Double Two … Men’s shirts Polos, & now Lambretta

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Double Two … Men’s shirts Polos, & now Lambretta

Doule Two spring/summer collection comes in a wide variety of designs; from bold and exciting patterns perfect for festivals and sunny holidays,
to sophisticated and subtle patterned formal shirts for evenings out and events.

Here’s the collection:

They also have a new multi-buy saving option available with Buy 2 Shirts, Save £10, or Buy 4 Shirts, Save £25.

From the pioneering spare easy-attach collar that gave us our name, to the world’s first polyester shirt and our innovative present day Paradigm range, we’ve always been passionate about shirtmaking. It’s in our blood and has been for now for 80 years!

It all began in 1940 when, on the alleged flip of a coin, Isaak Donner and Frank Myers chose Wakefield to set up their factory to make men’s shirts. However, the outbreak of war meant a shortage in cotton. The alternative was a more delicate material, more suited to women’s blouses, and so, with men at war and women taking on their jobs, the company set about supplying the new female workforce.
Once the war was over, Isaak Donner introduced a patent that his family had developed, for attaching a collar to a shirt that could be easily removed by pulling a tab. A spare collar was supplied with the shirt that could be sewn on. The product was known as Double TWO!

In the 50’s, the company developed the first man-made fibre shirt using a polyester known as Terylene. As well as been quick drying, this shirt never needed ironing!
A shirt blending natural and man-made fibres was introduced soon after. In those days, when central heating wasn’t widely available, these warm shirts were big sellers.
In 1965, a shirt called ‘White Light’ was developed. This was so bright that machinists wore sunglasses when working on it!

The company continues to innovate, winning an award in 2007, for ‘Paradigm’, a 100% cotton shirt that’s non-iron and wrinkle free! This was followed in 2013 with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
The company are still run by the Donner family, and whilst Double TWO Shirts are now manufactured abroad, the design and innovation happens in Wakefield, where it all began over 80 years ago!


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