Coleraine Rugby Club 5 A Side Tournament: In pictures – Report To Follow

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Well done to Coleraine on another very succesful 5 A Side tournament played at the weekend. 16 teams took part and we have found 90+ picture son facebook.

To see the pictures CLICK HERE

Argentina – Gaulty,Johnny McMullan,Jaffa,Stuarty Simpson, Colleen, Subs
Brazil – Fergie, fergie’s dad, Stephen Dickey,Rocky, DD, Michael Mullan, Sinead
Mexico – George, Andy, Graham (Neely), Russell Smith, Glenn Millar, 2 Georges friends
Chile – Claire Watters, Gacky, Greg Neely, Jon Gillan, Barton, Spud

Ireland – Flo, Ewan, Jon Lyndsey, Creswell, Colin Cochrane
Wales – Louise McCrudden, Kabeer, Rob andrews, Callaghan, Jon Law, Colin McMullan
Scotland – Hockey girl, Stirling, Chestnutt, Steve & Neil Patterson, ian Young, joanne (hockey)
England – John McClealands team


France – Same, Christopher James Breadon, Gibby, Parky, Cocky, Brian Kneeland, Adam Tunney
Spain – Paul Shiels, Emma McCotter, Mark Hunter, tommy, hendy, emma henry
Sweden – Richard Kernohan, Sam Bartlett, ale Alex Gourley, Niall, andy McAuley, Will Hunt
Germay – Brian Kneelands friends

New Zealand – Norman Blair, mark Pyper, Chris Blair, Harry Tate, Greg Jordan, mark Blackwood
USA – Elaine & friend, Gary Blair, josh christie,, Mark Hayes, Porno, aaron wilson
Australia – Clare Johnston, Roy Dixon, Ronnie Caskey, Nicky Blair, Connor, Colm johnston
South Africa – Dan McAuleys team

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