CocoPacific: 8 cleaning hacks using coconut oil ! (Win A Jar Competition Here!)

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CocoPacific: 8 cleaning hacks using coconut oil


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As spring approaches, so too does the dreaded ‘cleaning season’. From the layer of dust on your mantle place to your armchair’s residual mulled wine stains, there are plenty of forgotten winter chores to tackle this month. But don’t worry. At CocoPacific, we always hear from customers who swear by the affordable, reliable coconut oil for a range of cleaning tricks. Here are some of our favourite:

1. Floor it
Use a teaspoon of CocoPacific coconut oil on a dry cloth to lift scuff marks from laminate flooring and tiles. Gently rub the affected spot and voila – the scuff vanishes!

2. Polish furniture
Some types of furniture benefit from coconut oil more than others, including wood that’s lost its shine. Apply coconut oil on a dry cloth to wood work or tables with surface scratches to restore some of its former glory.

3. Repair leather
Give your scuffed sofa and armchairs a bit of TLC with a small dab of coconut oil. Coconut oil’s natural moisturising properties make it perfect to naturally treat leather fixtures and furniture – You can even use it on your boots!

4. Show squeaks the door
The ominous creak of that door has been plaguing you since 2016, but that was before you knew the solution was in your cupboard! Coconut oil is the perfect natural emollient, making it perfect for oiling door hinges. Apply some warm CocoPacific to hinges, allow five minutes to soak, and the noise should disappear.

5. Shower your shower with it
Stubborn mildew and soapy remnants are the bane of everyone’s lives come spring cleaning season. Simply mix three tablespoons of CocoPacific, with one teaspoon of baking soda, to create a gummy paste and apply to mould or bath scum for 15 minutes before wiping clean.

6. Winning bronze
Bronze items like candlesticks and vases can lose their deep colour if not cared for. Simply rub a pea-sized amount of coconut oil to restore your bronze’s natural shine.

7. Cat Power
Cleaning out the kitty litter tray is a terrible job, but someone has to do it. Make life easier by coating the bottom of the box with coconut oil to prevent litter from sticking.

8. Up the wall
Even crayon can be removed from walls using everyday coconut oil like CocoPacific. Use a dry cloth and dab of oil to gently rub the affected area, taking care not to damage the wallpaper. Keep applying oil as necessary, and rubbing away the mark, until your walls are back in shape.

CocoPacific coconut oil is a cheap, alternative to more expensive coconut oils, perfect for frying, cooking and baking, or even using in everyday household chores. For more tips, follow CocoPacific Twitter!

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