Dirt bike tours Ireland in Omagh T: (0)28 8225 9252

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Dirt bike tours Ireland in Omagh

Motorbikes, guided tours and electrical services in Northern Ireland and Ireland > (0)28 8225 9252

Get the most out of your motorbike with us.

We offer a range of services:
Motorbike tours of Northern Ireland and Ireland
Electrical services
Motor bike tours
Off road motor bike tours
Motor bike dealer AJP
Trail bike tours Ireland
We support
TMEC (Tyrone and Monaghan Enduro Club)

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Best off road training by far! I highly recommend taking one of Paul’s trips, whether you are a first timer having never ridden an off road motorbike, wanting to explore some of Ireland best kept secret trails or need to dust off the cobwebs and improve your off road skills. Paul is very knowledgeable and gives practical tips on riding and anticipating safety factors. He makes sure you get plenty of practice, especially when it comes to developing good riding habits to build on for advancing skill level and for safer riding…because its no fun to get injured on the trails. Paul is very professional and passionate about riding. His explanations are thorough and easy to understand.

Once you’ve taken a day of off road touring/training you will definitely get the bug! If you’ve never ridden on tracks, don’t be nervous…this is an excellent next step. Paul does a great job of planning out the ride so you start easy and gradually increase the challenge, according to comfort level. The great thing about the rides are you never feel like you are in over your head; he has a knack of sizing up the group and adjusting the ride. And dont worry if there is a part of the trail that seems too difficult; Paul will ofter to help by riding their bike for them up/over/down/across the parts that are too difficult. On the other hand, even for experienced riders, Dirt Bike Tours Ireland offer up good challenges. Paul even does rides specifically for more experienced riders. Bottom line,whether you’ve never ridden before or you have experience riding, Dirt Bike Tours Ireland offer something for everyone and you will not be disappointed. I really appreciated the level of professionalism and concern for safety. Paul is genuinely just as interested in you having a great riding experience with his company as for you to be equipped with the technical skills and safety awareness for a lifetime of off road riding.

Besides the fun and adventure, another impressive aspect of Dirt Bike Tours Ireland is the price. I’ve ridden with other companies and I can honestly say this is the cheapest, even factoring in the use of a bike, all the gear and lunch. It’s such a good deal!

So, if you want to learn to ride off road or want to have adventure on some of Ireland finest trails, definitely contact Paul. He is quick to respond and very personable. Actually, his whole crew, including his family, are such nice and fun people who want to make sure you have a great and safe time! -Steve Raetschus

“We had a great day, although plenty of aches and pains today. Thanks Paul and Raymond for a gr8 day, would recommend it to anyone who fancies a fun day full of challenging biking. ” – Chris Conway

“One of the adventures of my life.I,m tired and ache in places I did not know I had and I loved every minute of it.Thanks again Paul and Raymond from Dirt bike tours Ireland .” – Eamonn Murphy

15 Gortin Road
County Tyrone
BT79 7DH
0044(0)28 8225 9252
0044(0)78 0147 3775
Opening Times
Monday to Saturday


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