Competition: SAVE YOUR SEASON programme from Gatorade

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Senior rugby clubs across the UK have the chance to win the ultimate support package for 2012/13 as part of the Save Your Season programme from Gatorade – the Performance Partner of Premiership Rugby.

One club side will be chosen to visit Premiership Rugby teams and train alongside the professionals using state-of-the-art facilities to improve all aspects of their game. Coaches will coordinate elite handling and positioning drills, and devise strength & conditioning, injury and rehabilitation programmes for the winning side.

The team selected will also be given a Gatorade Sports Science Institute mentor to create bespoke hydration and nutrition plans for the season. They will also be supplied with products from the Gatorade G Series Pro range, to help preparation, performance and recovery around all matches.

All sideline equipment – as used by the 12 Premiership Rugby teams – will be provided, and match-day analysis will be available for the players through Opta.

The competition, which is open to all senior teams in the UK, is supported by Rugby World and the selected team will be featured in five issues of the magazine throughout the season as well as a website used to document their progress.

Last year’s winners were London 1 North side Eton Manor RFC. Coach Stephen Baker said: “From a lowly league position, we finished sixth, surpassing expectations we laid out at the start of the season. But the bigger picture for us is that, moving forward, we now have the tools to take our game to a higher level”

Dr Ian Rollo, Senior Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, said: “‘Last year we provided Eton Manor with hydration and nutrition strategies to enable them to get the most out of their game. We’re really looking forward to working with a new team for this season – Enter now and it could be you.”

To enter, visit and explain in 50 words or less why your team needs some expert help and advice this season.

You can keep up to speed on the latest Save Your Season news by following @GatoradeUK on twitter or

GATORADE PRIME (118ml pouch)
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GATORADE RECOVER (500ml bottle)
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• Calories: 130

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