City Of Armagh RFC Guests & Sponsors Social Shots with Tommy Bowe

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Images of the guests and sponsors attending the Armagh v Boyne pre-match
lunch attached.
CLICK HERE for the images captioned below
Image 2615; Tommy Bowe jokes with Finbarr Crowley (Chairman of the IRFU)
Image 2607: Adrian Logan with Joe Kernaan(past manager Armagh County GAA
Manager) with guests from IRFU
Image 2613: Adrian Logan (MC): Tommy Bowe: Finbarr Crowley (IRFU)
David Johnston (Club Sponsor): Raymond Donnelly(Club
Vice- President): Dominic Murray (Match Ball
Sponsor) Shirley-Anne Donaldson(Club Junior Vice
President) John Callaghan(past President IRFU)
Image 2616; Tommy Bowe with the Diageo party (Armagh Match Sponsors)
Image 2593: Tommy receiving a presentation from Diageo)

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