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Top-quality sports nutrition brand launches five new ranges.

Calling all athletes: the most complete range of sports nutrition products has just launched in the UK, promising to improve not just one, but five areas of an athlete’s ability.

Etixx Sports Nutrition comprises 23 products in five complete ranges, from nutrition gels, bars, shakes and powders to vitamins, minerals and supplements, which aim to develop and support five key areas of an athlete’s training:


Using only the highest quality ingredients, what sets Etixx aside from other sports nutrition brands is the years of testing that goes into the products before they hit the shelves. Etixx’s first product took six years of development, and every product in the range underwent at least three years of testing before hitting the shelves.

Unlike some sports nutrition brands, all of the products are Informed-Sport endorsed and tested against the World Anti Doping Agency list, as well as 160 further substances that the Etixx experts believe could be banned in the future, which means they’re tested, trusted and certified to contain no substances prohibited in sport. To prove this point, Etixx keeps a sample of every product batch for two years post the expiry date.

To ensure Etixx products are the best of the best, they’re constantly being developed in response to requests and feedback from world-class athletes. Not only this, they work with a team of elite specialists from different fields – such as sports physiologists, biochemists, biomedical scientists and pharmacologists. All of these have been consulted to develop the most complete sports nutrition range available, and have tailored programmes for customers who use the nutritional advisor on the Etixx website:

With the amount of care that goes into crafting Etixx products, it’s no wonder they’re backed by some of the best athletes in the world, including Mark Cavendish’s Etixx – Quick-Step cycling team and Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon team.

Below are some of the standout products from each of the ranges.


As an athlete, health is your foundation to improve performance. Etixx supplements help you stay in shape by providing you with the vitamins and minerals to keep your defences up and your body in prime shape.

Magnesium Absorption + tablets
Perfect for people who think:

“After a training session I always find myself achy and sore.”

These tablets are designed to help the body cope with tiredness and support normal muscle function in athletes.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that many athletes may lack due to consuming low energy diets and losing vital minerals through perspiration while training. This can lead to reduced exercise capacity, impaired performance and poor post-exercise muscle recovery through problems such as cramps.

Taken daily, Etixx Magnesium Absorption + tablets not only help reduce fatigue, but the added Vitamin C helps support energy production and protect cells from oxidative damage. Simply add the orange flavoured tablets to water and drink when dissolved.

RRP: £6.69 for 10 tablets, £19.99 – 30 tablets

All products in the Health Range:

Impact Support – £19.99 for 30 tablets

Magnesium Absorption + – £6.69 for 10 tablets


No matter your sport, strength plays a fundamental role. All athletes benefit greatly from gaining strength and building muscles and, to maximise the effect of their training, it’s vital to safeguard nutritional requirements before, during and after exercise. With this in mind, Etixx has created a range of products to complement and enhance your strength training.

Complex Training Shake – Soy Protein

Etixx Complex Training Shake is a unique mix of soy protein, 13 vitamins and minerals plus creatine. The protein in the shake contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the Vitamin B complex helps the body produce more energy ideal for quick muscle repair.
complex training shake
Perfect for those looking for improvements in strength and increases in lean muscle, the Complex Training Shake can be taken before or after training by simply adding water or milk. If taken before, the shake helps top up glycogen reserves, blood glucose and amino acid pool which creates an anabolic environment. If taken post exercise, it enhances recovery and maximises muscle protein anabolism.

Flavours: Chocolate

RRP: £3.49 – per sachet, £49.99 – per kilogram

All products in the Strength Range:

Creatine – £24.99 for 90 tablets
HMB – £29.99 for 60 tablets
Complex Training Shake – £49.99 – per kg


Endurance takes time to build, and even more time and attention to maintain and improve. Improving endurance involves continually pushing your limits and putting in the necessary hard work and effort – but the right nutrition is equally important. Etixx’s range of Endurance products aim to support athletes before and during training to help them surpass their goals.

Iron Absorption +
Iron is used to support the formulation of red blood cells and haemoglobin and is essential for oxygen transport to the muscles, whilst helping reduce tiredness and fatigue, meaning athletes are able to keep going for longer and helps them get a fair edge over their competitors.

Athletes should take one capsule per day.

RRP: £19.99 – 30 capsules

Beta Alanine Slow Release + Zinc
beta alanine
Perfect for people who think:

“I want to keep going for longer and without slowing down.”

Beta Alanine plus Zinc helps maintain your muscles’ acid balance, therefore allowing you to dig deep when you need it. Beta Alanine is needed for the production of Carnosine, which is needed by muscles. Along with Zinc, which acts as a buffer to control cellular. The product works by slowing down the formation of acid in the muscles, and by reducing this acidification athletes can maintain effort for much longer and on a higher intensity.

Athletes should consume 4-6 tablets a day and best results are obtained when the product is used for a period of 8 weeks. The product’s slow release formulation allows prolonged supply, along with zinc helping to maintain a healthy pH balance and the product helps boost power in body building athletes.

RRP: £24.99 – 60 tablets

All products in the Endurance Range:

Iron Absorption + – £19.99 for 30 capsules
Carnitine – £19.99 for 30 tablets
Isotonic Powder – £24.99 – per kg
Triple Action Energy Gel (Isotonic) – £2.49 – per gel
Beta Alanine Slow Release + Zinc – £24.99 for 60 tablets


Sometimes a boost is all you need to push you to your limits – regardless of your sport of choice. The Etixx Performance range offers a wide array of nutritional supplements to support the much-needed energy, alertness and focus athletes need to be at the peak of their performance.

Triple Action Energy Gel + Caffein
energy gel
Perfect for people who think:

“I want something that will give me a fair boost to reach my best level.”

Etixx Triple Action Energy is packed with three different carbohydrate forms that release energy at different times, therefore providing a sustained level of energy to give athletes the get-up-and-go they need to perform at their best.

The gel is particularly useful for endurance athletes like long-distance runners, as well as stop-start athletes like footballers and rugby players. One sachet should be consumed before exercise and one to two should be taken per hour during exercise to help maintain blood glucose concentration and help replace muscle glycogen.

The consistency allows the gel to be consumed without water and the addition of ginseng promotes alertness and energy, whilst the addition of vitamin C helps support energy production and protects cells from oxidative damage.

Flavours: Red Fruits, Peach

RRP: £2.49 – per gel

All products in the Performance Range:

Energy Release – £14.99 for 30 tablets
Triple Action Energy Gel – £2.29 – per gel
Triple Action Energy Gel + Caffeine – £2.49 – per gel
Energy Load – £34.99 – per kg
Energy Bar – £1.99 – per bar


The best preparation for any future performance is a complete recovery from your last athletic effort. This involves restoring energy reserves and providing the right nutrients to maximise muscle regeneration and minimise muscle breakdown – which is exactly what the Etixx Recovery range does.

Recovery Shakes
recovery shake
Perfect for people who think:

“When I exercise, I often feel as though I’ve not lost the lingering effects from my last session.”

Unlike most recovery shakes, Etixx Recovery Shake gives you a better and faster absorption of protein which helps maintain muscle. The product contains a rich mix of whey protein isolate, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, creatine and digestive enzymes which break down protein into a digestible amino acid form with little waste, meaning your body uses more of the available protein.

Protein contributes to muscle mass growth and maintenance of normal muscle, whilst the wide range of vitamins and minerals to support muscle cell protection from oxidative stress and energy production.

Users should add milk to create a delicious chocolate or raspberry & kiwi shake and drink immediately after exercise.

Flavours: Chocolate, Raspberry & Kiwi

RRP: £2.99 – per shake, £34.99 – per kg

All products in the Recovery Range:

Recovery Shake (Chocolate) – £34.99 – per kg
Recovery Shake (Raspberry/Kiwi) – £34.99 – per kg
Recovery Bar – £1.99 – per bar

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