Elevate your projects with the new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL NatureCOLORS!

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Elevate your projects with the new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL NatureCOLORS!

STABILO, the leading European highlighter brand, has launched STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL NatureCOLORS with new nature-inspired shades for its iconic highlighter range. The comprehensive STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL range now encompasses a total of 30 colours: 9 neon shades, 14 pastel tones and 6 new colours inspired by nature. The NatureCOLORS range comes in a variety of hues – mud green, earth green, umber, sienna, beige and warm grey. STABILO has also added an exciting addition to its BOSS ORIGINAL range, the all-new black marker. The latest additions aim to cater to all and help to elevate creativity for those who seek a touch of elegance in their lives.

The new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL black marker is a surprising addition and offers endless possibilities for
expressing creativity. Its rich, deep black ink allows for smooth and precise lines, making it ideal for shading, adding depth, and executing a bold and captivating touch to any creative project. Whether sketching, illustrating, or working on mixed-media projects the STABILO black marker creates striking contrasts with every use.

STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL is now available in a sophisticated selection of trending NatureCOLORS shades,
helping users to create stunning aesthetic highlights. Whether underlining important text, marking significant points, shading drawings, framing images, journaling, taking study notes, or designing hand lettering, these new highlighter colours will elevate projects to new heights of elegance. In addition to this range and its artistic applications, the black marker serves a practical purpose in everyday life as Its black ink provides an effective solution for crossing off information or tasks on to-do lists, providing easy organisation and priority setting.

STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL is a true multitasker, featuring a chisel tip that allows for two-line widths: 2 mm and 5 mm. This versatility makes it perfect for various applications, from precise underlining to bold marking. The water-based ink ensures smooth, consistent and vibrant lines, making highlights stand out effortlessly. Thanks to the innovative anti-dry-out technology, users can confidently leave the cap off for up to four hours without worrying about the pen drying out. This feature allows individuals to concentrate on work without interruptions, providing a seamless creative experience.

Product Manager Franca Hildebrandt says: “These new nature-inspired colours from STABILO BOSS are a
testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We believe that creativity
should be nurtured and celebrated. Our new pallet of trending colours will inspire individuals to express
themselves with elegance and style.”

The new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL NatureCOLORS will add a touch of subtle elegance to any task, creative
project, or workspace. Whether an artist, a student, or a professional seeking a harmonious colour scheme, these highlighters will seamlessly integrate into daily routines, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any work.

To explore the full range of STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL colours and the all-new black marker, and to stay
updated on the latest news and product releases, please visit www.stabilo.com.

STABILO International is one of the leading manufacturers of writing instruments in Europe and continues to set standards with products for writing, painting & drawing and highlighting. Examples include the classics sold by the billions worldwide, such as the STABILO BOSS highlighter, the STABILO point 88 fine liner and many other pens for colorful and creative design. Recently, our expertise in the digital field has resulted in a diagnostic tool with pen and app that help teachers analyze and improve writing skills.

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