Eco-Conscious Cajons Hand-Crafted By A Drummer… Stephen Watson Of Watson Woodworks.

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Eco-conscious Cajons Hand-Crafted by a Drummer… Stephen Watson of Watson Woodworks.

Stephen Watson of Watson Woodworks. He’s a Musician who has been hand-crafting one-of-a-kind Cajons and hand shakers from reclaimed wood. Percussion shakers which mirror his cajons, an ideal gift for a musical dad this Father’s Day, only £20!

Custom Cajón

Handcrafted one of a kind Cajon’s made from mostly solid wood pine pallets with a fully adjustable snare for the natural Box sound without snares to a loose snare for a Jazz mode and a tight snare for a normal feel. There is a damper system so the snares do not rattle when snares are completely off for that natural box sound.

Now selling in Cookes and available for preorder. Contact Stephen Watson with your interest

For a demonstration watch see here >

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