Travel Memoir! Tragic Shores by Thomas H. Cook (Quercus, £20.00)…..

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Tragic Shores by Thomas H. Cook (Quercus, £20.00)


Always a lover of travel, Thomas delivers an enthralling narrative of his many adventures with his wife and daughter, revealing the value of taking your family on more unusual, eye-opening and thought-provoking family holidays. He has visited some of most forgotten locations, and some of the most visually stunning, but they are always profound and memorable. This is a chronicle of that experience, from the Wielzlicka underground salt cathedral in Poland and the surreal Kep-sur-Mer ghost resort in Cambodia, to the Jurassic park location Molokai and the hauntingly beautiful Hasadera Temple in Japan, each chapter introduces a new location, and a new lesson in human nature.

Critically acclaimed Thomas H. Cook is prolific, with more than thirty crime and suspense novels to his credit, as well as having edited multiple non-fiction books and anthologies and penned several literary novels, including Elena. Six of his novels have been nominated for awards – he won an Edgar Award for his 1996 novel, The Chatham School Affair, The Barry Award for 2005’s devastating Red Leaves, and the Martin Beck Award for both titles. Red Leaves was also nominated for an Edgar, an Anthony Award, and narrowly missed out on a Crime Writer’s Association Dagger Award. A film version of one of his books, Evidence of Blood, was released in 1997. Praised for his atmospheric storytelling, Thomas captivates readers in the narrative making Tragic Shores, his first nonfiction title, an equally gripping read for fiction-lovers.

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