Corrigan Brothers will release Paul O’ Connell, what a ledge on April 30th.

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Corrigan Brothers, the band who have charted all over the world with their multi million you tube hit ‘ “Theres no one as Irish as Barack Obama are turning their attentions to Munster , Ireland and Lions hero Paul O’ Connell for their new siingle.

The brothers will release “Paul O’ Connell, what a ledge” on April 30th.

Guitarist with the band Brian Corrigan said, ‘ there are few sports people who inspire such devotion an admiration as Paul and we felt it was time to honour him in song.

The song has a folk rock beat and the chorus goes as follows

oh hes a leader hes the best
he gives you he edge
theres only one Paul O’Connel
this man is a Ledge

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