Mother’s Day Gifts to spark a conversation and guarantee a reaction!

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Mother’s Day Gifts to spark a conversation and guarantee a reaction!

J.Bird Cremeans is the artist and owner of “Antique Pet Photos”. She describes her artwork as “Creepy and cute animals dressed in Victorian clothing”. When asked how she came up with this hilarious concept she explains: “Apparently there was a guy name Harry Whittier Frees that would take horrifyingly cute pictures of animals dressed up as people for children’s books. There were the original cat memes before the internet even existed. I didn’t want to get my eyes clawed out so I decided to use my knowledge of Photoshop to create similar images.”
Custom Antique Pet Photos are a huge hit around the holidays and Mother’s Day is a big deal to those who want to give their Mom something related to their pets or “fur babies”. Customers typically contact J.Bird through email at, or her Etsy store at to ask about having one made. A person sends in a few pictures of the pet or pets and gets to select the photograph they want them in from an online gallery full of unique and often strange antique photos. The artist then takes the images and “Photoshops” them together meticulously using brushes, layers, and textures to make viewers gasp wondering if they’re real or not.
One customer left this 5 star review on after purchasing and receiving a custom Antique Pet Photo: “Absolutely amazing, the gift was such a hit! My friend LOVED it and the artist was so helpful and talented.”

Another buyer had this to say: “Amazing. No other way to say it.”

J.Bird actually wants you to laugh at the artwork. Go ahead, giggle, snicker, snort, and chuckle. “ I want my audience to see my sense of humor in my work and provoke them to strike up a conversation with me or another viewer about the art itself”. What does it remind you of? Hopefully it reminds you of your pets or your own quirky family. “That owl looks just like my great-uncle!” Humor never goes out of style and when my art is infused with it, the art becomes a joy to see and talk about for years to come. Because I try hard to make my Antique Pet Photos so realistic, that is what makes them so fun to look at. Did I really dress up that cat? How did I get that beard on that dog?”
If you want to see your Mother (or any loved one) laugh hysterically this Mother’s Day, you can commission J.Bird Cremeans for a custom Antique Pet Photo by emailing her here:
More information on the art and artist can be found here:


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