Cure your Quarantine Boredom with #FakeFacts. The Party Game That’s Total BS

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Cure your Quarantine Boredom with #FakeFacts. The Party Game That’s Total BS.

Rue Cler Games. Political season getting you fired up? Getting ready for eight rounds with your uncle at video-conference Thanksgiving? A new trivia game is testing how good its players are at spotting — or concocting — a lie.

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Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Stephen and Charell Chiger announced today the launch of their game company, Rue Cler Games, and their first game, #FakeFacts. A fast-paced card game of historical and pop culture trivia, #FakeFacts tests its players’ knowledge and ability to fool others.

Rue Cler Games

“We hatched the idea for #FakeFacts after some spirited dinner parties (#politicalseason). When the pandemic brought far, far too much time at home, we wanted a game that was simple and could be played in-person or remotely,” said Stephen Chiger, Rue Cler Games co-founder.

A terrific holiday gift, #FakeFacts is the perfect present for people who love weird, hard-to-believe trivia, fast-paced social games, or just fooling their friends. Players can expect to learn (and fabricate!) bizarre, surprising, and totally unpredictable trivia — and the game’s structure makes it easy to play over video conferences.

Made here in the US, #FakeFacts is sold online through The Game Crafter and priced at an affordable, $14.99. The game is family-friendly, appropriate for ages 12+.

Both experienced journalists, the Chigers say they built the game to inspire both wonder and skepticism.

“In life it never hurts to trust — but don’t forget to verify.” – Charell Star Chiger, Co-Founder of Rue Cler Games.

More information can be found on the official website here. Follow Fake Facts on Instagram.

Based in the US, Rue Cler Games was founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife team Stephen and Charell Chiger and specializes in building fun interactive games for people who want to play together. They released their first game, #FakeFacts, on Game Crafter in late 2020 after three months of development. The Chigers share a love for entrepreneurship and between them have run consulting firms, led non-profit organizations, directed sleepaway camps, and provided on-air expertise on lifestyle and fashion (in addition, of course, to their full-time jobs). Rue Cler Games, named after their favorite Parisian street, is their first official team-up.

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