The ethos and culture within grassroots rugby is inspirational!

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It is extremely important to compete and be clinical and focused and intense in a game of rugby. It is a physical game. The immaturity of throwing a ball at a competitors head is a direct reflection of the ethos within the camp. This action in our opinion is a red card offence and indeed suspension, to attempt to publicly humiliate and degrade another human being is a direct infringement of their basic human rights.

The rugby is also better when the ehtos and culture are healthy.

Decency and respect are standards that we can all fail in and there cannot be too many who have not, but lets remember we play this game because we love it.

Mental health is one of the most important areas in our lives if not the most important. The company we keep and the values that we hold personally define us.

These actions and all the “professional game” yellow and red cards since the end of last season in no way reflect the standards and conduct that grassroots rugby players and referees uphold during each week. This disrespect for an opposition player tells us quite a bit about the ethos inside the group.

Grassroots rugby does not conduct itself in this manner.

If this continues, many people will have to stop watching the pro game as it is not something that young adults should be encouraged to think.

Ethos & Culture & Respect is very much alive in grassroots rugby, and the rugby is much better for it.

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