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Support grass roots club rugby and download this great free guide to the Rugby World Cup 2011

As the World Cup approaches most of us are getting ready for many a late night and an early morning in front of the telly, but for one grass roots club its another chance to spread the gospel of rugby and promote their club. In Touch Rugby catches up with Civil Service (NI) RFCs PR and Recruitment Officer Aaron Thompson as they launch their guide to the Rugby World Cup 2011.

First up, where can I get this guide? The guide is available for download CLICK HERE

What is this guide?

The guide is an Excel spreadsheet which is designed to allow users to keep track of the scores and watch the progress of the tournament.

Who is it for?
This guide is for anyone that wants to keep track of the games during the Rugby World Cup which takes place in New Zealand between the 09 of September and the 23 of October. If you are looking to keep track of your teams progress during the tournament, to monitor the pool tables as the results come in or your running an office sweepstake then this guide is the perfect tool to help.

What do I need to run this guide?
You simply need MS Excel 2007-10 or 2000-03 to run this guide. The guide has not been tested on older versions of Excel. The guide will not work to its designed specification on other spreadsheet programs.

Any other cool features?
Yes the guide also has the following extra features,

· Users of the guide can select the team they want to follow during the tournament and automatically highlight all their games.

· All times are British Summer Time so you will know in advance if you need to book time off work to see important games.

· The guide has a random fact generator built into the programming of the spreadsheet. As you enter or delete information from the guide a new fact about the Rugby World Cup will be displayed.

· The guide is also designed to print quite nicely on A3 paper. Why not print it out and put it up on your wall or in your office?

Why was it developed?
The guide is a not for profit venture that has been developed by Civil Service (NI) RFC as a tool to help promote the Club, our sponsors and to encourage interest in rugby as a sport.

Can I make changes to the guide?
No, the guide is locked and is not intended to be changed. Making any changes to the guide could impact on the functionality of the guide.

And If I’m a player interested in playing rugby with Civil Service RFC, who do I speak to?
Talk to any member of Civil Service playing squad or management committee or email us on

Do I have to be a Civil Servant?
No you don’t have to be a civil servant to play rugby for us. Our club is open to anyone that wants to play rugby.

If have more questions about this guide or Civil Service (NI) RFC: You can find our contact details on the Club’s website or you can find us on Facebook.

Great to speak to you again Aaron, the very best of luck for the season ahead and In Touch looks forward to following your progress.

If your club has done anything new or innovative to promote themselves then get “In Touch” as were always keen to promote grass roots rugby.

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