Clear For Men: The brand new mental health-inspired male skincare brand encouraging men to #TakeFive

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Clear For Men: The *brand new* mental health-inspired male skincare brand encouraging men to #TakeFive

Clear For Men is the exciting new skincare brand helping to break down the stigma around male mental health. With a strong focus on celebrating the value of self-care for men through a daily skincare regime, Clear For Men is dedicated to changing the narrative around well-being. Clear For Men’s 22-year-old founder and CEO, Louis Watkins, was inspired to set up a skincare brand with a difference after suffering with his mental health during the pandemic lockdowns.

A long-time skincare devotee, Louis found comfort and calm through his daily skincare routine. This opportunity to focus solely on himself and having dedicated time to unwind helped to ease his anxiety and gave him a deep understanding of how important it is to prioritise self-care.

Combining premium, effective and cruelty-free men’s skincare, with a powerful message of “it’s okay not to be okay”, Clear For Men prides itself on providing a holistic approach to well-being.

At the heart of the brand is its encouragement to ‘Take Five’, inspiring men to take five minutes out of their day to focus on their mental well-being – whether that’s talking about how they are feeling, getting active, practising kindness or indulging in a daily skincare ritual.

A sense of community runs through every aspect of Clear For Men.

Clear For Men’s Five Fundamentals of Self-care

1. Connect – Clear For Men believes that opening up and connecting with others around you is vital for your mental well-being.

2. Move – Whether it’s a walk with friends or an intense workout, the more we move and stay active, the greater we feel on the inside and out.

3. Be Present – ‘Take Five’ out of your daily grind and reflect on what really matters – your wellbeing. Creating a daily skincare routine will give you a reason to pause and reflect.

4. Expand & Grow – Start that new book. Learn that new skill. Push your boundaries and ride that wave of self-accomplishment. You’ve got this.

5. Practice Kindness – A small deed goes a long way. Taking time out of your day to do something for someone else will ultimately make you feel good. It’s a win, win.

The Clear For Men Invigorating Facial Cleanser, £19.99, is the result of months of intensive research and testing. Packed with skin-loving ingredients like Niacinamide, a nature-identical vitamin B3 which helps to improve the skin’s barrier function and keeps the skin feeling smooth, and nourishing Argan Oil, rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid and natural tocopherols which impart anti-free radical properties whilst helping to protect and restore skin, it’s a hard-working formula that’s gentle enough to be used every day.
Perfect for normal to combination skin, this 100% paraben, silicone and sulphate free vegan cleanser is a game-changing product at an affordable price point.

Available as a one-time purchase for £19.99, or as a rolling subscription for just £16.99, 1.5% of the sale of each Invigorating Facial Cleanser goes to support the charity Mind, via Work For Good.

Results-driven skincare with heart; Clear For Men is getting the conversation going around male mental health. Are you ready to #TakeFive?

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