Ex-Ireland bruiser Neil Best on how to make the perfect hit and THAT game vs Australia

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WHEN FORMER IRELAND flanker Neil Best explains how he selects his targets, he almost sounds like a military sniper. And back in the autumn of 2006 there was probably no harder hitter in world rugby than the bulldozer from Belfast.
The fiery flanker is famous for levelling opponents with either bone-liquefying hits or huge haymakers and when he shares his tackling technique, you quickly understand how he put a hurt on so many opponents.

‘Ideally you want the opposition to be coming off the touchline,” Best says.
“You want their out-half to be picking out a forward. You stand as about the fifth or sixth man in the defensive line away from the ruck, so you are wide. When they look inwards to take the ball, you cut across and f**king wipe him out. When they take the ball they will expose their ribs and that’s where you bury your shoulder.”……. see the full story on :- http://www.the42.ie/neil-best-1881929-Jan2015/

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