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Coffee Crema – Personally Sourced & Blended For That Distinctive Coffee Taste….. We sure aren’t perfect, but we’re trying to do the right thing.

This may make us sound like a contestant in a beauty pageant, but we are trying to be take responsibility of the impact of our business on our environment.

We spent many years researching and developing a Triple Certified Coffee that we are truly happy to put our name on it. This is coffee at its finest , coffee that is organic, Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance certified. Coffee that’s good for the people, the forest and the environment.

At Coffee Crema we are very selective about who picks our coffee, we demand not only the finest coffee beans we also expect the environment to be treated with consideration and the workers with respect.

Below are three profiles from farms that we trade with. Once the coffee has been sourced it is then blended with other single estate coffees to produce our blends.

HONDURAS LA TIGRA certified Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance

Founded in 1998, La Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras de Honduras (La Central) is an organization comprised of over 10,000 farmers and 80 cooperatives throughout Honduras. In addition to its role as an export company, La Central remains dedicated to rural development. Member cooperatives located in 12 mountainous states of Honduras benefit from the resources and services provided by La Central. La Central’s production currently represents 2% of the total coffee exports for Honduras. La Central seeks to produce high quality coffee while simultaneously improving the quality of life of its members.

A Fairtrade price has enabled La Central to finance the following programs:

Organic production and certification projects
Micro-credit and savings programs
Literacy programs
Sustainable development and agricultural diversification projects
Investment in equipment and infrastructure to improve coffee quality

PAPUA NEW GUINEA HOAC CO OP certified Organic and Fairtrade

Papua New Guinea is located in the Pacific region just south of the equator, north of Australia and is known for its amazing wildlife and cultural diversity with over 800 language groups. The coffee produced in this region is equally as amazing.

Papua New Guinea is an island of spectacular scenery and culture. The abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for coffee.

Annual rainfalls make transportation difficult because the roads are not sealed and gravel is scarce. To solve this, the Co-op adopted organic agricultural techniques and the Fair Trade model that increased the value of their coffee. The concept of organic coffee was first introduced to PNG in 1991. Coffee is the only cash crop for these growers and higher sales will result in better benefits and a brighter future for these families. There are 2,604 farmers registered in the Co-op who live in the 32 villages spread over 500 square KM’s of the valley. Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative Ltd. (HOAC) is made up of 12,000 families who tend their small coffee plots and process beans at their village mill. As demand for their exquisite coffee grows, it is expected that 5,000 more growers will join HOAC over the next two years.

Brazil – Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poco Fundo

Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poco Fundo e Regi, Ltda (Coopfam) is an association of small-scale farmers located in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. Coopfam was formed from a collective desire to improve the living standard of farmers and to reduce poverty and emigration. In 1991, seventy-six families united to form the cooperative, determined to increase the productivity of their small plots and sustain the quality of family-oriented agriculture in the region. Coopfam was Fair Trade certified by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) in 1998 and began exporting to the United States in 2003.

Coopfam has implemented computer education classes for children and the community. They have also established a partnership with a private school to offer quality education to children of cooperative members.
Coopfam has been able to continue its sustainable agriculture training program for co-op members.The co-op has used Fair Trade revenue to broaden healthcare coverage for co-op members and their families. They have developed a partnership with a health service provider to offer basic coverage to members. Services include access to a general practitioner, women’s health services, vision and dental care. Coopfam also makes donations to the local public hospital and helps with special projects.

Coopfam has expanded the local electricity network to provide electrical access to everyone in the community. In an innovative effort, members of the cooperative manage a community farm with a house that serves as senior citizen residence for elderly members. All profits generated from the community farm are invested back into the house to pay for food, medicine, and maintenance expenses.

Coffee Crema Ltd
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