Cyclings Half Price Thanks To Chain Reaction Cycles & The Bike To Work Scheme! Willie Logan & Collie Morrow from Ballyclare Rugby Find Out More!

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Picture Courtesy of Jonathan Kennedy, Pictured R-L – Willie Logan, Ballyclare RFC, Ricky McKillen Chain Reaction Cycles , Collie Morrow Ballyclare RFC.

It is always a pleasure to support green transport and the ride to work scheme offered by Chain Reaction through the government ride to work scheme is excellent, the range and quality of bikes offered by chain Reaction is superb and they will not only make your experience of buying a bike pain free but help to you to get exactly the bike for you from their extensive range, not to mention the highest possible quality service. Why not try them out for yourself and avail of the ride to work scheme through them and save yourself anywhere from 46 – 52% of the rrp of the bike!

The Chain Reaction Bike To Work scheme ties in with a Government sponsored scheme that can save you and your employees nearly half the cost of a brand new bicycle and accessories? Governments across the World are starting to recognise the many economic and health benefits of cycling and are putting in place personal and corporate financial incentives to encourage greater bicycle use.
In the UK we have the Governments Green Transport Plan, with three main objectives:
1. To decrease congestion on the countries roads, towns and cities.
2. To decrease Co2 build up, exhaust fumes and pollution.
3. To encourage the nation to become healthy and fitter.
With this is mind the government launched the Ride to Work scheme to encourage your employees to buy a new bicycle and accessories to ride to work without paying NI contributions, income tax or even VAT on the total amount.

Making a savings to them of up to nearly 50%!

“We at Chain Reaction Cycles are committed to promoting this plan using our Ride to Work scheme, enabling your business and staff to take full advantage of these incentives and allowing us to supply bicycles and accessories to your staff at huge savings, and all at no cost to yourself… in fact you may be able to actually save some money.
When you use Chain Reaction Cycle – the Worlds largest online bicycle store, you can be confident that both you and your staff will be given expert advice and help to ensure they get full advantage of all the scheme and cycling has to offer you.”

“We are delighted with our bikes and the deal through Chain Reaction is saving us 50%, our first choice was to deal with Chain Reaction cycles and there service is first Class” Willie Logan & Collie Morrow.

The Scheme is very simple to adopt and this is how it works:

1. The Employer buys the Bicycle from Chain Reaction Cycles.

2. The Employer can claim back the VAT on the purchase.

3. The VAT free price of the Bicycle is divided by 12 and this amount is deducted from the Employees monthly salary via a Salary Sacrifice. Throughout these 12 months the employee is leasing the bicycle from the employer. The Employee is making additional savings as they will not pay any Income Tax or National Insurance on the amount of Salary reduction.

4. At the end of the 12 months hire agreement, the Employer may ‘sell’ the Bicycle to the Employee for an agreed fee.

Benefits To Everyone:

Improved levels of fitness – research shows that currently 7 out of 10 men and 8 out of 10 women do not do enough physical activity to maintain a basic level of health and fitness.
Stress relief – physical activity can reduce stress levels and improve productivity. ·
Help the environment – once the manufacturing process is complete bicycles have a very small negative impact on the environment, by cycling you reduce the number of cars on the road improving the environment for all, including reducing harmful emissions, and improving road safety.
Save Money – Once the initial outlay of buying a bike and the associated safety equipment/clothing has been made there are few ongoing costs to cycling. If you use your bike for making business journeys ask your employer to consider paying subsistence cost that would cover maintenance such as replacement of tyres. After all you could be saving your employer larger fuel expenses.
Could save precious time – half an hour cycling to work every day may take longer than using the car but your won’t have to spend hours slogging at the gym to keep fit.

A healthier and more alert workforce.
Can reduce staff stress levels and absenteeism.
Free up valuable car parking space.
Reduction of peak time congestion.
Reduce transportation costs. Staff who use their bike to travel to work may, if suitable, use their bike to carry out work duties.
Provide a fairer employment package that benefits all staff not only car users, this may help in recruitment and retention of staff in a competitive market.
Good environmental image for the company – being proactive in providing a range of transport opportunities for employees show that the organisation has a forward thinking and environmentally sound culture.
Contribute towards the implementation of environmental management systems and gain recognised accreditation e.g. EMAS or ISO1400.

A great benefit of buying your bike through Chain Reaction Cycles is they will deal will everything for you in setting up the scheme with companies directly, so you don’t need to deal with them and the local government department responisble for green travel.

To Contact Chain Reaction and get started you can phone their showroom on (028) 93345515

To Visit the Chain Reaction Website Click Here

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