Dating and rediscovering the great outdoors in your area!

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As I walk and cycle around the highways and byways of my local area I am constantly struck by the beauty of everything I see in nature! We even have this old trio of Plum Trees beside a waterfall! They have everything going on in those trees! They’ve had bees nests, they’ve been lived in by red squirrels! The squirrels are able to out run the stoat so have made a tremendous comeback because the grey squirrel which was destroying the red squirrels cannot out run the stoat! I mean its just amazing all of this is happening in 3 Plum Trees!

Well dating can be like this! I mean with online dating people are scurrying through the countryside on bicycles meeting the love of their lives! Lets dream for now and say they are meeting by the plum trees beside the waterfall! We have caves their too!

By meeting people in your area you can meet up so easily like this and just ride a bicycle to the meet up point! Always bring a lock for your bicycle though. We should always be safe and protect our precious possessions!

Ok! So meeting up locally is much less time consuming and its actually less expensive and it also means that we are not exposing ourselves as readily to colds and flues from other regions and locations! (Quick question >>are you searching for Love Jersey Singles or Love Belfast Singles ? The reason we ask is because not everyone knows you can be that precise in your search)

There are many reasons to date locally not least of which is that it allows you to appreciate all the nightlife and natural locations that the local area has to offer. (Editors tip > be as precise as searching for what you are looking for such as Jersey dating site or Belfast Dating)  There is also frankly no need for as much planning and preparation! You can simply get in contact and meet up 20 minutes later! No long distance travelling and the costs of it all to meet for an evening or an hour and not really be able to spend time together!

It is worth noting that dating sites offer location based search engines! Members can then refine their search to a location, and even within a certain number of miles of kilometers. So the only potential matches shown will be within say 5 miles! This is actually a really important device because you can have a much much higher successful match rate based on distance. It can be frustrating for beginners to online dating who begin chatting to someone online and progress this to the point of meeting up only to find the person is one thousand miles away and you can only see them via skype! Deeply frustrating and for many a total waste of time although it can be put down to experience!

The take aways from all of this include thinking about what we are doing and being practical! Even in dating, romance and love! Practicalities! Some thought now will save you tremendous amounts of time and energy in the future!

Above all be safe and cautious and use security protocols when online. Do not give away your precise location or agree to meet anyone unless you know you will be safe. Consider bringing a friend for added security.

We wish you every success and enjoyment on your journey!

Very, very best wishes.

The InTouch rugby Relationships, Love & romance Correspondent… on assignment!

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