FEATURE: Graham and Brown Wallpaper, wall art, paint and kids decor…….. for home shopping online!

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Graham & Brown is an online website providing a vast selection of quality Wallpaper, Wall Art, Paint, Kids Decor, Home Accessories, Inspiration & advice.

“At Graham & Brown we know what walls want – pattern and colour! They don’t want to be lifeless, plain, and boring. They want to be wrapped in pattern and embellished with art. If wallpaper is the stuff that surrounds you, then it should be beautiful to look at, tactile, and personal to you and your home.

Dressing a wall with wallpaper and wall art gives you the opportunity to personalize your space to reflect your personality. Different walls respond to different decoration. The Graham & Brown team have over six decades of experience identifying the latest trends and designing wall decoration to satisfy all your needs.

As well as having our own fantastic team of in-house designers, we work with some of the leading designers in the world, such as Marcel Wanders, Kelly Hoppen, Barbara Hulanicki, Julian McDonald, Steve Leung, hemingwaydesign, Amy Butler, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and many others!”

For more visit……..www.grahambrown.com

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