A GODSEND FOR FESTIVAL GOERS 10 seconds to clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath without the need for water

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10 seconds to clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath without the need for water



Washing facilities at festivals aren’t the best and sometimes a walk through knee-deep mud to get to a communal sink to brush your teeth isn’t very appealing either. Make way then for a groundbreaking oral care powder that does the job of toothpaste, brush and mouthwash all rolled into one, without the need for water, so now you don’t even need to leave your tent to keep teeth squeaky clean this festival season.

Set to make its way top the top of the festival packing list, SWISH TO GO is the UK’s first 3-in-1 complete oral care solution that does the job of traditional toothbrush, paste and mouthwash but in a handy waterless, powder-based system that can be used anytime, anywhere. The quick dissolving, natural powder turns to liquid on the tongue, where it can be swished for 10 seconds then swallowed to deliver cleaner teeth, healthier gums and long-lasting fresh breath wherever you are.

Perfect for festival goers but also ideal for hand bags, gym bags, the desk drawer, car glove box and your overnight bag,SWISH TO GO comes in handy single-use sachets (£3 for six from Boots) and can be used as part of your daily dental routine to give that just-brushed feeling in between regular brushing. The formula is suited for everyone, including children and during pregnancy.


· Festivals and camping

· Travel and holiday

· Socialising and dating

· Work and meetings

· School lunchboxes

SWISH TO GO combines entirely natural ingredients which, when used together, react to form an intense and highly effective cleaning liquid that reaches even the tightest spaces brushes can’t, so it’s ideal for brace wearers too. The unique biologically active formulation helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and plaque, and by increasing the pH levels in the mouth, it neutralises the acids that attack teeth and cause cavities. When swallowed, the powder also reaches the back of the throat to hit bad bacteria and keep breath fresher for longer and, unlike gum or mints, the patented formula doesn’t just mask bad breath, it actually gets rid of it.

The perfect way to maintain a healthy, happy mouth in between the morning and bedtime teeth brushing routine, SWISH TO GO will be available from larger Boots stores and online from www.boots.co.uk in three flavours: Cool Mint, Mint Fresh and Zesty Lemon. Visit www.swishtogo.co.uk for more information.

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