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Eni Lashes, Unstoppable, www.enilashes.com

Eni Lashes is an independent, luxury and vegan false eyelashes brand that aims to empower the user. “Unstoppable” false eyelashes make for a delightful and thoughtful valentine’s day gift:

Unstoppable would make the perfect pre date Valentines Day gift to complete your significant other’s makeup look. This style is subtle enough to give a natural lift while giving you an unstoppable eyelash enhancement. The varied tapered lash length perfectly complements any natural or eyeliner look. Our Unstoppable false lashes are long, natural and loved by our customers for their versatility. Eyelash adhesive is not included. The length ranges from 6mm-12mm and they will last for over 15 uses, not just valentines day!

Azaria, Eni Lashes, https://enilashes.com/

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