Cooke Rugby I XV Distraught at Semi final result v Monivea Rugby I XV: AIL JNR CUP SEMI FINAL: Clips of Tries, Pictures & Video interviews with Cooke Rugby Captain & Coach

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What a day at Shaws Bridge, 3 games on all at once and this one was a nail biting encounter. Total passion and commitment from both sides. Pictures link and video highlights below.

First half – Cooke found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreline, they had not registered a point by half time. They did begin to get possession in the first half and we could see the fierce competitiveness of Cooke coming to the fore. They were starting to win ball, they were starting to hit hard, they were starting to take it to them.


The second half Cooke came out with a vengance in their hearts. Nothing had gone right in the first half and they were determined to rise up out of the circimstances and play.

They started to play, they put their bodies on the line and began to win the tackles, retained possession, and now winning the 50/50 encounters the engines kicked into 5th gear and score after score was registered. Monivea defender for dear life but could not stop the Cooke onslaught.
By the last five minutes their was one score in it. The first half had ended something like 20 – nil, the second half was won by something like 26-6. That was even after an interception try by Monivea in the second half!

Still Cooke won ball, and drove forward putting together the phases, hitting everything harder than before and securing quick ball. A crucial decision in the last minute of the game allowed Monivea to kick for touch, the ref called it and that was the day Cooke came within a hairs breadth of the AI Jnr Cup Final!

We look forward to their next game.

[youtube wW1wyRkepVc]

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