Coleraine Academical Institution Rugby v Royal School Armagh Rugby SHOTS HERE

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Coleraine Academical Institution added to their recent success list when they claimed a 6-0 home victory against the Royal School, Armagh team.

The Royal School, Armagh team started strongly launching wave after wave of attacks at the Coleraine AI line. However, they found the Coleraine defence, with Ollie McDowell, Ally Corbett and Joel Stanbridge getting through a lot of work, to be resolute and unwilling to let anything through. Midway through the first half and on their first sortie into the RS Armagh 22m area, the Coleraine team forced a penalty which Conor Shiels converted to put his team into a 3-0 lead. There were no further scores in the first half.
The second half saw the home team take control of the game but found they were unable to cross the white wash! Midway through the half, the RS Armagh team was penalised for collapsing a Coleraine AI maul. Conor Shiels dispatched the penalty opportunity to give his team a 6-0 lead. The Coleraine AI half backs, Ryan Gillan and Callum Smyth, continued to put their team into positions of strength but there were no further scores leaving the Coleraine Academical Institution team as deserved 6-0 winners.

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PICS Mandatory Credit Richard McAuley

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