Colin Craig Domestic Energy Assessor Enniskillen T: 028 6638 7978

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Colin Craig Domestic Energy Assessor Enniskillen T: 028 6638 7978

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

An EPC is a government approved document that displays the predicted energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions from heating and lighting your property. There are separate EPC formats for New Build Dwellings and Commercial Buildings, but all have similar features.

The energy rating of dwellings uses software derived from the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), a government approved methodology. Existing dwellings are rated using Reduced Data SAP (RdSAP) which is based on a property inspection, rather than consulting a building plan and specification.

The energy rating of dwellings is expressed on a scale of 1 to 100, the higher the better, and the ratings are grouped into eight bands from A to G, where A is the highest efficiency. This is a similar system to the energy rating of electrical “white goods” and new motor vehicles.

The current average energy rating for a dwelling in the UK is band E, whereas a newly built dwelling, built to the latest building regulations, might achieve band B.

The EPC displays a second rating called the Environmental Impact Rating. This is based on the predicted carbon emissions (CO²) resulting from using fuel to heat, light and provide domestic hot water in the property.

The energy rating and the environmental impact ratings are linked, but different fuels give off differing amounts of carbon dioxide, so the relationship between the two ratings will vary depending on which fuels are being consumed in the property.

Colin Craig
Domestic Energy Assessor
Co Fermanagh

Tel: 028 6638 7978
Mob: 07 515 363 444

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