CITY OF DERRY RFC MAKE HISTORY @ IRFU 7s Finals: Talk About Up For It!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Superb Day Out, Great 7s Summer Champagne Fun: Took Garryowen On The Way!!!!!!!!!!!! We salute You Bevan!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bright Light Of Derry Was Witnessed By Them All!!!!!!!!!! Report & 300+ Action Shots!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hungry for more, on tour to the IRFU 7s finals in Athlone., with a grass roots feel and a big pride in themselves & their City. The City Of Derry Rugby gospel is spreading its wings now with a growing confidence built on simple enjoyment of the sport. To a man & a coaching team these guys are positive, professional and yet you would think its a day out at the beach such is the fun element. Again simple adherence and ruthless application of the basics won the day in an outstanding game (as they all were) against Garryowen (A division above Derry in AIL leagues) and others. At one point early on in the day other teams were thinking, “oh its only City Of Derry”!!! They got an eye opener and the flood gates of confidence opened with try after try, the footwork, the off loads, the ferocity of the hits, the long pass, all played in great sunshine. An honour to cover this team on a great day. The bus journey home must have been a journey of thinking “We are something, we are good at this game, and we are winners”, all the while mourning their coach Bevan who is finishing up as coach. What a send off. Yes we first and foremost play for our own personal love of the game and the expression that we mean something, but we also love the smile we put on our coaches face, our friends and family, our province, each other, our club, our jersey. Derry were awesome, young talented and allowing themselves to be great. The City Of Derry RFC club shone at the IRFU National 7s tourno and the heat of a bright light in rugby was witnessed by them all.

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InTouch Rugby TV highlights & Interviews to follow – Thanku City Of Derry for being amazing.

[youtube KRBS5WZMdik]

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