Fastcut Plus Edition Create action videos in just 60 seconds!

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Fastcut Plus Edition Create action

videos in just 60 seconds!


Celebrate adventure: Turn your breathtaking experiences into exciting video clips with music. It’s that easy! Select recordings, apply template, and Fastcut does the rest.

Includes 60 Plus Soundtracks Trim & rotate recordings Export in SD, HD, Full HD, UHD Image stabilization Set clip highlights Create your own templates Advanced editing functions


FASTCUT – NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE You want freedom in all of life’s situations – so why not video editing? Access full flexibility when editing your videos and recordings with Fastcut, now available for free.

SIMPLIFIED USER INTERFACE With its simplified user interface, Fastcut is geared towards users who want to create a video as quickly and easily as possible, but have no previous experience. In no time at all, transform your experiences – from action-packed to beautiful – into a perfectly edited video.


Set clip highlights Decide exactly which favorite moments in your videos you’d like to see in the finished movie.

Simply set highlight markers and Fastcut will perfectly integrate them into the selected template.

Decide clip order You no longer have to make sure your clip selection is made in the final order. You can change it after the fact by simply drag-and-dropping.

Automatic beat recognition No need to set cuts in your own templates by hand – Fastcut does this for you with automatic beat recognition! Edit your templates Would you like even faster cuts and more lens flare? No problem: Edit your templates as often as you like without losing the settings. Save clip adjustments Now, all changes to individual clips such are cut markers and highlights are automatically saved as a preset for later projects. Edit audio Would you like to use only a section of your song in a template? Simply trim it to the perfect length. Import & export templates Export your own templates from the program. Afterwards, you can import it to any PC with Fastcut.

Smart Preview Thanks to a technical innovation in proxy generation, you’ll benefit from smooth previews without any delays. This way you can directly see which template fits your recordings best. 10 new editing templates With 10 new editing templates, the automatic template selection is now expanded to a total of 60. There’s something for everyone, guaranteed. Arctic Dubstep Wait for it: Slow start with an ultimate twist.


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