought from the florist.

Oronda Fire Vase Villeroy & Boch Glass Height 21cm £84.00

Villeroy & Boch
Oronda Fire Vase


Height 21cm


Maria White Vase


Height 32cm

£94.00 Maria White Vase Rosenthal Porcelain Height 32cm £94.00

Squall Gold Totalisiert Vase Rosenthal Porcelain Height 32cm £332.00
Squall Gold Totalisiert Vase


Height 32cm


Villeroy & Boch
Pieces of Jewellery Vase

Crystal Glass

Height 22cm


Pieces of Jewelley Vase Villeroy & Boch Crystal Glass Height 2.21cm £249.00

About Zangheim:
Zangheim represents a new generation of online luxury shopping within the dining and living room sector. Zangheim believes the living and dining room serve as the basis to effecting a magical atmosphere within the home. For the founders of Zangheim, having grown up together in a warm environment, dinner was an integral part of every day and a time for the family to come together to enjoy each others company. Zangheim’s philosophy and commitment to providing only the finest home accessories will enable our customers to create their own unique environment and experiences. Zangheim we are committed to helping their customers showcase their cuisine, achieving a lasting impression for both family and guests.

After all the rainy days have passed, there’s clear sight of sunshine, and summer is in the air.

Gather all your friends, soak up the sun and have some fun!

Make sure your parties and picnics are kitted out with some ravishing rainbow gear from Flying Tiger.

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£275 – available in five stylish colours (L-R: Bluebird, Ebony, Mandarin, Spearmint, Sterling Silver)

Take the stress out of travelling with your baby with the launch of ‘Jet’ – the compact and ultralight stroller from leading British nursery brand Silver Cross.

Jet folds so small it can be carried on board an aircraft as cabin baggage, and not only that, by simply adding Silver Cross Simplicity car seat adaptors Jet becomes a perfectly practical travel system suitable from birth with its soft, deep padded lie flat seat. One of a kind…

Beautifully finished with the uncompromising design and quality of Silver Cross, Jet is the perfect choice for carefree travel with little passengers.




Note to editor: If you want to order a FREE NYC inspired bagel breakfast deivery to your office on Friday email jasmin.hannington@wildcard.co.uk

Ridiculously, WORK is one of the first things Brits think about as they wake up in the morning, according to new research. Incapable of switching off, we are stirred from our sleep ahead of our alarm by work woes at least twice a week.

The impact of the weather and money worries were also at the top of the poll, with finances plaguing our minds when our eyes open. Our health and relationships followed closely behind. Others declared that checking social media and the group chat is their number one priority in the morning.

Despite being a nation of early risers and getting out of bed at an average time of 6.16am on a workday, it will take 29 minutes before we feel fully awake, alert and ready to start the day. The average person has just over an hour (62 minutes) from the second we wake up to the moment we step out the door.

As a result, more than a third (36%) spend more than half of the working week feeling rushed and pressured for time , with 58% feeling “overwhelmed” with the amount of tasks on their to-do list when contemplating the day ahead.

Worryingly, more than four in 10 (42%) of the 2,000 surveyed feel they do not take care of themselves in the morning – skipping exercise, not taking vitamins or even doing the most natural thing in the morning, having breakfast.

A spokesperson for The New York Bakery Co, who commissioned the study, said: “Mornings can be a hectic time, especially with pressures hitting us first thing, such as getting the kids ready for school or making it to work on time.

“It seems many of us leave just enough time to get the morning essentials done, while neglecting what we see as luxuries, like making time for breakfast or a quick session at the gym ahead of the work day.”

When questioned about how much time respondents dedicate to the most important meal of the day, just six percent think about breakfast compared to lunch (10.4%) and dinner (63%). From this data, it isn’t surprising that we put aside just 11 minutes of a morning on average to fuel our bodies for the day ahead. More than one in 10 confessed that they don’t have time for breakfast AT ALL due to the daily rat race.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of the UK’s workforce are forced to eat their first meal of the day ‘on-the-go’, utilising their morning commute, or while at their desk. Breakfast options lacking in excitement were on the menu for most, quickly scoffing a bowl of cereal (33%) or slice of buttered toast (13%). But due to time constraints we will skip breakfast once a week in order to fit everything in to our busy morning schedules.

This Bank Holiday, The New York Bakery Co. is encouraging families and friends to stop shunning breakfast and start giving it the time it deserves by giving away FREE breakfast bagels and injecting some fun back into our morning routine. Dubbed ‘The Big Breakfast Break’, the New York inspired bagel bar will be opening its doors for two days only in the heart of Shoreditch on Saturday 26th May and Sunday 27th May.

Popping up at 133 Bethnal Green Road from 8am until 2pm and situated a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Brick Lane, the eatery will be encouraging families to start the day right and spend quality time together for the most important meal of the day.

Christina Honigfort, Head of Marketing for The New York Bakery Co. added: “We hope that the experience will encourage Brits to slow down and think differently around breakfast. By showing Brits how variety and fresh thinking in the morning can set you up for the day to come, dull and mundane breakfasts will be a thing of the past!”


1. The weather

2. A task at work

3. Your health

4. A household chore

5. What’s happening on socia media

6. The manic school rush

7. Morning commute

8. Can I get away with not washing my hair?’

9. Outfit choice for the day

10. Family troubles


For more information, samples and images, contact Jasmin Hannington at Wild Card on 020 7257 6470 / jasmin.hannington@wildcard.co.uk or email NewYorkBakery@wildcard.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

* New York Bakery Co. offers a range of authentic New York-style Bagels – plus Bagel Thins for a real taste of New York.

* There are a whole host of bagels in the New York Bakery Co. range, including:

o The Original

o Cinnamon & Raisin

o Sesame

o Red Onion & Chive

o Everything

o Wholemeal

o Original Bagel Thins

o Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel Thins

o Soft Seeded Bagel Thins

* The company was founded by a baker from North America who wanted to share the great taste of a true New York bagel with the UK – and started the New York Bakery Co. in the 1990s in Rotherham, England.

A Stylish Night’s Sleep with Furl

When it comes to designing the perfect bedroom, the bed is often the most important decision. Furl have a beautiful collection of storage beds which not only look fantastic, but help keep bedroom clutter neatly tucked away. There are lots of customisable options to choose from, including the brand new Tetris Headboard.

No matter what kind of bed you go for, a beautiful headboard makes a huge difference. Grander styles can create a new point of interest that puts your bed centre stage, while more modest styles add comfort and a touch of hotel luxury. The Tetris headboard is the latest design from Furl, and pairs beautifully with their extensive collection of storage beds to create a modern and stylish finish.

On top of their headboard options, Furl have great range of additional add-ons to choose from, including different opening mechanisms, pocket and feet options, as well as mattresses and pillows. And on the rare occasion where none of their fabric options or sizes are quite right, Furl are also happy to discuss completely bespoke designs. As each bed is handmade to order, it’s possible to build beds in completely different sizes and finishes.

Whatever your dream storage bed, the expert team at Furl specialise in working with their customers to create something personal to them. With years of experience behind them, you can be sure that your new bed will be beautiful, functional and, of course, supremely comfortable.

💡Give your home some ‘caged cool’ with an industrial-chic caged light from Yorkshire-based lighting company, Urban Cottage Industries

From vintage-inspired shade guards, through to stunning modern pops of colour..

this is one trend that instantly makes a statement in any space. 💡

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Pucker up this summer and keep your lips soft
with the exotic coconut-flavoured, pineapple lip balm with SPF 15.

Here to moisturize, nourish and protect your luscious lips – this truly tropical treat will become your most loved handbag essential.

Pineapple Lip Balm – £5 – National Theatre Bookshop – Shop.nationaltheatre.org.uk


The Women’s Museum Classic watch has a 28mm stainless steel case with a black Museum dial and silver-toned dot and hands. The textured ‘saffiano’ black leather strap closes with a stainless steel buckle.

The watch retails at £375.00 and can be found on www.movado.co.uk

With the Sun high in the sky and Summer holidays on the horizon, it’s time to get our vacay accessories sorted.

What screams SUMMER more than a pool floatie… but for your drink!
Never let your bevvy out of sight as it floats in the pool alongside you – like your personal swim up bar.

A quirky, lightweight holiday essential that you can tuck into your suitcase to take away with you.
These Inflatable Cup Holders from Flying Tiger are a summer must-have you don’t want to miss out on!

Superb special package at less 15% for June 2018 at Tau Game Lodge

The spectacle of myriad game at the large Tau waterhole, which is visible from all room and hospitality decks, proves highly addictive at this malaria-free 5-star lodge.

The new Reception, Lounge, Dining Room, leisure decks, Bar, Boma and two pools, of which one is an infinity design, make for contemporary out of Africa safari heaven.

The lodge is enclosed within the reserve, resulting in the humans being subtly fenced in, while game, including several crocodiles, roam free, including the prolific bird life.

Dinner is a convivial experience, hosted in the Boma, or Restaurant or Dining Deck, depending on the weather.

The safari rangers have respect for the bush by allowing the creatures of the wild their space. Within minutes, you’ll be photographing members of the Big Five, from aged bull elephants, delicately foraging and breakfasting on new green flora, to white rhino and their young.

The early morning game drive is spectacular, offering magical light for photography, with a pit stop for Amarula coffee and delicious buttermilk rusks. Afternoon game drives include dazzling African sunsets with your favourite tipple in hand before returning to the lodge for dinner.

It is not unusual to come across some young lion acting kittenish in the sun, before sniffing the air and looking regal, peering into the distance, where there could well be some wildebeest or appetising antelope upwind.

The Tau Cubz Club, Tau Spa Oasis and Tau Conference Centre make this an ideal destination for romantic, family, leisure as well as corporate travel.

Tau Game Lodge opened its 5-star safari doors in 1995 and offers 30 rooms, from Standard to Luxury to Family Suites. A mere 4.5 hours’ drive from Johannesburg, the lodge borders Botswana.

Winter 2018 special online booking package, valid for June 2018:

R3,065 per person sharing per night – R3,679 single.

*Excluded in the above packages:

Any drinks, curios, telephone, spa treatments.

Bed levies

Rhino Conservation levies

Park Entrance Fees

+27-(0)11-466 8715/17 – taugame@mweb.co.za – www.taugamelodge.co.za

This year’s National Palliative Care Week, from May 20 to 26, 2018, is inviting us to explore ‘What matters most?’ when it comes to palliative care.

To find out more, we chatted to two of Envigor’s Care Services Managers about their experiences working in palliative care, how they support people to live out their life as comfortably as possible and what they’ve learned along the way.

A holistic approach

Cheryl Rowell, Envigor’s Care Services Manager at Seasons Bribie Island, says that delivering good palliative care is about taking a holistic approach that takes into consideration the person’s personal wishes while supporting both their family and the care staff delivering the care.

“For me, palliative care is looking after our residents until the end of life. It also involves looking after the family and also the staff to ensure that true care is exactly what the client gets until they die,” says Cheryl.

Bernadette Hatton, Envigor’s Care Services Manager at Seasons Mango Hill, agrees that supporting families through their loved one’s final stage of their life is a vital part of the role.

“It’s important we offer care and support for the families too, as well as looking after the client,” says Bernadette.

“Once their mother or father has died, that care and support is something they’ll always remember. It’s really important we give that client who is dying the dignity and respect that they deserve. And it’s just as important to make the family feel comfortable with what is happening with their loved ones.”

Planning ahead

For both Cheryl and Bernadette knowing their client’s end of life wishes helps them to coordinate and organise the best care for them.

“When people come to Seasons, we like them to stay in their home until they die and we do that by having the care discussions early, including discussions about end of life care and end of life decisions and how they would like things to run when we get to that time,” says Cheryl.

“I think doing it early in the piece takes away the burden and anxiety from the family when they really don’t know what mum and dad need. If that discussion is had early it takes away the anxiety for the client and the family.

“It’s a very emotional time, it’s a personal time and often families don’t know what choices to make as they’re so emotional at that time. It takes that pressure away.”

Bernadette says as well as helping the family, it also helps to ensure that the palliative care delivery runs as smoothly as possible.

“Having that conversation means we have the right things in place, even before we know this person is palliative. Do they want to be resuscitated at any stage during their palliation? Do they want a GP to be present? Do they need someone to sit with them for the full 24-hours? It’s coordinating all of that information and making sure that person is not left on their own if that’s what their wish is. Some clients prefer to be on their own and that’s fine. So, you have a discussion before you get to that stage if possible to see what their wishes are at the end stages of life. My job is to make sure what that client has asked for is what we do,” says Bernadette.

The power of good palliative care

When asked about palliative care stories that have impacted them, Bernadette and Cheryl both talk about times where they’ve taken a personal journey with a person and their family.

“It’s one on one. They are not a number, they are a person and they are a part of our family. They mean something to us,” says Bernadette.

“We had a lady at Seasons Kallangur that we’d looked after her for some years as she had dementia. Her progression was quite slow to start with. She came to the end stages where she was no longer mobile and she needed us to support her in every aspect, which was really quite sad as that’s not who she was as a person, she was a very, very strong lady. Her dignity had gone and what we had to try and do is let her keep her dignity as much as possible.”

“She was palliative for about a week and it was about encouraging her to keep doing what she needed to do and do that journey in her own way. Not interfering with what she wanted to do and just supporting her – just sitting with her and holding her hand. Her facial expressions showed she was grateful knowing someone was there.

“I’ll never forget her words before she did die, she turned around to us and said, ‘thank you and I’ll love you all for this’ and that really touched me because we’d given that woman the dignity that she had wanted and deserved. She had a very beautiful journey and it was very, very special.”

Cheryl says that every palliative journey is unique and special in its own way.

“I think they all impact on you. I think they are all very special. It’s a privilege to be with someone and to be involved in that whole process,” says Cheryl.

“Palliative care is a personal journey. It’s different for every person. I’ve learned it does certainly pay to have that personal planning in place as that dictates how things will run towards the end. It’s a privilege to have families look to you for the guidance and to have them want you to be involved in that care.”

Bernadette says that delivering palliative care has affected how she is planning for her own end of life care.

“It makes you look at the end of life completely differently. It makes you realise what you want. It makes you realise that you need to make decisions and be quite forthright about your decisions as you get older. I want what I give to people in all honesty. I want someone to support my family and know that my wishes are respected. I think that’s the most important thing.”


Cheryl and Bernadette along with two other industry experts are available for interview to discuss palliative care and what it entails.

Tracey Silvester is Executive Manager of Envigor and has more than 25 years’ experience in heath and aged care services. Tracey is committed to ensuring that our elders are able to exercise their right to choose how they live their lives regardless of their ability or function. Tracey is a Registered Nurse and has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Management. She is also an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Management and a surveyor with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

Rebecca Bingham is also available for comment

Commencing her career as a Registered Nurse in 1996 and working across acute and general medical in country hospitals before specialising in oncology, haematology, pain management and palliative care in Brisbane, Rebecca soon moved into working in aged care.

From working in community care and Residential Aged Care, Rebecca then moved into a home care community model of care as an Industry Liaison clinician allowing her to educate and collaborate with industry partners in the aged care space as well as provide solutions to individuals and families looking for aged care.

Rebecca brings an education and solutions focus and a passion to make a difference to her role as Seasons Aged Care’s Industry Liaison Officer


UK Finance’s Mortgage Trends in Northern Ireland Update for quarter 1 2018 reveals:

There were 2,200 new first-time buyer mortgages completed in Northern Ireland in the first quarter of 2018, some 10 per cent more than in the same quarter of 2017. The £0.22bn of new lending was 10 per cent more year-on-year. The average Northern Ireland first-time buyer is 30 and has a gross household income of £33,000.
There were 1,400 new homemover mortgages completed in Northern Ireland in the first three months of 2018, some 16.7 per cent more than in the same quarter of 2017. The £0.19bn of new lending in the quarter was 18.8 per cent more year-on-year. The average Northern Ireland homemover is 39 and has a gross household income of £46,000.
There were 2,300 new homeowner remortgages in Northern Ireland completed in the first quarter of 2018, some 9.5 per cent more than in the same period a year earlier. The £0.25bn of remortgaging in the first quarter was 19 per cent more year-on-year.
Commenting on the data, Derek Wilson, the chair of UK Finance’s Northern Ireland Mortgage Committee, said:

“Northern Ireland’s mortgage market has enjoyed the strongest start to the year across the UK.

“We also saw the highest number of remortgages since the summer of 2009 as homeowners continue to take advantage of low interest rates and attractive deals.

“Northern Ireland remains one of the most affordable regions in the UK with property prices rising at a steady and sustainable pace.”

With wedding season upon us once again, it can be hard to find that unique gift for the happy couple…

Now you can ‘knock their socks off with chocs’ with their very own personalised chocolate bars, courtesy of The Grown Up Chocolate Company’s online ‘Make Your Own’ service!

The first of it’s kind, create their tailor-made chocolate bar online, choosing their favourite flavours (from 70 quality, and grown up ingredients) and customising the wrapper with your own image & message. What better way to thank them for inviting you to share their special day?

Your creation will be handmade in Harlow from the highest quality ingredients (and a sprinkling of love) and X 3 delicious X100g Bars will be sent straight to your door, all for just £25*.

*X2 sets available at a discount of £22.50 each and X3 sets at £20 each.



ANNIE HAAK DESIGNS has launched the Chiwawatala Collection in collaboration with non – profit organisation, Sausage Tree Charity.

The collection designed by Lucinda Chignell, founder of the charity, includes two adjustable pendant necklaces and two friendship bracelets in 14ct plated gold and 925 Sterling silver. The design features the Adinkra, the African symbol for strength, chosen by Lu to represent the charity’s mission.

Sausage Tree Charity’s projects, located in Zambia, aims to educate local children with practical training, schooling and awareness of the environment to lead sustainable and successful lives, in a community where infrastructure is poor. Their work, operated purely on a voluntary basis, has raised over £333,000 since commencing their mission in 2001. The projects have developed school buildings, houses for local teachers and wells to ensure safe drinking water for local communities.

Managing Director, Annie says, ‘I’m incredibly proud of my niece as founder of Sausage Tree Charity. To offer support, education and guidance to the younger generation is so key in their development and I’m delighted to be part of Sausage Tree’s journey.’

50% of all profits made from this collection will be donated directly to Sausage Tree Charity.

The Chiwawatala Collection is available to purchase via the ANNIE HAAK website.

Totally tropical and quirky in colour, your summer won’t be complete without a token toukan!
Check out the brand new range at Flying Tiger.

Toucan popsicle kit, £1

Cocktail shaker and straws, £4

Money box, £4

Hardback notebook, £1

Notebook, £2

Phone case, £3

All from Flying Tiger stores nationwide.
Find your nearest store at uk.flyingtiger.com

Keep it sweet & sour with the holographic trend and give your handbag accessories an iridescent refresh.

Available at the National Theatre Bookshop these will be sure to keep you shining all summer long.

Hunter Corp Records announces ICO

The first record label on the blockchain, poised to revolutionise an industry that has been a ‘broken record’ for too long

23 May 2018, London, UK:

Hunter Corp Records (HCR) today has announced the launch of its HCR Token to the market. The ICO commencing on Wednesday 30th May 2018 will enable continuous development and growth of HCR’s alternative virtual music economy and to fund and support artists on a worldwide scale.

Who are Hunter Corp Records?

Hunter Corp Records (HCR) is a new record label company, providing an online exchange, a social media and digital advertising platform to revolutionise and democratise the music industry for its own artists and independent music artists. Through its own Blockchain and online app platforms – the HCR Music Artist Ecosystem – the HCR economy aims to transform the music industry into a fair and transparent global playing field both for music artists and their fans. The response from the music industry, so far, has been incredibly well received and HCR have already signed both established as well as upcoming new artists.

Why is HCR different?

HCR has brought together an entrepreneurial team to address the problems and issues within the industry and offers an artist a record deal partnership that includes the ownership of their copyright assets and facilitates higher profits than are possible through ‘traditional’ channels.

What is the HCR Music Ecosystem

Change in technology and business practices have brought innovative opportunities and when added to drive of HCR’s passionate team to offer an alternative to the strong armed, traditional practices of the music industry, the HCR Music Ecosystem was developed.

The HCR Music Ecosystem combines the cash and crypto economies to build an engaged fanbase, deliver exclusive benefits to coin holders (fans), has been designed to attract advertising revenues and provide potential for trading capital increases in the coins value within a virtual music orientated ecosystem.

Benefits to Music Artists:

The HCR model empowers artists to tokenise or monetise the value of their brand by the issuing of Artist Coins which are a unique cryptocurrency associated with a music artist participating within the HCR economy. The coin serves as a mechanism enabling interactions to occur solely within the HCR economy.

Then, listing the coins onto the internal HCR Exchange enables the artist brand to become valuable, tradable and purchasable by the community (similar to a publicly traded company on the traditional stock market).

But, it is the tools and programmes within the HCR Music Ecosystem help an artist make amazing music, release it to the world, build their fanbase, and facilitates the interaction between the artist and fans via the HCR artist branded app.

Benefits to the Fans:

Today’s fans want more than a signed autograph picture or a badge; they want engagement through authentic interactions, intimacy and to feel they are truly part of an artists’ journey. And they want to be recognised for the support role they play in this journey.

This is why HCR and its artists (as part of the HCR Music Ecosystem) have launched the Artist’s App and Coin Club providing a 360-degree experience where Fans can receive exclusive benefits and enhanced content interaction taking ‘fandom’ to a new level. Why? Because the artist themselves are directly involved in providing more personalised content that is tailored towards acknowledging and recognising the loyalty given to them by Fans.

The Artist Coin Club is similar to an exclusive, VIP membership programme, where to join, the Coin Club participants must own or buy Artist Coins. They need to become what HCR call the artist’s ‘Fanvestors’.

Through the customised Artist app (the official communication hub providing a social media and e-commerce fan platform) Fanvestors access exclusive content and have the opportunity to redeem as well as earn Artist Coins for exclusive offers and real-life events that directly revolve around the artist.

What will the ICO sale achieve?

The ICO sale of HCR Tokens will be used to complete and further enhance all the elements of the HCR Ecosystem and to launch a minimum of ten music artists with fully funded music contracts onto the HCR Exchange.

What’s the utility of the HCR Token?

The HCR Token is an ERC20 utility token created to underpin the entire HCR economy as it will be traded on the public cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the mechanism in which internal Artist Coins can be converted into a publicly tradeable token. This conversion provides liquidity and the utility for the transfer of funds back to fiat (cash) if desired.

There will be a fixed and finite supply of HCR Tokens and of all internally issued Artist Coins, creating a decentralised, community driven virtual economy. Demand for Artist Coins will grow as the fame of the artist develops, along with the value of their brand. Likewise, there will be additional demand on the limited number of HCR Tokens as demand for the individual Artist Coin increases, and further demand as more artists are added to the HCR economy.

Joshua Hunt, CEO and Founder of Hunter Corp Records comments:

“The music industry is in desperate need of change as music artists continue to get shocking deals from major record companies. I discovered this first hand when recently my daughter was asked to sign with a UK TV music show and the terms were so prohibitive and biased against the artist. It was then that I felt we had to do something to change this industry.

“We have more than 25 years’ experience in successful business and the investment space with hundreds of millions of dollars being successfully raised and invested across many different continents and industries.

“We are bringing together our vast network of international investors and some of the world’s best music artists to create an innovative alternative located on Blockchain technology.

“The HCR model creates a great and fairer deal for both music artists and fanvestors and Hunter Corporation is proud to be a leader in this revolution.

“It’s an exciting time for the music business and artists globally.”


The low-calorie drinks brand announce partnership with the RFL and the Color Run

Skinny Brands, the maker of low-calorie alcoholic drink alternatives, has announced they are this years’ Official Events Partner for The RFL and Official Sponsor and Celebration Partner of The Color Run London.

The two partnerships will allow Skinny Brands to reach their target audience of individuals who enjoy a drink that fits in with their sporty lifestyle. Their flagship drink, Skinny Lager, was designed to allow health-conscious people to enjoy a drink which offers a lower-calorie intake without compromising on taste.

The partnership with the RFL kicked off last weekend at the RFL Magic Weekend, where the brands container bar proved hugely popular. The partnership will continue to see Skinny Lager stocked at all event venues this year including the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley. Skinny Brands will activate their brand at the venues by providing various Skinny branded bars, including container and bus spaces, allowing for sampling and sale of the product.

As Official Sponsor and Celebration Partner of the Color Run London, taking place on Sunday 8th of July, Skinny Brands will have their own designated Skinny Brands area at the finish line, where runners will have the chance to celebrate completing the challenge. Skinny Brands are the exclusive alcoholic drink supplier on the day, which will be on sale from their signature double-decker Skinny Bus.

Gary Conway co-founder of Skinny Brands, comments: “We have big plans for Skinny Lager this year and our comprehensive sponsorship and activation campaign continues with the RFL and The Color Run. These partnerships give the brand a new platform to showcase Skinny Lager to audiences of passionate and devoted individuals across numerous sporting and lifestyle events.

“It’s all about getting people to try it in 2018. We plan to sample over one million bottles with consumers this year through our extensive event programme. It is truly a unique lager that tastes great, contains 89 calories, doesn’t compromise in any way and the reaction from consumers so far has been incredible. This is just the beginning, so let’s raise a cold one to the Skinny revolution.”

For more information about Skinny Brands’ products, please visit www.skinnybrands.com and follow @SkinnyLager.

With the British summer’s unpredictable weather, a scarf can be

the ideal accessory to protect from high sun or add a little warmth on a chilly evening.

This new range of fashion scarves includes silk, cotton, cashmere and linen fabrics. Available from the Historic Royal Palaces online shop at: https://www.historicroyalpalaces.com/search/?q=scarves and selected on-site shops across the palaces.

Vintage London map silk scarf

This 100% silk scarf features a vintage map print of London. Handmade in the UK with silk twill and fine rolled edging. Measures 110 x 100cm. Price: £150.00

Swan cotton scarf

This is a beautiful hand-printed scarf with a contemporary floral swan design. Made from 100% cotton. Measures 180 x 50 cm. Price: £15.00

Peacock feather cotton scarf

Featuring a colourful illustrative print of a regal peacock, this scarf is 100% cotton with a cotton lace trim. Measures 180 x 50cm Price: £14.99

Grey linen fashion scarf

This versatile neutral linen mix scarf comes in an elegant light grey colour with silver foil finish and measures 200 x 80 cm. Hand wash. Price: £40.00

Floral Jacquard fashion scarf

This elegant jacquard print scarf comes in either cool blue or soft pink options. 100% viscose, hand wash. Measures 205 x 73 cm. Price: £45.00

Sea blue linen fashion scarf

This rich aqua blue linen mix scarf will add a splash of colour to any outfit. Measures 180 x 60cm, hand wash only. Price: £60.00

Kensington Palace blue fashion scarf

With swirls of inky blue, this scarf is a luxurious mix of wool and cashmere, making it ideal to take you right through from late-summer into autumn. Measures 200 x 70cm. Price: £95.00

Leaf brooch blue Leaf brooch pink

And to keep any scarf in place with one of these beautiful new pink or blue leaf brooches. Featuring a Swarovski crystal surrounded by tiny reflectives stones.

Fifth Annual “Collaborating for a Cure”

Benefiting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

With a Fashion Presentation Showcasing

Fashions from Icon Jason Wu

Susan Gutfreund, Marion Waxman, Pamela Morgan, Lauren Lawrence (Photo Credit: Rob Rich of Society Allure)

cid:image004.jpg@01D3EEAF.EA9F6B00The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) hosted its fifth annual “Collaborating for a Cure Luncheon” at the private Upper East Side residence of Susan Gutfreund in New York City. The event featured a fashion presentation from Fashion Icon Jason Wu, whose collection was showcased before a private audience, with all event proceeds benefiting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

Event Chairs included Lauren Lawrence, Pamela Morgan, and Marion Waxman, and Co-Chair Erica Linden-Fineberg. The Event Committee included Chris Arlotta, Sharon Bush, Maria Elena Christiansen, Denise De Luca, Boo Grace, Susan Gutfreund, Yaz Hernandez, Patricia Kluge, Jeanne Lawrence, Lauren Day Roberts, Barbara Tober, Marcy Whitman, and Karen Amster-Young.

Notable attendees included Lauren Lawrence, Marion Waxman, Samuel Waxman M.D., Erica Linden-Fineberg, William T. Sullivan, Maria Fishel, Don Lemon, Pamela Morgan, Michelle Herbert, Jean Shafiroff, Vicky Tiel, Carolyne Roehm, Regina Kravitz, Susan Rose, Hyewon Miller, Barbara Regna, Diane Chudnoff, Chris Arlotta, Harriet Gayle Raisin, Gail Prop, Barbara Tober, Chris Arlotta, Caroline Lieberman, Gale Sitomer, Jeanne Lawrence, Ingeborg Rennert, Lauren Day Roberts, Maria Elena Christiansen, Dr. Penny Grant, Marjorie Baldinger, Marlene Brown, Marcia Levine, Randi Schatz, Roy Fischer, Valerie Lettan, Yaz Hernandez, Nicole Salmasi, Nadia Eshaghpour, Maribel Lieberman, Laury Franks, Patricia Kluge, and David Salvatore.

Over 125 guests attended this sold out and best attended event that was spearheaded by Chair Lauren Lawrence. Dr. Samuel Waxman pointed out events such as the Luncheon are directed to cancer research. The newest initiative for the Foundation is addressing the growing incidence of cancer among people as they age by launching a funding program that supports teams of researchers with expertise in aging and cancer.

The elegant luncheon was catered by CxRA an awe-inspiring restaurant group dedicated to transforming each meal into a cherished memory, sparking a crave to return. white wine and special gin cocktail were donated by Palm Bay International, finishing off with specialty cupcakes by renowned Magnolia Bakery.


69% of UK families use gadgets for bedtime stories
11% of children snuggle up to an audio book
Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds read the most tech-based bedtime stories
BEDTIME stories are experiencing a boom in popularity amongst UK families, thanks to gadgets such as tablets and iPads according to new research.

The survey of 1,009 British parents carried out by gadgets and technology e-tailer, LaptopsDirect.co.uk, found that 69% of UK families have used gadgets and technology for bedtime stories with their children.

When quizzed on which gadgets are used at bedtime, tablets and iPads were found to be the most popular devices used for story time – as many as 77% of British parents use these for bedtime reading.

This was followed by e-readers such as Kindles (63%) and smartphones (51%).

According to the research, more than 1 in 10 (11%) of British families will snuggle up to an audio book.

As many as 43% of parents feel technology-based bedtime stories are more interactive for little ones.

38% said they choose to use gadgets for bedtime stories because it is more convenient, while 1 in 4 (25%) said their children are more engaged and interested when using gadgets for bedtime reading.

The data found that 22% of parents said their children request for their bedtime story to be read using a digital device.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at LaptopsDirect.co.uk, said: “It’s no surprise that bedtime stories are now going digital with more and more UK families, as there are now numerous devices and apps which can be used to engage with little ones at bedtime and to help illustrate much loved bedtime stories.

“It is important to remember to limit screen time for little ones throughout the day and consider using nighttime functions on devices to limit the amount of blue light children are exposed to before bed. Controlled screen time spent together can be a very powerful tool for interacting with children and can aid their learning.”

Manchester was found to be home to the most tech savvy families with 78% using gadgets at bedtime, followed by Nottingham (75%) and Leeds (74%).

Laptops Direct is the UK’s largest online laptop specialist, selling a wide range

of new and refurbished laptops from leading brands, as well as a wide range of other lifestyle gadgets.

For more information, visit http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk

A Sofa for every Space

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of furniture, just to find that it doesn’t fit into your home? Lovely Sofas have saved the day by having their beautiful designs available in a range of sizes, from armchairs and snuggle chairs to 3-seater sofas.

A beautiful, handmade fabric sofa is the perfect finishing touch for your living room, no matter how large or small the space. Lovely Sofas believe that every room should be able to benefit from a little bit of loveliness, which is why many of their statement sofa designs are available in a range of sizes.

Images and wallpaper supplied by Graham and Brown.

For those with less room to work with, Lovely Sofas’ collection of armchairs and accent chairs are a perfect solution. These fantastic handmade designs are particularly eye-catching when upholstered in a bright shade, although they also look beautiful in a soft neutral. Perfect for filling an empty corner, they’re a great way to add a focal point to a smaller room.

In addition, some of the most popular pieces in the Lovely Sofas collection are their range of 1.5 seaters. These lovely pieces are smaller than a sofa but bigger than a regular armchair, making them a great choice if you’ve got limited room but want to make the most of your space. They also look stunning in a larger lounge, especially when paired with a larger sofa to create a complete suite.

When it comes to full size options, Lovely Sofas have a range of 2-seater, 3-seater and corner sofas to choose from. From modern to classic designs, there really is something for everyone in their extensive collection. Like all their products, customers can choose from a huge range of fabric options, including velvet, wool and linen, to create their perfect scheme. Why not mix and match colours and textures across the suite to create something truly personal?

As each sofa and chair is handmade to order, they are also able to create bespoke sizes to fit into even the most awkward of spaces. If you’re looking for something in a particular size or shape, their expert team of craftspeople will be happy to help.

Whether you decide on one statement piece, or treat yourself to a coordinating or contrasting set, Lovely Sofas tick all the boxes. Each sofa and chair is individually hand crafted in Lovely Sofas’ Lancashire workshop, giving them that lovely, uniquely personal touch.

How To Improve Your Side Step
May 23, 2018 by Multipower ambassador HealthyJon

It’s time to step up your game and with these exercises you will be side stepping like Shaun Johnson in no time. A few weeks back a friend and fellow Touch Rugby player asked me how to improve his side step from an training perspective. Funnily enough this was a question I posed to one of the Elite Trainers at Third Space gym in London a few months before heading on my tour of Australia with the England Touch team. I had been implementing the knowledge and exercises he gave me three months prior to my tour and they seemed to work pretty well for me, so I thought I would write a blog post on How To Improve Your Side Step.
I told him to start by increasing his lower body strength. Implement some heavy compound power movements into your routine, squats, deadlifts etc. Basics I know, but they need to be done.
Secondly – like most things – a strong side step stems from a strong core. One ab session a week, just isn’t enough. You don’t need to train abs everyday but if you do three full body workouts a week, try ending each with a core element, making sure to hit the;
1. Sagittal plane with an exercise such as leg raises, crunches or my favourite core exercise, dead bugs.
2. Frontal plane with exercises like a standing oblique kettlebell crunch or a side bridge.
3. Transverse (rotational) plane with exercises like the pallof press (I like to use a cable or resistance band) or rotational med ball wall throws.
Thirdly, as a runner you should be doing a lot of unilateral lower body exercises. Squats are great, but you don’t step off two legs. You need to be balanced, strong and explosive off each leg individually. Implement some weighted step ups, walking lunges, lateral lunges or lateral sled drags into your routine.
Lastly you need to incorporate plyometrics into your routine. Both bilateral exercises, like broad jumps and unilateral exercises, like single leg box jumps. Always progress slowly into the unilateral stuff. Follow this progression for all movements.
1. Start on 2 feet and land on 2 feet.
2. Start on 1 foot and land on 2 feet.
3. Start on 1 foot and land on 1 foot.
4. Start on 2 feet and land on 1 foot.

How to improve your side step
Here are 2 full leg workouts to improve your sidestep. Try to perform both every week.
Strength Session
1. 2×4 Vertical jump
2. 2×4 Broad jump
3. 2×4 Double broad jump
4. 4×20 BB calf raises
5. 5x 12,10,8,8,8 box squat
6. 5x 12,10,8,8,8 single leg RDLs (use a kettlebell)
7. 4×8 Swiss ball hamstring curls
8. 4×8 DB Bulgarian split squat
Prehab Session (Injury prevention, improve proprioception and biomechanics)
1. 4x15m Banded crab walks
2. 4×6 Bosu ball ice skater (each side) (try just using 1 Bosu ball first then progress to using two)
3. 4×6 Glute ham raise
4. 4×6 Pistol squats, super set with 4×10 single leg calf raises
5. 4×6 Box curtsey squats, super set with 4x to failure calf raises (in the video, use a higher box and don’t let your trailing leg touch the floor)
6. 4×6 Single leg glute bridge
7. 4x balance on Bosu ball for as long as you can. Once you find that quite easy and can last 60 seconds without shaking too much for all 4 sets progress by; adding in head turns, then try closing your eyes, then try single leg squats, then single leg RDLs.

I hope you are now confident in How To Improve Your Side Step. Keep it simple and aim for steady progress with these exercises, don’t jump ahead and attempt something your body isn’t ready for. They might seem simple but a few of these exercises will surprise you with just how difficult they are from a mechanical and neurological point of view.
HealthyJon is a Multipower ambassador. For more information visit www.multipower.com

Privacy watchdog fails on fines for data protection breaches


More than 2.8 million pounds uncollected in annual fines
Britain’s personal data watchdog has failed to collect millions in fines for breaches of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

The Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) is responsible for enforcing the DPA and new GDPR regulations, which come into force today (25 May 2018). Figures obtained through Freedom of Information requests by consumer campaigner and author Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow show:

The total sum of fines issued under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (PECR) for each of the last three financial years is:

2015-16 – £2,529,250

2016-17- £3,556,100

2017-18 – £4,809,700

But how much of this was actually received?

2015-16 – £748,100

2016-17 – £1,938,600

2017-18 – £1,923,655

So, in the most recent year, for example the ICO has failed to collect more than 60% of the fines it has imposed, for a total of more than 2.8 million pounds.

Whilst the total of fines has been increasing, the collection rate has been decreasing. The ICO is keen to point out that there are several factors that have an impact on the difference between the total amount fined and the total amount paid for each financial year. [1]

GDPR means more cash for the ICO
According to the law, companies and other organisations must register with the ICO and pay an annual fee for the privilege. Dewdney has uncovered how the ICO will benefit financially from the new GDPR rules. Last year (2017/18) £21,299,976 was raised in data protection fees income. The projected data protection fee income for this year (i.e. financial year 2018/19) is £32,341,250. This represents an uplift of £11,041,274.

74% of the ICO’s income will be spent on salaries, that’s a massive £24,983,045 for around 400 staff!

Support for businesses
Although generally good news for consumers [2] the ICO faces widespread criticism of its handling of the new GDPR legislation. Despite the massive hike in projected income and increase in staff, big business and sole traders alike are frustrated by the lack of support and consistent advice on the new data privacy law.

Why is a registration fee needed?
Naomi Willis of SkintDad, a small business, questions the need for a fee: “The whole idea of GDPR is that everyone should be doing it. I don’t therefore understand why most need to pay a fee to the ICO. Having a fee is just putting people off from following the new legislation. It’s not like the money has gone on any support!”

Jumping on the GDPR bandwagon
There appears to be an increase in companies seeking to capitalise on the confusion too. Willis has noticed that people with no legal background who appear to have read (some of) the guidelines are offering very expensive advice to people and organisations who are wrongly panicking about being fined. Willis worries for next week and beyond “I think it will be worse from next Tuesday as these people will become parasites, just looking at websites with no privacy policy, then trying to hard sell them generic policies that aren’t fit for purpose.”

Unnecessary costs for small organisations
The cost of GDPR is hitting business across the board, especially in not-for-profit sector. Already strapped for cash schools and local authorities must spend thousands of pounds on privacy staff and external advice but are not being given any extra funding to do so.

While most privacy policies are written in dry legal language, some small businesses have taken a novel approach to these documents. For example, the website WritersHQ has created a witty explanation for every area of GDPR full of choice language in its Privacy Policy. The popularity of the policy, which has been shared widely on social media, is perhaps a reflection of how small businesses feel about GDPR! Marianne Chua is a wedding photographer whose Privacy Policy takes a humorous sarcastic slant. For example “I’m happy to show you the information I have on you, and unsurprisingly it’ll probably be exactly the things you’ve told me because sadly I am neither a spy nor a mind reader.”



This nutritious and hassle-free recipe is the perfect work-night meal. Cooking chunks of fish in a Bacofoil® foil parcel is super quick and helps to seal in all the delicious flavour. The unique BacoLift® surface on the Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil ensures the fish doesn’t stick to the foil, keeping the food looking like it should, and saves on the washing up too as it stops any juices seeping out onto your tray. Serve with potato gratin or mash, with green vegetables for a comforting family dinner.


Serves: 2

Preparation Time: Approx. 5 minutes
Cooking Time: Approx. 10 minutes
Nutrition: Meat-free and gluten-free (check your side dishes don’t contain gluten)


Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil
4-6 large raw prawns, de-veined

100g smoked haddock or cod

150g white fish (such as cod, haddock or hake)

Few sprigs fresh lemon thyme

1tsp butter

Black pepper

2 tbs crème fraiche

1 tsp chopped flat leaf parsley

2 wedges lemon

Potato gratin or mash and green vegetables to serve


Preheat the oven to 200ºC fan/220ºC/Gas 7. Tear 2 large rectangles of Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil (this will ensure the fish doesn’t stick to your foil)
Cut the smoked fish and white fish into chunky pieces about 3cm x 3cm and divide between the pieces of foil. Add the prawns, a couple of thyme sprigs and a dot of butter. Season with black pepper but no salt. Fold up the sides then the ends and seal the edges to make a parcel
Place the parcels onto a baking tray and cook for just 8-10 minutes, opening the parcels very carefully as steam may escape. The prawns should be pink and the fish should be just opaque
Pour the juices through a sieve into a small bowl and discard the thyme sprigs. Mix the crème fraiche into the cooking juices and stir in the parsley
Serve the fish with mashed potatoes or a potato gratin and steamed green vegetables, with the sauce poured over the fish and a wedge of lemon on the side



Lullaby Sheep Cot Light

Press the Lullaby Sheep Cot Light’s sheep button to play soothing responses that calm your little one and send them off to a peaceful sleep. Reponses include 3 sing-along lullabies, 40 calming melodies, relaxing nature sounds and soothing shushing sounds. Choose between the 2 modes to play either music or sounds. The cot light features a 10, 20 and 30 minute timer, volume controls and light controls that operate the night light and the rotating light pattern projected onto the ceiling. The built-in sound sensor plays calming responses if baby cries. Strap included to securely attach the unit to a cot.

Snooze & Soothe Elephant

The Snooze & Soothe Elephant by VTech is an adorable and cuddly little friend to comfort baby when it’s time to go to sleep. The elephant has a variety of soft fabrics which provide comforting tactile stimulation. Cuddling the elephant and pressing the elephant’s light up button triggers responses, including 2 gentle sing-along songs, 30 calming melodies, relaxing nature sounds and loving phrases designed to soothe your little one, whilst promoting sensory and auditory development. Squeeze the elephant’s glowing light up button to pause or play the current response. The electronic module is removable, allowing the elephant to be hand washed.

My 1st Car Key Rattle

Driving is so much fun with the My 1st Car Key Rattle! This Car shaped rattle features 3 press buttons on the car to introduce baby to car concepts, colours, music and sensory and tactile stimulation. The music button play 11 melodies and happy 3 sing-along songs. The horn button plays horn sound effects for realistic role play and press the window to learn the car and car key colours. Baby can shake the car to activate the motion sensor which will play car engine and acceleration sounds for realistic role play. Includes a flashing light – up window that attracts baby
– £14.990+ years
– £16.990+ years
– £12.990+ years

Stockist information: Tesco, Thetoyshop.com, Argos

Stockist information: Tesco, Amazon, Thetoyshop.com

Stockist information: George

Little Friendlies Starlight Sounds Polar Bear

Soothe your baby to sleep with the Starlight Sounds Polar Bear. The cute, soft and cuddly polar bear features 4 modes of play with a 15, 30 or 45 minute timer, a light control button and an adjustable volume dial. The polar bear projects four different coloured lights with the option of 6 different light displays onto the ceiling whilst playing calming nature sounds and lullabies in the nature and lullaby mode, 3 soothing sung songs and melodies play in the lullaby mode, 7 popular nursery rhymes will be read in the story mode and 60 relaxing melodies will play in the lullaby mode.

Sleepy Glow Bear

This soft and cuddly soothing bear is the perfect companion to help baby settle at night. Featuring a squishy body, soft furry feet & paws for tactile stimulation and a soft glowing light with two settings that help soothe baby. 3 press buttons on the bear’s tummy play loving phrases, white noise and nature sounds. Includes 2 sing-along songs and 40 melodies to help relax baby to sleep. Parent friendly features include a light control switch to control the light intensity and a timer switch for 15 or 30 minutes play time. English speaking voice promotes recognition and accelerates learning.

Little Friendlies Glow & Giggle Playmat

This beautiful playmat features a colourful rainbow arch with 3 attachment links for a hanging a mirror for self discovery, a dangling butterfly with crinkled wings for sensory development and a caterpillar teether for soothing baby’s gums. Beneath features a soft padded mat covered with the popular Little Friendlies characters to make play time comfy. Includes a detachable piano activity centre where baby can press the piano keys laying down or sitting and learn animals, shapes, sounds and colours in the 3 modes of play. The giant tree attracts baby with magical light-up apples. Features 20 melodies and 6 sing-along songs.

– £27.990+ years
– £16.990+ years
– £44.990+ years

Stockist information: George, Smyths, Argos

Stockist information: George, Smyths, Mothercare

Stockist information: George, Argos

Baby Toys


Hug & Rhyme Bears Book RRP £16.99, 6+ months

This adorable, interactive book introduces early language skills to pre-readers. The six-page story is full of family love and big bear hugs while teaching numbers, shapes and colours. Press the four light-up faces to hear phrases from each bear and listen to music and sweet sounds as you turn the pages.

Popping Colour Mixer Truck RRP £18.99, 6+ months

Get to work mixing colours with the Popping Colour Mixer Truck. Drop one of the colourful balls into the adorable construction truck and the mixer will light-up to match the colour of the ball. Add another ball and press the lever to watch the balls tumble around and “mix” together to change the colour of the mixer and learn how new colours are created. Buttons on the side of the truck teach colours, shapes and numbers.

My Pal Scout/Violet RRP £25.00, 6+ months

My Pal Violet introduces a variety of early learning concepts from numbers to routines and music. As a loyal learning buddy, Violet prompts kids to interact with him socially and encourages them to talk and sing along to build early language skills.

Stack & Tumble Elephant™ RRP £19.00, 6+ months

Stacking is tons of fun with the Stack & Tumble Elephant™. Stack the five brightly coloured, textured rings on the elephant’s trunk. As each ring is placed on the trunk, he will play silly sounds, say adorable phrases and introduce colours, numbers and shapes. Press the music note button on the elephant’s trunk to hear playful songs. When you press his tail, the elephant will count, talk, sneeze and send the rings tumbling off his trunk. Then, play again!

Toast To National BBQ Week

Top Tipples To Get Your Party Sizzling!

28th May – 3rd June


National BBQ Week returns and it won’t be long before we’re all flipping patties and sizzling those sausages over charcoal! It is estimated that the BBQ market has grown from 9 million occasions in 1997 to over 131 million last year, with the sector worth around £1.48 billion!

Whether you prefer a burger or banger, we can all agree that the drinks you serve can make or break any BBQ get together! No matter how good your side salads are, a refreshing bottle of beer or sparkling bubbles will instantly perk up the party.

So what are the perfect tipples to get your BBQ off to a bang?

For the meat lover…Try Woodforde’s Brewery – Master Crafters of Speciality Beers https://www.woodfordes.co.uk/. Based in the heart of Norfolk, the brand celebrates its 37th birthday this year. Using ancient water from beneath the brewery, Norfolk barley and a diverse array of whole hops, this is a brand renowned for their popularity, unique flavours and aromas.

The brewery’s top brews include:

· Wherry – Mighty fresh and zesty, this award-winning, rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours, as sweet malts clash with grapefruit hops and big floral aromas in a sensory strike. Set sail on an epic taste adventure. ABV: 3.8%

· Norfolk Nog – This deep, ruby-red ale graces the senses with comforting splashes of warm hints. Inside, you’ll find a rich, chocolatey taste, tucked away with liquorice and treacle. All enveloped in a velvety blanket, for a smooth, unmistakable texture and finish. ABV: 4.6%

· Bure Gold – Meticulously selected to form a classic aromatic, golden ale with notes of passionfruit and orange. Sailing to the far reaches, hops come from America and Slovenia, combined with the best of British. Bring home the gold. ABV: 4.3%

· Nelson’s Revenge – Revenge is best served bittersweet. Our wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits and barley pays homage to brave Admiral Nelson and his crew. Nelson’s is a Norfolk beer, and glory in the taste and aromas of citrus and Norfolk malts we’ve crammed in. ABV: 4.5%

· Frozen Ruby – Glistening in the distance you see it, amongst the ice and snow, a deep ruby red shines out from the tundra. Let this rich and spicy brew warm you on those brisk British evenings. ABV: 4.4%

· Once Bittern – The rich spice and citrus fruit aromas in this beer echo the majestic calls of the Norfolk Bittern. Fittingly copper-coloured, with hints of sweet malt and fruit, our dry-finished beer came home to roost in Norfolk and is here to stay. ABV: 4%

· Headcracker – Send your taste buds on a sensory explosion with this easy drinking, strong Norfolk Ale. A moderate bitterness engulfs the pallet whilst the sweetness from the fruit and malt make for a full bodied finish. ABV: 7%

· Reedlighter – Light and refreshing, this beer has been crafted with a blend of our finest hops. Paired up with malt blends and splashes of fresh, citrus flavours, this lightly coloured hoppy delight is designed to entice. ABV 4.2%

Mixed packs of 6 X 330ml-500ml bottles – £15.30 from woodfordes.co.uk


For the Veggie…Try Most Wanted’s NEW lightly sparkling Pinot Grigio – The Vegan Alternative to Prosecco in the convenient can!

Most Wanted’s new lightly sparkling Pinot Grigio comes in the ultimate no fuss format – a 200ml can! Whether your wine game is standard white or you like to mix things up and go pink – Most Wanted is guaranteed to deliver on the taste front. Forget pretentious lingo, this is wine without the whine – for those events where you just want to drink, well, good wine. Move over Prosecco, Most Wanted has this.

Stick in a straw, class comes first of course. No glasses needed, no washing up!

Most Wanted Lightly Sparkling Wine Cans are £2.25 each from Morrisons, or £8 for a cluster pack of four cans.

Demystifying Timber Floors

The process of choosing, laying and coating a timber floor without error can be confusing, and if not completed correctly it can not only ruin the look of the floor it can be extremely costly, time consuming and a headache to rectify.

The beauty and one of the many benefits of timber flooring is largely attributed to it being a product that draws the natural environment into our internal living space.

With timber flooring applications “getting it right” the first time is essential to avoid problems later. For instance the weather can alter the property of your timber floor, therefore there needs to be an allowance for possible expansion and this highlights one of the reasons there is a need for correct installation.

Also deciding on which timber or timber related product is important as it changes the aesthetic of the room. There are several option like solid strip flooring, prefinished solid strip, engineered, parquetry or one can use a timber related product like laminate, cork tiles or bamboo flooring. Each will give a different look and need to be administered differently. The Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) can help with guidance and an accredited company in your area.

Irrespective of the flooring product being installed there are three essential elements to a successful installation. Know your product, know your installation environment and only then can one know the limitations of the product and therefore the product can be laid appropriately and with confidence.

Another consideration is sanding and coating, some products are designed to be sanded and coated after installation and some products are prefinished. Laminate for example can never be sanded. Ensuring you know the product you are dealing with comprehensively will alleviate any angst about how to finish it.

Overall, the main keys to success are knowing your product and checking it prior to laying, being confident through assessment that your subfloor is right to accept the floor, and then laying the floor to suit the requirements of the product for the installation environment it is being laid in. Provision for floor movement after installation is a must and not an owner option. Recognised systems and installation methods are those that work and assist to ensure success with each and every floor installation.

ATFA has compiled a comprehensive brochure – “Timber Flooring Applications – Getting it right the first time”, with the support of Forest and Wood Products Australia, which touches on many facets of demystifying timber floors and much more. Please head to the ATFA official page https://www.floorchoices.com.au/timber-flooring-applications/ to read and download at your convenience.

For more information, to become a member or if you require any advice please call the ATFA on 1300 361693

REVIEW: Smart Nootropics Premium Stack. Improve focus, memory, energy and concentration. RESULT! “Superb, it works, my productivity has increased significantly, my accuracy is consistent through that time, i’m happy with this product” InTouch Rugby Lifestyle > www.smartnootropics.co.uk


Smart Nootropics are a UK based retailer of nootropic supplements and strive to offer the most comprehensive range of cognitive enhancers in the European Union.


Smart Nootropics Premium Stack

All of our products at Smart Nootropics are subject to strict quality control procedures, regardless of brand. You can be assured that all products sold through our site are subject to purity testing. They have also all been packed or manufactured in ISO licensed facilities. We have complete faith in the products made available to you. So much so that we offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied with any of our products.

What Is Our Smart Stack?

Our Smart Stack is a complementary stack built to improve focus, memory, energy and concentration. It is a blend consisting of Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Bacopa Monnieri, Guarana, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Black Pepper Extract. Each individual ingredient has been carefully selected to synergistically work in increasing productivity and mental clarity.



After the widely successful launch of the brand earlier this year, designers and sisters Anoushka and Mimi are delighted to launch their second collection Harmony.

The Harmony collection draws inspiration from their joint passion for all things 90s, their go-to era for bold statements and bold attitudes; and love of browsing vintage markets for yesterday’s fashion.

Available in the brand’s signature 925 Sterling silver and 14ct plated gold, this season NU & MII are also launching a selection of pieces featuring moonstone alongside statement Swarovski crystals.

Key pieces within the collection include the St Christopher Signet ring, evoking memories of their Grandfather along with a selection of statement rings combined with dainty detailed pieces.

“NU & MII is about contrast and highlighting both sides of style. We believe in the girl that is edgy yet classic, sexy yet subtle and unique yet versatile and Harmony reflects this perfectly; delicacy whilst making a statement.”

About NU & MII

Designers and sisters Anoushka and Mimi’s self-titled jewellery brand NU & MII is inspired by their travels and close-knit family ethos. Reflections of these can be seen throughout their stunning fine jewellery that is designed and created by silversmiths in Bali which has become their second home. The design duo’s vision is for a girl who wears just the right amount of class and edge, sheshouts simplicity with attitude; with their unique and versatile pieces.

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