Help dad & others remember his magic sporting moments! Handmade Medal Hangers from Siop Gardd now on >>

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Help dad & others remember his magic sporting moments! Handmade Medal Hangers from Siop Gardd now on >>


Medal Hanger



Contemporary style wooden running medal hanger to hang marathon medals.

A perfect gift for a fabulous marathon running dad or grandad on Father’s Day

The medal hanger is a perfect gift for marathon runners.

Running a marathon is an amazing achievement and medals need to be proudly displayed, not hiding in drawers!

If you know someone who has just started running marathons or someone who has run many marathons, why not treat them to the personalised medal hanger? A perfect gift for all occasions, including father’s day, birthdays, Christmas or just because you are so proud of that person.

The medal hanger will create a talking point in the home and inspire the people that see it.

If you wish us to customise this we can, for example a customer requested we omit the 5K. We are more than happy to help, please do get in touch.

Lovingly handcrafted by us using sustainable wood and painted in black using a water-based paint. The numbers and letter are made of wood. Brass hooks for hanging medals.

made from:

sustainable pine


34 cm x 9 cm

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Personalised Hanger For Medals



Our personalised medal hanger is a perfect gift for sports lovers, whether they are just starting out their collection or already have lots to display.

Winning a medal is a wonderful achievement. It takes a lot of dedication and training to win a medal and they need to be displayed for all to see.

This personalised plaque includes your choice of wording and either seven or 15 hooks so that you have somewhere beautiful to celebrate each win. We make each item to order so that we can make it unique for you.

Whether you have a daughter who loves football, a husband who loves tennis, or a friend who runs marathons, we have decorations to embellish the plaque and make it really special.

People work hard to win medals. Marathon runners. People participating in Race For Life. Medals won in school. Swimming. Gymkhanas. Whatever the occasion, the effort is always huge and well rewarded with a medal of achievement.

Suitable for adults and children, we’re delighted to customise our medal display just for you.

You can also choose from our choice of embellishments: running shoes, ballet shoes, stars or hearts.

We now have two sizes available: seven hooks or 15 hooks for those overachievers.

made from:

Reclaimed wood and water-based paints. Brass hooks.


30 cm x 7.5 cm (12 inches x 3 inches) and 34 cm x 9 cm (14 inches x 4 inches)

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