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AVENTON ⁂ Adventure delivered direct to your front door. ⚡️ #AventonBikes Aventon offers premium Ebikes and accessories at a great value! Adventure delivered direct to your front door. ⚡️ […]

AVENTON ⁂ Adventure delivered direct to your front door. ⚡️ #AventonBikes

Aventon offers premium Ebikes and accessories at a great value! Adventure delivered direct to your front door. ⚡️ #AventonBikes

Aventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. We are passionate about bikes because we believe that bikes change lives through the freedom of mobility. We are fully committed to building the best-value bikes in the industry that are fun to ride without compromising quality, durability, and comfort. Join us on our journey to innovate and create bikes that are accessible and affordable to more people. #JoinTheMovement

Aventon’s newest electric bike, the Aventure, is a full-sized, fat tire ebike with cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing e-mobility. This model is equipped with a color display screen which syncs up with a smartphone app to give the rider the ultimate cycling experience.

Each rider can use the app to turn the ebike’s lights on and off, track mileage and connect with other Aventon enthusiasts. The app even includes a fan-favorite feature detailing the number of trees saved when you travel with electric power!

The thick tires on Aventure provide a smooth and comfortable ride making this the ideal ebike for a city commuter, or for exploring beaches or country roads.

Acronis rebrands its flagship personal cyber protection solution as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
The award-winning product (formerly Acronis True Image) provides individuals with comprehensive protection against all threats — from disk failures to cyberattacks

Acronis, the global leader in cyber protection, today released the newly-rebranded Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image). This new name for the company’s flagship personal solution reflects its evolution from data and system backup software to a solution that delivers complete cyber protection — next-generation anti-malware, best-in-breed backup, and easy management, all-in-one integrated tool.

Cyber protection
The need for both effective data protection and cybersecurity has become dominant in daily life. Businesses rely on the continuous availability and integrity of their data, while individuals around the world send and receive large volumes of sensitive information over remote connections. Cybercriminals, in response, have stepped up the scale and complexity of their attacks — and with advances in the automation of these threats, no one is “too small to target.”

Recognizing the evolving challenges of data protection, Acronis has been advancing its solutions since 2017 to meet the latest challenges. When ransomware threats began targeting file backups directly, the company became the first to integrate anti-ransomware defenses into a personal backup solution. In 2021, Acronis continued to expand its cybersecurity focus, adding capabilities that include threat-agnostic anti-malware, cryptojacking protection, and web filtering. The solution evolved from a backup one to a complete personal cyber protection solution, safeguarding not only backups but devices as well.

Acronis’ success with these efforts has not gone unnoticed, earning Editor’s Choice awards from both PCWorld and PCMag. PCWorld called it “an all-encompassing tragedy-prevention solution.” When evaluated by independent security research lab AV-TEST, the integration of data backup and advanced cybersecurity successfully detected and blocked 100% of cyberattacks.

Protection for everybody
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) incorporates a number of capabilities to counter modern cyberthreats and ensure complete data protection. The unique integration of cybersecurity and backup into a single solution not only makes protection simpler and more affordable, but also delivers advanced capabilities that standalone solutions cannot — such as the automatic restoration of any data damaged during a ransomware attack.

Its advanced anti-malware is proven to detect and stop the latest cyberthreats in real-time, including zero-day attacks that have never been seen before. Protection is extended across popular software, including videoconferencing applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, preventing attackers from accessing data in-transit.

“The past two years have changed the industry landscape for good, no user is too small to be targeted anymore,” said Candid Wuest, Acronis VP of Cyber Protection Research. “The unique quality of our corporate solutions is the integrated cyber protection – combining cybersecurity and backup is the only way to keep your critical data truly protected. Now we offer Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office – to protect every individual and home office, and keep the world going despite the challenges of the remote work and distributed IT infrastructure.”

To learn more about the cybersecurity and data protection capabilities that Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office enables for individuals such as home users, remote workers, freelancers, and at-home students, visit

Goodwood Festival of Speed tickets!

Not only is the event the best place to see anything and everything related to cars, but it will also feature the Future Lab exhibition once again, where visitors can see the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology.

• Next year’s event takes place Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th June
• Tickets start from £22 (13–21-year-olds) and £44 for adults
• Tickets for next year’s show are available at

NextDay, is the perfect gift for social and sporty loved one…

NextDay is a field tested and science backed natural recovery beverage. NextDay alleviates the symptoms of drinking adult beverages and also provides a pick-me-up so that performance at work (the Next Day) is not impacted. With two superheroes of recovery, DHM and NAC, along with B6, a blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, D, E, zinc and magnesium, a small dose of natural caffeine (about a Diet Coke’s worth) and only 20 calories, NextDay has guests at holiday, work, or family/friends celebrations covered. First natural recovery drink with 100% FDA GRAS ingredients including DHM and NAC.
NEXTDAY is based on hard science and does exactly what it says – prepares you for the Next Day. Details about the science behind this product, product reviews, and pricing can be found at their website

Holiday discount codes:
NDHOLIDAY 15% off purchases
DCSMALLBIZ 24% off subscriptions


EcoFlow is today announcing the expansion of its UK offering by introducing several new products into its range.

The portable power station manufacturer, which aims to provide reliable, clean power for emergencies and adventurers alike, is officially being distributed in the UK via Hampshire Generators.

Battery-powered portable power solutions offer a compact, silent and eco-friendly alternative to traditional generators – which generally run on fossil fuels. Of this new wave of electric power stations, EcoFlow is leading the way with its sustainable solutions. Known for disrupting its relatively young sector with its leaning towards solar power, the brand has already found international success in markets such as Asia and America.

With the business’ eyes now set on replicating this success in the UK and Europe, it will be introducing the following products ahead of Black Friday and Christmas period:

The perfect entry-level product for those looking to boost their power whilst away from home and enjoying the great outdoors, the River Portable Power Station offers a compact, yet powerful (constant 600W / surge 1200W) power station. Charge time is proven to be five times faster than others on the market – it only needs to be plugged into a regular house socket for one and a half hours for full charge. RRP: £379.00.

The River Max offers all of the benefits of its predecessor, but with the added benefit of an additional battery, doubling the capacity but retaining the model’s portability. RRP: £599.00.

The River Pro is designed for users seeking a power solution that offers a longer runtime than the two previous River options. With its 720Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack and built-in EcoFlow BMS, the River Pro enjoys 500+ life cycles and can easily expand to a capacity of 1440Wh – when connected to the River Pro Extra Battery with just one simple cable. There is also an option to add and additional battery to extend the usability of this neat and versatile portable power station. RRP: £699.00

The first in EcoFlow’s premium Delta range, this portable battery-powered generator can rival many petrol generators – offering a huge capacity of 1800W of continuous power and maximum surge of 3300W. With ground-breaking new recharge technology, the Delta can be fully recharged in the same amount of time as the River product range (1.6 hours). A Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1260Wh keeps all your electrical gadgets charged without noise, emissions or maintenance costs. What’s more, it weighs in at just 14KG. RRP: £1,299.00.

A compact alternative to EcoFlow’s DELTA product, the DELTA Mini offers 1400W of continuous power – still rivalling some petrol generators. Using EcoFlow’s ground-breaking recharging technology, the EcoFlow Delta Mini charges up safely and rapidly from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. Weighing in at just 10.79KG, it still boasts a large capacity of 882Wh, helping to keep all electrical gadgets charged without noise, emissions or maintenance costs. RRP £999.00.

Building on the capacity of its predecessor, the Delta Max offers 2400W of continuous power and a maximum surge of 5000W. Its NCM battery (Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese) charges safely and rapidly from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. And, with a capacity of 2016Wh, keeps all electrical gadgets charged without noise, emissions, or high maintenance costs. The Delta Max is light, at just 22KG. RRP: £1,999.00.

110W Solar Panel
Compatible with all of the above products, the EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel is the perfect solution to recharging your portable power station When there is no power supply to connect to. RRP: £319.00.

All of the above products are powered by EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, which includes top-quality Lithium-Ion batteries that offer industry gold standard for power stations of each product’s size and capacity. For full information on all of its products, visit the EcoFlow product pages here.

Commenting on the new UK product launches, Andrew Williams, Head of Distribution (UK), commented: “EcoFlow is a renowned portable generator manufacturer overseas and we are looking forward to replicating that success here. By introducing the above range in full, we are now offering multiple power stations at different price points. I believe that it is very apt timing t be announcing this new offering. It’s no secret that the country has been facing difficult times, with petrol shortages and gas price hikes, so we really do hope that these products are able to help people. Our primary mission is to offer clean, portable power for people on adventures away from home – but if we can help people further, then we will absolutely aim to do so!”

Nora Ross

Nora Ross uses a unique ingredient that has been successfully sold for over 25 years!

“For over 25 years, our family business has dedicated itself to the formulation of effective, high-performing hair care and supplements that bring together the best of science and nature. Through extensive research, we discovered that garlic has proven benefits both internally and externally, and eventually debuted our bestselling Garlic Shampoo in 1988.

Since then, we’ve developed a range of products that work synergistically to create healthier, fuller hair. Our proprietary blend of state-of-the-art ingredients allows the hair follicles to reach activation potential, meaning they minimize the rest and loss phases of the follicle’s cycle in order to maximize hair growth.”

Paraben and Sulfate Free Garlic Extract Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

Nora Ross Garlic Extract Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair 32 Oz.

Nora Ross Garlic Extract Conditioner for All Hair Types 32 Oz.

Jojoba Oil 100% (Multipurpose for your skin and hair needs)

Feel the Power of Percussion – Exogun 🔥 #portablemassager #instantrecovery #workouttools #tightmuscles #muscletension #healthyjoints #Exogun #PercussiveTherapy #MusclePainRelief

Exogun is the leader in percussion therapy and its latest product allows athletes, fitness buffs, and anyone to take the benefits of percussive massage anywhere

• Powerful & Customizable:
• 16mm Stroke (length)
• 20-53Hz Vibration Speed Range
• 1200 – 3200 Percussions Per Minute
• 60lbs Stall Force
• Portable & Long-Lasting.
• Cordless and Portable Massager
• 2400 mAh Long-Lasting Battery Life
• Easy to Hold & Lightweight at 2.5lbs
• Quiet (70db) with 24V Brushless Moto
• All-in-one Handheld Massager
• 6 Customizable Speed Range Settings
• 4 Replaceabe Massage Heads
• Ergonomic Design flor Hard to Reach Areas
• Highly Responsive ShockSmart Sensitivity™

Beauty and skincare specialists Jeunvie founder Asal Shirazi was given 6 months to live and this partly inspired her to create remedies for those she met who like her had skin disorders… and ( & the secret…. is organic!)

The story behind Jeunvie and its founder Asal Shirazi, is truly inspirational.

Asal was diagnosed with a rare auto immune condition (Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma) and given 6 months live in 2005. Faced with a terminal and debilitating illness, 3 children under the age of 6 and the abandonment by her husband, who took all the family’s asset, the outlook was very bleak.

Asal, who had previously studied Medicine and had gone into Medial Research, followed by a Law Degree, decided to turn her life around. In between her two professions, Asal had also qualified as an aromatherapist and skin care practitioner. Her illness required her to be hospitalized for many days, where she met chronically ill patients with similar skin disorders. Asal designed, developed and started giving away her own natural remedies for free.

These remedies were the basis for launching what has now become one of the world’s leading and multi-award winning, natural skin care brands ‘Jeunvie’.

Asal was awarded a BEM – British Empire Medal in 2019, for work developing natural skin care innovation. Asal was also awarded the very prestigious ‘Legion of Honour’ in Spain. Held in Barcelona, annually, the Legion of Honour, also known as the ‘Chevalier Medal of Honour’ recognizes game changers across various industries and presented for innovation, quality and service. Asal received this and similar awards in France and Belgium, for her work creating Jeunvie and helping so many other people improve their quality of life.

Jeunvie is a high-quality natural skin care product range that uses pure ingredients including natural fruit extracts and essential oils to leave skin fresh, healthy and rejuvenated.

Jeunvie is not just a beauty product, like food, skin care should be used as fresh as possible, while their nutrient value is at its highest for optimum result. Jeunvie skin care products use over 70 botanically sourced ingredients and pure therapeutic essential oils. These are carefully selected to optimise nutritional, antioxidant and hydration values to assist anti-ageing and rejuvenation of the skin.
Jeunvie products are especially good for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from skin irritations such as acne and eczema. Jeunvie is a family run business that believes in supplying the skin and body with great products, using only natural fruit extracts, and essential oils rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Using nutrient rich skin care is the most effective way to supply the skin with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for maximum skin health. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health assessed the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed the skin absorbed an average of 64% of the chemicals and minerals. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces. Therefore, what we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies. It is important to pay close attention to the ingredients in our skin care products, which is why Jeunvie is the answer, as they only use natural and fresh ingredients.
Where it all started …
Jeunvie, started as a health concept by Asal at home, to create products as close to nature as possible. Adored by clients and customers and fast becoming a sought-after brand by beauty editors, Jeunvie Skincare is rated by HELLO! Magazine as one of the best organic beauty products to use. What began as a small family-based business, Jeunvie is now an established and loved brand.
Asal Shirazi is a mother of 5, who suffers from an autoimmune life limiting disease, which manifests itself in the skin and other vital organs.

Asal started her journey in medicine and after finishing her studies was offered a lucrative scholarship to pursue a career in Research into IVF. Asal enjoyed the academic and research side rather than the hospital aspect of medicine. Asal took great joy in working with Professor Robert Edwards, the pioneer of test tube babies. Asal then moved to Merck pharmaceuticals where led a team on the study of skincare and natural ingredients. Asal is also qualified as an aromatherapist and holistic skincare practitioner.

After Asal was diagnosed, she decided to develop her own natural skincare range based on her extensive knowledge, experience and research into autoimmune diseases.

There has been much medical evidence about the effect of environmental factors on babies in utero, Alzheimer’s and more. Asal consulted for the BBC, as an expert on a programme highlighting these issues. Asal has travelled the world researching the best ingredients and applying her molecular knowledge to formulate skincare that is ‘nutrition for the largest organ of your body’.

Asal and her talented team, have carried out extensive research to form a greater understanding of harmful chemicals and how this can be combatted by the potency of plants. This has led to them being inundated with requests from aesthetician and practicing medical professionals to supply ‘Jeunvie’ to help with healing, repairing, and assisting procedures.

The skin has an exposed exterior and an internal part, which needs to be nourished from the inside of the body. This has led to the development of natural supplements. Asal and her team work closely with Aesthetic consultants and Plastic surgeons to help them utilise the potency in plant-based applications for patients.

An interview with Asal Shirazi:

Meet Skincare Company Founder Asal Shirazi

Posts in relation to Asal Shirazi:

Other research:
The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body Every Day Without Knowing:
How Do Toxics enter Our Bodies:

They have also developed a New Anti Wrinkle cream which is a Stem Cell Activator and Vegan! In collaboration with Professor A. Mosahebi. He is one if the top leaders in reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

“Developed in collaboration with Professor Ash Mosahebi, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at London’s Royal Free Hospital, Jeunvie’s Anti-Wrinkle uses powerful stem cell technology to promote faster healing of scars, plus smoother skin and more even tones. The finest quality plant extracts combine to replicate cell function at skin level, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and making it an ideal product for patients who have undergone surgical treatments for cancer or other trauma. microsurgical reconstruction following trauma, cancer and other conditions. With a huge celebrity following, Jeunvie’s sought after products have won numerous awards, including Best British Vegan Skincare Company 2020, a bronze medal in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021 and the Chevalier Gold medal for excellence and innovation. After starting as a small family business, Jeunvie is now a much-loved brand that prides itself in using pure ingredients such as natural Founder of Jeunvie, Asal Shirazi BEM, joined forces with Professor Mosahebi on creating the wonder product, which takes a highly specialised but healthy approach to skincare. Founder of Jeunvie, Asal Shirazi BEM, joined forces with Professor Mosahebi on creating the wonder product, which takes a highly specialised but healthy approach to skincare. Professor Mosahebi’s involvement brings with it a unique level of expertise, as he is one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and has been involved in pioneering research work relating to the regeneration of skin and bodily tissue and skin. He is also a member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons research council, and is particularly experienced in complex fruit extracts and essential oils that leave the skin beautifully rejuvenated and enriched with nutrients. Anti-Wrinkle is especially close to Jeunvie founder Asal’s heart, as she suffers from an life-limiting autoimmune disease, which affects her skin and causes extreme sensitivity. Her condition prompted her to throw herself into research and led to an understanding of how the natural potency of plants can help heal and repair patients’ damaged skin. Asal says: ‘We are so proud of our AntiWrinkle product, and are thrilled to have had the chance to work with Professor Mosahebi to bring it to the market. It has been created with genuine passion and is embedded in research at the highest level. We are truly excited about the benefits it can offer patients with post-operative scarring.” As with all Jeunvie products, Anti-Wrinkle is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, wholly organic, free of parabens and sulphates and is not tested on animals. It can also be delivered with Jeunvie’s hydra dermal needles for more effective delivery into deeper skin layers.”

Gifts for him & for her.. give the gift of beauty,

For him…. a vegan skincare brand with a men’s range and one of the product is Multi-Tasker Post Shave Balm, it helps to prevent razor burn and redness, calms and conditions the skin and can be used as a facial moisturiser and on any dry areas of the body, lips, knees, hands etc so ideal for anyone taking part in outdoor sports. It’s £45 and available at

For her…. Overnight Radiance Serum… This luxurious, yet exceptionally light in texture, night serum is packed with actives and nutrients to supercharge your skin overnight. It works by gently exfoliating your skin whilst at the same time delivering intense hydration so that by the time you wake you’ll see a brighter and more radiant complexion.

A charming new picture book written by retired boat Captain Lew Maurer, with lively illustrations by Candace Camling, Herman and the Princess Gull. Herman’s tale of bravery and friendship will delight and inspire readers of all ages.

Intended for children ages four to eight, Herman and the Princess Gull introduces themes of friendship, survival, and compassion. The educational backstory pages include a glossary of the cast of characters. Marine photography further depicts the illustrations and explains the scientific concepts in ways that readers of all ages will understand.

Book Synopsis:
Beautifully illustrated, the story begins with Herman, a hermit crab who longs to explore the ocean and beach but is too afraid. When a weak Heermann’s Gull named Antares appears, Herman risks his life to help her eat and regain her strength. They soon become friends and Antares saves him from hungry snapper fish and gives him protection to explore. When Antares is strong again, she returns to her family across the sea, but not before helping Herman find a protective shell that gives him the freedom to continue his island adventures.

Captain Lew Maurer grew up on fishing boats, and spent his entire life on the water, repairing, building, and operating commercial and pleasure vessels all over the world. This depth of knowledge and experience gave him the ability to build and captain Moana a very special, long-range power catamaran. His love affair with the sea is tangible as he describes in authentic detail, his fifteen-year odyssey to the most remote places on our planet. He calls San Diego home … when he is home. Learn more at:


Redbreast Irish Whiskey is putting the Robin at the forefront of the festive season this year, with the return of its beautifully designed bird feeder bottle. The copper casing that neatly transforms into a bespoke bird feeder is launching in time for winter, as the perfect gift for both whiskey lovers and their feathered friends.

A successful partnership with BirdLife International last year saw Redbreast Irish Whiskey pilot the popular limited-edition bird feeder bottle. This winter, Redbreast Irish Whiskey is raising its efforts, with more bird feeders available both online and on the shelf in nine markets including Ireland, UK, USA, Norway, Canada, Germany, Global Travel Retail, Switzerland and Slovakia in a bid to reach their goal of raising €80,000 for BirdLife International.

Continuing Redbreast and BirdLife International’s joint mission to keep common birds common, the unique bird feeder bottle will make a beautiful addition to a wintery garden setting, not to mention a whisky lover’s or birdwatcher’s dream gift this Christmas.

Available from the Redbreast website and on shelf in select markets for €70 (£57.49) the intricately designed shell sits around a bottle of Redbreast 12-Year-Old, the world’s bestselling and most awarded single pot still Irish whiskey. Once removed from the bottle, the casing can be filled with bird feed and hung in the garden to keep birds fed as the weather gets colder, ensuring the protection of species through the winter months. Whiskey fans can sit back and enjoy a warming drink in the comfort of their home while watching nature fly by.

“After the success of last year, we are extremely excited to re-launch our beautifully crafted whiskey casing that has been specially designed to double up as a bird feeder”, says Billy Leighton, Master Blender at Irish Distillers. “We worked closely with BirdLife International to ensure the bird feeder continues to honour our mission of helping to protect not only Robins, but all common birds, as we move into the colder months and food begins to become scarce.”

BirdLife International is widely recognised as the world leader in bird conservation, with the charity and its 10 million members and supporters doing all they can to reverse the trend and protect birds. The charity has 100 BirdLife Partners worldwide that strive to conserve birds, habitats and global diversity, as well as working with people and organisations to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

To find out more about the bird feeder and the partnership between Redbreast Irish Whiskey and BirdLife International, please visit or


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UK Mask Clip Set to Become a Top Choice Christmas Gadget for Glasses wearers

• MistyClip Reports 100% sales increase as people prepare for Winter mask-wearing
• Around 30% of the population wear glasses

29th November 2021 – Following the UK Government’s announcement to re-introduce mandatory mask-wearing in schools, on public transport and in shops to combat rising covid cases and variants, MistyClip, the eco-friendly mask clip gadget start-up, has experienced new spikes in demand and a doubling in daily sales.
“It looks like Misty Clip is set to be a top of mind gadget for glasses wearers this Christmas. We’ve been upscaling our business in preparation for a rocky Winter. Of course we hoped that it wouldn’t be the case but it looks inevitable now,” said Alex Wickens, Founder of Mistyclip.

MistyClip was founded during the pandemic to help glasses wearers by providing a snug fitting clip that attaches to the top of most face masks and prevents glasses from steaming up. The start-up is expected to reach a quarter of a million orders by the end of this year and plans have been put in place so that the firm can easily upscale production of the biodegradable gadgets made from food waste such as corn starch over the Winter months. Around 30 percent of the UK’s adult population wears glasses and MistyClip hopes to make all their lives easier in the event of mandatory mask-wearing. A percentage of sales is donated to charities that help homeless and vulnerable people.
Wickens added, “Statistics show that wearing masks reduces the chances of spreading Covid and flu so it’s not surprising that here and in other countries around the world people want to protect themselves and others by wearing masks.”

The Sussex start-up has joined forces with Wonderpack Eco fulfillment house to deliver on surges in demand of the 3D printed gadgets for masks.

Mistyclips are available to order online today from

BOTH FOR SKIN CONDITIONS: Two brands. One luxury : for both men and women & for mum and baby but dad’s use too as not perfumed only essential oils used.

These brands are made by medical scientists and Plastic surgeons to help skin conditions. Their supplements are used by athletes.

Here is their latest stem cell anti scar serum. All products suitable for men and women.

Developed in collaboration with Professor Ash Mosahebi, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at London’s Royal Free Hospital, Jeunvie’s Anti-Wrinkle uses powerful stem cell technology to promote faster healing of scars, plus smoother skin and more even tones. The finest quality plant extracts combine to replicate cell function at skin level, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and making it an ideal product for patients who have undergone surgical treatments for cancer or other trauma. microsurgical reconstruction following trauma, cancer and other conditions. With a huge celebrity following, Jeunvie’s sought after products have won numerous awards, including Best British Vegan Skincare Company 2020, a bronze medal in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021 and the Chevalier Gold medal for excellence and innovation.

After starting as a small family business, Jeunvie is now a much-loved brand that prides itself in using pure natural ingredients. Founder of Jeunvie, Asal Shirazi BEM, joined forces with Professor Mosahebi on creating the wonder product, which takes a highly specialised but healthy approach to skincare. Founder of Jeunvie, Asal Shirazi BEM, joined forces with Professor Mosahebi on creating the wonder product, which takes a highly specialised but healthy approach to skincare. Professor Mosahebi’s involvement brings with it a unique level of expertise, as he is one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and has been involved in pioneering research work relating to the regeneration of skin and bodily tissue and skin. He is also a member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons research council, and is particularly experienced in complex fruit extracts and essential oils that leave the skin beautifully rejuvenated and enriched with nutrients.

Anti-Wrinkle is especially close to Jeunvie founder Asal’s heart, as she suffers from an life-limiting autoimmune disease, which affects her skin and causes extreme sensitivity. Her condition prompted her to throw herself into research and led to an understanding of how the natural potency of plants can help heal and repair patients’ damaged skin. Asal says: ‘We are so proud of our AntiWrinkle product, and are thrilled to have had the chance to work with Professor Mosahebi to bring it to the market. It has been created with genuine passion and is embedded in research at the highest level. We are truly excited about the benefits it can offer patients with post-operative scarring.” As with all Jeunvie products, Anti-Wrinkle is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, wholly organic, free of parabens and sulphates and is not tested on animals. It can also be delivered with Jeunvie’s hydra dermal needles for more effective delivery into deeper skin layers. Visit Jeunvie Vegan, Natural

BOOK: The Cheap Handyman: True (and Disastrous) Tales from a [Home Improvement Expert] Guy Who Should Know Better, by B.S. Harris

About the Book:

This Old House meets #HomeImprovementFails in this collection of laugh-out-loud essays, perfect for fans of Nick Offerman, CarTalk, or The Red Green Show..

“This book is all the fix-it you need for your hurt home improvement ego.” —Harrison Scott Key, Thurber-prize winning author of The World’s Largest Man

Meet Brian Harris, a (mostly) retired, self-proclaimed jack of all trades with a penchant for DIY and inventive money-saving schemes. Armed with a soldering gun, his trusty nine-foot ladder, and of course the handyman’s secret weapon—duct tape—Brian’s projects start out as simple chores: trim a tree branch, stain the cedar siding on his home…but all too often they end in costly disaster.

Sometimes he’s trying to do the right thing, like the time he wrecked his pool while saving some baby ducks. Often, he channels his inner MacGyver: he once taped his hockey skate back together so he could finish his rec-league game, only to get suspended for falling on the referee when it broke (again). But usually he’s just being, well, cheap! Like the time he inadvertently destroyed a $295 car key fob because he wouldn’t pay the (outrageous) $10 fee to have the battery professionally replaced.

In The Cheap Handyman, Brian anthologizes his hard-won wisdom, teaching us how (not) to cut down a tree, what to do if a stray cat has kittens in your HVAC system, three very incorrect uses for duct tape, the manifold hazards of pool maintenance, and more.

Filled with unforgettable true stories from the everyday life of an average guy just trying to save a few bucks, The Cheap Handyman is a delightful tribute to anyone who has ever thought, “Sure! I can do that!”

About the Author:

B.S. Harris is a father and husband, now retired from his “day job” but still finding ways to fill his days as a cheap handyman. He grew up in an average, hard-working home and was fortunate enough to earn a post-secondary degree. He is an amateur athlete and musician, and a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. He and his very understanding family live in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Ethical Loungewear/PJ Brand – THELMA & LEAH £60 (kids) – £130 (Womens)
Black-owned, size-inclusive women’s footwear brand – SANTE + WADE £150 +
Niche fragrance gift subscription company and e-tailer offering unisex perfumes available to buy from – HOOHAA £14.95 per month for 10ml hand decanted vial selected from three different edits (new fragrances introduced every month), three tiered gift card options available and full-sized bottles also available.

Sure Petcare Announces Launch of New FELAQUATM CONNECT
Smart Device Accurately Monitors your Cat’s Drinking Behaviour

Sure Petcare, the leading pet technology specialist, has announced today the launch of its latest product in its connected range, FELAQUATM CONNECT – a unique water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats. FELAQUATM CONNECT, designed in collaboration with leading veterinary behaviourists, allows cat owners to keep track of their cats’ daily water intake via the SURE PETCARETM App, while the smart water delivery system provides the cat with a source of fresh water.

Each cat is registered to FELAQUATM CONNECT via their microchip. FELAQUATM CONNECT integrates with the SURE PETCARETM app via a Hub, which allows the App to “talk” to the device and record the registered cat’s drinking behaviour such as which cat drank, what time it drank, and how much it drank. It also provides reports on the cat’s overall drinking patterns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With this information, cat owners can easily detect any changes in their cat’s drinking patterns. The SURE PETCARETM App also sends reminder notifications to fill the reservoir of FELAQUATM CONNECT when the water is low, and water freshness reminders to encourage cleaning of the device.

FELAQUATM CONNECT has several cat-friendly features, including a wide, shallow bowl that mimics a natural puddle and presents water in a way that is more appealing and easier to drink than from a conventional bowl. The bowl is also water repellent causing the water to bead – in the same way that water stands up on a newly polished car – making it reflect and glisten and be more attractive to cats.

The water is kept fresh in an air-tight, gravity-fed reservoir that releases water into the bowl as it is needed. Because the device is battery powered, there are no cables or need for an electrical power source, so the device can be located in any part of the home to best meet the cat’s drinking needs.

Dr. Jon Bowen and Dr. Jaume Fatjó, leading veterinary behaviourists, were involved in the design and development of FELAQUATM CONNECT. Dr. Bowen said, “FELAQUATM CONNECT provides a window into your cat’s health and reaffirms the importance of hydration as a health indicator. A change in water consumption is the most concerning health indicator in middle-aged and senior cats. Fluctuations in intake can be a sign of illnesses such as diabetes or kidney disease, and the sooner we intervene the better the outcome. Proper hydration is essential to maintain a cat’s health.

“In a recent survey we found that 65 percent of cat owners didn’t know that kidney disease is the most common cause of death in cats of five years of age or older. Only 3.4 percent of cat owners recognised all of the main signs of dehydration and, even more alarmingly, over half of owners were not aware that an increase in thirst was a sign of dehydration. Sixty percent of cat owners in our survey said they couldn’t give the vet an accurate answer about how much their cat drinks each day. Given that an increase in drinking is the primary indicator of kidney disease, and accurate information is essential for a speedy diagnosis, it’s likely that a lot of kidney disease is going undetected for too long.

“A device like FELAQUATM CONNECT tells you if your cat is drinking more or less than usual. It’s this insight that is invaluable and provides peace of mind that they are drinking regularly,” Dr. Bowen said.

FELAQUATM CONNECT is available from Sure Petcare’s website from today and leading pet suppliers later in the year. The Hub can also be purchased separately from the website.

About Dr. Jon Bowen
Dr. Jon Bowen BVetMed DipAS (CABC) MRCVS is a graduate from the Royal Veterinary College in London, where he is an honorary lecturer in behaviour and head of the Behavioural Medicine Referral Service.

About Dr. Jaume Fatjó
Dr. Jaume Fatjó DVM, Dipl.ECAWBM-BM PhD graduated in veterinary medicine and obtained his PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is a diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine.

About Sure Petcare
Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, provides pet products that empower owners to care for their pets in entirely new ways. Founded in 2007, we have developed an award-winning range of microchip-operated pet doors and feeders, which solve many problems commonly experienced by pet owners. SURE PETCARETM, along with HOMEAGAIN®, is a Companion Animal portfolio of digital products within MSD Animal Health.

In 2017, Sure Petcare expanded its product range to include connected devices designed to provide proactive pet care by giving owners data and insight into their pets’ day-to-day behaviours, activities, and routines. Over time, this information will provide pet owners a greater understanding of their pet’s health and well-being. Sure Petcare sells direct through retail stores and veterinary practices in 35 countries.

Through its commitment to The Science of Healthier Animals™, MSD Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments one of the widest ranges of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services as well as an extensive suite of digitally connected identification, traceability and monitoring products. MSD Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals and the people who care for them.

teapigs’ much-loved glühwein, spiced pear and gingerbread have all made a comeback, but this time they are joined by brand new sweet spearmint and toffee apple, too! An indulgent, but guilt-free, way to feel festive.
As with all teapigs teas, these fun blends are made from all-natural ingredients and have no artificial ingredients, sugars, or sweeteners. Available here >

One product will get both cats AND dogs tails wagging this Christmas is Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat – it makes a brilliant stocking filler for several reasons:

 Provides a tasty treat that dogs and cats can’t get enough of
 Great bonding tool for shy pets as they need to get close to have the treat
 An ideal training aid / reward. Teach your pet new tricks or reinforce good behaviour.
 A great tool for administering medication. Makes tablet time more enjoyable for both of you!

This popular, award-winning paste gets 5* reviews! RRP £2.45.

For Him
Limited Edition South Africa Tour Winner 2021 Watch-£54.99
Capture the spirit of rugby in a watch. The Limited-Edition South Africa Rugby Tour 2021 watch celebrates the British and Irish Lions South Africa Tour. Wear your pride for your squad on your wrist and celebrate the 2021 event in style. A watch that’s perfect for a true rugby fan, it is one of only 250 made by Toff London.

Personalised Engravable Photo Gifts for Men and Boys, Analogue Quartz Movement Watch, Custom Made Watch-£34.99

For Her
Ladies Robin Bird Watch-£49.99
38mm Pride Linear Rainbow Batons Watch-£49.99
Ladies Beige Pug Head Dog Watch-£49.99
Ladies Brown Arabian Horse Head Watch-£49.99
Ladies Yellow Sunflower Flower Watch-£49.99
Ladies Brown Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Watch-£49.99
Toff London Personalised Photo Gifts for Women, Analogue Display, Japanese Quartz Movement Watch with Silver Case, Custom Made Engraved Watch-£29.99

A Gift to Remember this Christmas
Give the gift of a memorable day out with a Tailor-Made Tour voucher from the National Memorial Arboretum, the Nation’s year-round place to remember. Explore 150-acres of stunning woodlands and gardens aboard an electric buggy, accompanied by your friends and family. Your host will help you discover the incredible stories behind the more than 400 sculpted memorials which commemorate the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, emergency services and voluntary groups.

This intimate and personalised experience starts from £100 for a half day and from £175 for a full day, includes a range of delicious catering options from our new sustainable menus and helps support the Arboretum’s charitable efforts activity. Vouchers valid for 12 months from date of purchase. For more information or to purchase a voucher call 01283 245 100.

illy Art Collection signed by Mona Hatoum

illy’s latest Art Collection signed by globally celebrated artist Mona Hatoum will be released in the UK in December 2021. The collection consists of decorated cups and iconic aluminum decorated cans which have been carefully created by Mona Hatoum. Hatoum has used an abstraction of the fishnet grid and olive leaf pattern of the Arab scarf long associated with histories of labour and human interconnectedness, giving it a new formal twist that allows it to assume a new life as a 100% Arabica coffee cup.

6 Espresso Cups £110 / 6 Cappuccino Cups £136 / 2 Espresso Cups £41 / 2 Cappuccino Cups £50

illy Art Collection by Ron Arad

The new illy Art Collection Barcolana features a minimalistic style with sinuous lines that give life
to the very essence of the regatta itself – the sea, the boats, and their sails. Ron Arad’s illy Art
Collection espresso cup is available to purchase from illy single-brand sales outlets (Cafè and Shop) and the e-shop for £25.

Ground Coffee & E.S.E Pods Machine – X1 Anniversa (chrome)

The new illy X1 Anniversary is the newest machine to the illy range combining style with sustainability. Designed by Luca Trazzi, with reference to the Italian industrial design of the 60’s, it’s a must-have for any Barista.

Prices start from £616

Capsule coffee machine – X1 Iperspresso Anniversary 1935

An icon of taste and design, the X1 machine originally created 20 years ago, is now available as a special edition multi-beverage machine. Prepare espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and latte with ease.

Prices start from £416

X7.1 Iperespresso – Capsules Coffee Machine

The beautifully-designed X7.1 Iperespresso machine features a steam wand that froths milk for creamy cappuccino and latte.

Prices start from £156

The new Coffee Machine with E.S.E pods – Illy ESE

The new E.S.E Coffee machine is optimised to meet the illy quality standard in the cup from the very first coffee. With two settings, allowing you to choose between an espresso and lungo preparations; the user experience is easy and intuitive. The E.S.E pod is inserted from above and when finished, ejected into a collection drawer. The compact shape makes the machine prefect for any kitchen.

Prices start from £115

Santa Paws: Treat Your Pets to Some Tasty Turkey Treats this Christmas
With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, Brits will once again find themselves chasing their tails to find the perfect gifts for loved ones, and we can’t forget to share the festive spirit with our furry friends!
Natures Menu, the UK’s number one for raw and natural pet food, has shared its top turkey-based treats for our pets to enjoy this Christmas.
Natures Menu is proud to offer an unrivalled range of raw and natural pet food for cats and dogs and is passionate about providing the nation’s pets with natural, real meals that they’ll love!

Natures Menu Mighty Mixer Biscuits with Turkey & Oats
Add a little nutritious crunch to your home prepared meals with Natures Menu’s Turkey & Oats ready to serve, easy to store biscuits. Made from wholesome real ingredients including a blend of fruit and vegetables for an added nutritional boost, the Mighty Mixer biscuits offer ultimate flavour with a satisfying crunch. Suitable for adult dogs.
1 X 2KG £7.99
Country Hunter Farm Reared Turkey with Superfoods Can
This seriously meaty, complete and balanced meal is made with 80% high quality, farm-reared turkey blended with fruit and vegetable superfoods, gently cooked to lock in the goodness and flavour that your dog will love. The cans are complete and nutritionally balanced, grain free and suitable for adult dogs and puppies over 20 weeks of age.
1 X 600g £2.89
Country Hunter Superfood Bars, Turkey
The Superfood Bars use tender turkey pieces and a natural mix of cranberries and pumpkin to create a nutritious treat full of protein. Gently air-dried to lock in all the goodness and flavour, each bar has an abundance of wholesome fruits, vegetables, superfood and minerals for a deliciously healthy snack. Suitable to feed from four months onwards.
1 X 100g £2.49
Natures Menu Farm Reared Turkey Country Hunter Raw Nuggets
Superfoods aren’t just for humans! These complete and balanced, raw single protein nuggets are packed with 80% farm-reared turkey as well as specially selected fruit and vegetables. Country Hunter Nuggets are a great starter meal for those considering switching their dog to a raw diet. Simply count out the number of nuggets needed, thaw and serve. Suitable for adult dogs and puppies over 20 weeks of age.
1 X 1KG £4.59
Country Hunter Turkey & Rabbit Cat Pouches
Premium cat food made with 96% turkey and rabbit meat with wholesome foods and natural supplements. Country Hunter pouches for cats are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and gently cooked to lock in the natural goodness. Suitable for cats from six months plus.
6 X 85G £5.70
Natures Menu Chicken and Turkey Cat Treats
The Natures Menu Chicken and Turkey treats are the perfect healthy treat for cats, made from 95% chicken, turkey and pork. The treats are also gluten free, ideal for cats with sensitive tummies.
1 x 60G £2.19

Kingdom of Sweets is one of the largest confectionary retailers in the UK, specialising in selling sweet treats from all over the world and now is selling an exclusive hamper making the perfect Christmas gift.

Product List –
1 – Reeses Sticks
2 – American Kit Kat
3 – Gobstopper
4 – Chewy Lemonhead original
5 – Chewy Lemonhead Redrifle
6 – Swedish Fish Original
7 – American Skittles
8 – Pretzel M&M’s
9 – Mike & Ike berry blast
10 – Hersheys Bar – Strawberry & Creme
11 – Hersheys Bar – Rainbow Sprinkles
12 – Jelly Belly American Mix
13 – Nerds Rainbow
14 – Now & Later Splits – Lemon/Lime
15 – Now & Later Splits – Strawberry
The American Hamper is £19.99 on the website.
You could also maybe mention the fact that we do a mystery hamper too on the website.

Mystery Sweets Hamper

Here are 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors Under $100:

1. Perfect Pod’s K Cups Eco-Fill Deluxe & EZ-Cup: Re-useable K Cups allows seniors to enjoy coffee without having to do any clean-up. With normal K Cups, you pay extra for the convenience. This is the best of both worlds for seniors on a budget. $12.99

2. Mulberry Silk Eye Mask by Celestial Silk: It is important for seniors to get a good night’s sleep. This comfortable silk eye mask is great for naps and durable for continued nightly use. Very useful for seniors that live with others or in a senior living community. $17.00

3. Tip ‘n Split: This calculating device is perfect for restaurant lovers. The magnifier and light makes it easier for seniors to read the small check in dimly lit restaurants. It also calculates the tip and splits bills for groups in seconds. $19.95

4. MinxNY “Aromasoles” : Grandma or mom will love these essential oil-infused slipper socks. They provide moisture and have a non-skid bottom for safety. Available in lavender, shea butter, coconut, and more. $19.99

5. 50 After 50–Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life by Maria Leonard Olsen: This book is about self-care, overcoming setbacks, learning to love oneself and stretching one’s comfort zone. Olsen tried 50 new things during her 50th year, following divorce, becoming sober and an empty nester, to become the best version of herself. $20.99

6. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company: Baked using a family recipe from Brooklyn, NY in the 1950’s, have these old-school delights delivered right to the door of your favorite senior. Flavors include classic, blueberry and salted caramel and more. $30

7. Giftgowns: Hospital gowns are uncomfortable and boring. Get them a special gown based on their personality with phrases such as, “I’d rather be golfing.” Perfect for seniors who are in the hospital or recovering at home. $39.99

8. Wahl Deep Tissue Massager: A great gift for seniors who suffers with aches and pains. This lightweight but strong massager attacks muscle pain hiding down below the surface, offering relief for years to come. $39.99

9. Lamp Angel by inPowered Lights: This gift offers piece of mind knowing that if the power goes out this lamp offers up to 24 hours of continuing backup light without electricity. $59.99

10. Spectacles Holder: Does your senior always misplace their glasses? This perfect podium for their desk, coffee table or nightstand is a practical gift to help them remember where they heck they left their glasses. $65.00

10 ways to have a green, eco-friendly Christmas
Christmas is just around the corner and whilst it’s the wonderful time of the year it certainly isn’t for the environment. Following this years COP26, we are all aware of just how important it is to care for the environment.
From the food waste to the wrapping paper you choose, no matter how big or small it can all make a difference to the environment this Christmas.
To help you have an eco-friendly Christmas recycling and waste management experts reveals 10 simple ways for a greener, more sustainable Christmas:

1. Invest in a reusable advent calendar
Advent calendars are one of the best festive traditions but buying a chocolate calendar from your local supermarket has a lot of throw away packaging. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to miss this much-loved tradition; all you need to do is invest in a reusable calendar and fill it with your favourite treats every year.

2. Opt for a real Christmas tree instead of fake
Buying a real Christmas tree is more environmentally friendly than a fake one. A lot of fake Christmas trees are made in China which means they have travelled a long way using a vast amount of carbon emissions, plus fake trees use petroleum-based products in the manufacturing process. However real trees are grown on local farms that usually replant trees after every season and can be recycling afterwards.

3. Find long lasting decorations
When choosing decorations perhaps choose timeless classic designs that can be used year after year instead of on trend decorations that you won’t want to use next year. Also buy decorations that are made from glass, wood and fabric instead of plastic ones that are non-recyclable.

4. Make Christmas travel greener
As many people drive home for Christmas and the roads get even more congested, why not do your bit for the environment and travel via public transport. If you are escaping to warmer weather or abroad to visit friends and family then use Skyscanner that allows you to choose eco-friendly flights.

5. Cut down on food waste
Note down how many visitors you are cooking for over Christmas and write a list before visiting the supermarket to avoid buying too much food or panic buying. If you still end up with leftovers then why not cook a pie or soup on boxing day to help reduce waste.

6. Buy plastic-free gifts
Gift sets are usually wrapped in lots of plastic packaging, instead buy the items separately to avoid buying plastic, and why not look at The Plastic Free Shop for inspiration. Children’s toys are usually made of plastic, so instead buy toys that are made of wood or try making your own.

7. Think twice when wrapping gifts
Use twice and reuse gift bags, paper and ribbon from last Christmas. But if you didn’t think to save last Christmas then make sure you do this year. Or if you fancy going the extra mile then why not wrap presents in a beautiful scarf and give two gifts in one.

8. Give green
Why not give a green Christmas gift via a non-profit charity such as Oxfam International or You could donate water, food, shelter to someone that is much less fortunate. Surely that’s the best gift of all!

9. Try an eco-conscience tipple
There’s plenty of organic wines on the market to choose from but if you fancy something a little stronger why not have a look at Dà Mhìle’s for organic whisky, gin, and brandy made at the UK’s first organic distillery.

10. Think green when planning your outfit
Instead of splashing out the cash on a new outfit, that you may only wear once why not opt for the sustainable option of either renting an outfit from websites such as HURR or By rotation. If you fancy buying a festive outfit then lookout for sustainable brands.

Mark Hall founder of adds “The festive season creates more plastic waste than any time of year, most of which goes to landfill or is burned – all a horrifying waste of money, resources and energy. We hope that our top tips allow you to take more eco-friendly decisions this Christmas”.

The countdown to Christmas has begun, the bells are ringing, decorations are going up, and everyone is getting their house ready for the holiday.

Cleaning and laundry expert, Dr. Beckmann has conjured up a festive 12-day Countdown to Christmas selection box of cleaning tips, so your humble abode is spick and span in time for the holiday season.


DAY ONE: Dreaming of a GloWHITE Christmas
First things first… it’s time to rescue your Christmas decorations from the attic and give them a well-needed dust. To brighten up your snowmen, angels or snowflake soft toys place them in the wash alongside Dr. Beckmann’s Glowhite ULTRA to bring the faded colour back to life

DAY TWO: De-clutter and deep clean your home, ready for a new year (and new presents)
Christmas is almost upon us, so it’s time for a clear-out. Go through your house top to bottom and get rid of anything you don’t need – ready for 2022! Don’t forget to clean those usually forgotten items such as doorknobs, handles, and letterboxes. It’s important to regularly wipe down the front door with soap and water and apply a surface cleaner to the objects. Make sure to scrub at those skirting boards too with a damp cloth after tackling them with a vacuum and duster

DAY THREE: Watch your windows sparkle and freshen up the floors
As the winter weather is coming in strong, make sure to give your windows a wipe down. Sweep loose dirt from the window frame with a brush, then use a glass cleaner with a microfibre cloth or paper towel to finish the job. Floors also often have unseen dirt and germs and require a deeper clean. Make sure to use a specialised cleaner to leave your bathroom and kitchen floors sparkling

DAY FOUR: Give your appliances a 5* service
Tackle the dishwasher and washing machine with Dr. Beckmann’s Service-it Deep Clean range. Pour the powder directly into the bottom of the empty dishwasher or drum of the washing machine, then select a standard cleaning programme and run the cycle. Home appliances are on a never-ending cycle during the holiday season, so using a specialised cleaner to banish the bacteria and microorganisms living inside will ensure your clothes and dishes are left fresh and clean

DAY FIVE: Travel in style
De-clutter and clean your car ready for the holidays. Take out the floor mats and shake the dirt off, then give it a once over with the vacuum. It’s always handy to have a mini travel wash in your car, for any overnight stain emergencies

DAY SIX: Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment
Clean your toilet using Dr. Beckmann’s famous Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner. Watch as the foam fizzes up to a mountain of fresh cleaning fun. We challenge you not to become obsessed with the festive foam?!

DAY SEVEN: Tackle the teapot
Descale your kettle ready for the winter warming hot drinks. Fill your pot with a mixture of half water and half vinegar, leave to soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly in the morning to remove any lingering odours, then boil up some fresh water

DAY EIGHT: Stairway to cleaning heaven
Hoover up your stairs to remove all the excess debris and dirt. For the more stubborn stains use Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover to snow them who’s boss!

DAY NINE: Food, Glorious, Food!
Clean and empty your fridge ready for the festive food. Take out all drawers and shelves and wash thoroughly with washing-up liquid and hot water

DAY TEN: Paw-fectly clean-up after your pets
Spruce up your pet’s bed ready for the Christmas fun, pop it in the washing machine for a deep cleanse, then give those stubborn marks a scrub with Dr. Beckmann’s Pet Stain & Odour Remover

DAY ELEVEN: Overwork that oven
Give the oven a deep clean ready for the Christmas dinner. Apply cleaning gloves and squirt oven cleaner all over the exterior and interior of the oven. Leave overnight, then use a cloth to scrub the spillages away. Your oven will be shining clean and fresh in no time

Pop all of the family’s Christmas jumpers in the wash ready for the big day! Use Dr. Beckmann’s Re-Usable Colour Collector Cloth to ensure that your festive jumpers stay merry and bright

And…RELAX! Put your feet up, the festivities have begun – Merry Clean-mas!

On getting the house Christmas ready, Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor said: “Getting your homes straight before the festivities can be a mammoth task, with houses needing a deep clean, a mountain of decorations to go up and muddy footprints and pawprints through the house from winter walks. Following our countdown cleaning tips everyday will ensure your home is holiday ready, so you can see the new year in with a fresh, clean start!”

Check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your homes for the festivities:

21 Angels of ‘21: notonthehighstreet celebrates the national treasures who brought the nation together after a year apart

● After a tough 2020, half of Brits (51%) are grateful for the moments in 2021 that helped the nation share a smile.
● Gareth Southgate, Tom Daley and Bimini Bon-Boulash among the extraordinary people who helped create moments that brought the nation together this year.
● To honour just some of the extraordinary ‘21 Angels’, notonthehighstreet small business Partners have created a selection of bespoke ‘Little Angels’ tree toppers.

Wednesday 24th November, London: From Gareth Southgate leading the England team to success in the Euros, to Tom Daley’s poolside knitting – new insight from curated online marketplace notonthehighstreet reveals the most treasured moments and icons that have most helped to unite the nation after a difficult 2020.

Surveying the great British public, the 21 Angels list draws together the public figures that research shows have inspired the nation (27%), acted as role models (23%), brought the nation joy (22%), entertained people (18%) and used their platform to make a difference (15%) in 2021.

What’s more, working with its own British small business Partners, notonthehighstreet have designed and curated its own ‘Little Angels’ tree toppers inspired by some of the personalities who helped create connections across the UK this year, with the collection raising money for charity partner, The Prince’s Trust.

Sporting successes and inspiring heroes

In a year that saw sport return with a vengeance, it will come as no surprise that four in ten Brits claim live sporting events (40%) played a main role in uniting the country, with Team GB’s performance at the Olympics and Paralympics voted by more than a third of Brits (36%) as the crowning moment that brought the nation together in 2021.

Gareth Southgate’s efforts leading the England Men’s Football team to success in the Euros, and Emma Raducanu’s win at the US Open brought 28% and 30% of the nation together respectively. The positive values they demonstrated as individuals, like being charitable (12%), achieving what most thought was impossible (12%) showing resilience (12%) or making us laugh (11%) were cited as some of the other reasons they connected us.

It wasn’t just moments sporting stars provided ‘on the pitch’ that created common ground for people across the UK this year. For one in eight Brits (13%) Tom Daley knitting his Team GB jumper at the Olympics was another moment that united us, while Marcus Rashford, who was awarded an MBE this year after his campaigning to help feed vulnerable children, took the top spot as the personality who has brought the nation together in a positive, joyful way.

Meanwhile, 15% voted Kate Middleton as bringing the nation together, while one in ten (10%) think the morning duo, Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield have united us as a result of them entertaining the country (14%).

The full list of the 21 Angels of ‘21 is listed below:
1. Marcus Rashford
2. Emma Raducanu
3. Gareth Southgate
4. Tom Daley
5. Kate Middleton
6. Ant and Dec
7. Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield
8. Adele
9. Lewis Hamilton
10. Olivia Colman
11. Alison Hammond
12. Ashley Banjo
13. Nadiya Hussain
14. Martin Compston
15. Davinia McCall
16. Alex Scott MBE
17. Sarah Storey
18. Bimini Bon-Boulash
19. Munya Chawawa
20. Ncuti Gatwa
21. Clara Amfo

Entertainment is back

TV shows (24%) and new film releases (11%) also proved essential in continuing to provide the nation with plotlines to discuss and viewing parties to attend – with the release of James Bond, No Time to Die bringing one in six people together (17%) this year. The Line of Duty storyline that finally revealed the identity of ‘H’ held the shared focus of one in ten Brits (11%) and the release of Squid Game on Netflix were also credited as moments that brought the country together again.

The nation’s ‘Little Angels’

To further celebrate some of those extraordinary and inspiring Brits honoured in the 21 Angels list, notonthehighstreet small businesses have selected just five names from this list to create iconic tree toppers inspired by Gareth Southgate, Bimini Bon-Boulash, Ashley Banjo, Tom Daley and Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Raising money for charity Partner The Princes Trust, limited numbers* of the ‘Little Angels’ tree-toppers will be available to the public to buy on for 48 hours from 12pm on Tuesday 23rd November, until 12pm on Thursday 25th November. The company will donate 100% of sales proceeds (retail value) to The Prince’s Trust to direct to wherever the money is most needed.

For those who feel inspired to celebrate the angels in their own lives this year – notonthehighstreet small businesses have also created an edit of personalisable items and angel inspired products – which is available from Tuesday 23rd November – Thursday 23rd December 2021 with 10% of sales going to The Prince’s Trust.

Claire Davenport, Chief Executive at notonthehighstreet commented: “In 2020 the nation celebrated the incredible people who kept us safe, and at NOTHS we honoured those who kept everyone connected even while we were apart.

“This year, we feel privileged to be able to celebrate just some of the people who’ve been there to bring us together as a nation through the shared smiles they’ve helped to create, the important issues they’ve raised and the displays of humanity they’ve role-modelled.

“As we head towards Christmas and hopefully the long-awaited in-person festivities, we’re delighted to celebrate just some of the extraordinary people who have made this past year that much more enjoyable for so many people; and to help everyone reflect on the angels who’ve shown up in their own lives this year.”

Naomi Hyde, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Prince’s Trust commented: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the ‘Little Angels’ campaign with our corporate partner, notonthehighstreet, which celebrates the extraordinary figures who have inspired young people throughout 2021 to be themselves and never give up on their dreams and ambitions. The money raised from this campaign will support young people across the UK who are most in need of our support, and we’re so grateful to notonthehighstreet for continuously supporting young people and The Prince’s Trust.”


A new sugar substitute that actually tastes like the sugarcane it comes from – with no bitter after taste, Purecane offers a complete line of revolutionary, zero-calorie, low-glycemic sweeteners. Providing all the sweetness (and then some) and none of the health implications, Purecane is the perfect gift this holiday season for those looking to watch sugar intake or coping with diabetes prevention.

Purecane’s baking bundle is the perfect stocking stuffer for those trying to tune up their diet for the new year or simply lower their calorie or carbohydrate intake. The Jumbo Baking Bundle includes the 48 oz baking sweetener, the 48 oz brown sweetener, and the 24 oz confectioners sweetener – everything you need to flavor, bake, sprinkle or ice! You can buy through Purecane’s website or Amazon for $74.97, or $59.99 for a limited time only.

Laurence King Publishing
Gift Guide

We are delighted to share the 2021 Gift Guide from Laurence King, a London-based publisher of creative books and gifts for children and adults. With affordable, beautifully designed books, gifts and games spanning a wide range of topics, we have a little something for everyone on your list! You can view our full Autumn 2021 catalogue here.
Please see our top picks selected for you for the festive season.
Stocking Fillers
Do You Know Your Dogs? Dog Lovers’ Quiz Cards by Debora Robertson, illustrated by Polly Horner, £14.99 available at

The Puzzle of Happiness: A Little Gradient Puzzle by Therese Vandling and Professor Susan Broomhall. Released 23rd September. £9.99 available at

Jane Austen Playing Cards: Rediscover 5 Regency Card Games by John Mullan, illustrated by Barry Falls. £12.99 at

Meaningful Gifts
Therapy ToolKit: Sixty Cards for Self Exploration by Linn Martisen, Dip Couns, MBACP and illustrated by Cindy Kang. £14.99 available at

Body Language Decoder: 50 Cards to Reveal What They’re Really Thinking written by Martin Brooks, illustrated by Rachel Levit Ruiz. £14.99, available at

Erotic Tarot: Intimate Intuition illustrated by Sofie Birkin, text by Fickle Finger of Fate. Available at

Gifts for time Together
Endangered Animal Bingo: Learn About 64 Threatened Species that Need Our Help by Magma, illustrated by Marcel George. £19.99, available at

The World of Charles Dickens: A Jigsaw Puzzle by John Mullan, illustrated by Barry Falls. £14.99, available at

James Bond Bingo: The High Stakes 007 Game £25.00, available at

All these beautiful gifts and games are available from

Carolyn Surrick & Ronn McFarlane Release New Holiday Album
A Star in the East Now Available

Plus New Video for Carol of the Bells:

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Press downloads & CDs available upon request.

New York, NY – Viola da gambist Carolyn Surrick and lutenist Ronn McFarlane have released a new holiday album, A Star in the East, featuring reimagined traditional Christmas favorites alongside new works by both McFarlane and Surrick. Surrick is well-known for her fifteen recordings with the group she founded in 1998, Ensemble Galilei. McFarlane, nominated for a Grammy in 2009, is the founder of Ayreheart and a founding member of the Baltimore Consort. In November 2020, the duo released their well-received first album together, Fermi’s Paradox, created and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic when both performers’ usually busy concert schedules were cancelled. On that album and this new recording, Surrick and McFarlane weave a tapestry of music ranging from 15th Century Europe to 21st Century America, seamlessly held together by the timelessness of their instruments and their extraordinary musicianship.

Surrick and McFarlane have released a new video for Carol of the Bells which is available now, and will release videos for A Star in the East (written by McFarlane, premiering December 10) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (premiering December 17) on McFarlane’s YouTube Channel. The duo will also perform music from the album in two album release concerts at The Barn House in Annapolis, MD on December 10 and 11 as well as in Baltimore, MD on December 12. For more information, see:

For A Star in the East, Surrick and McFarlane have assembled a program that honors and celebrates everything that Christmas can be, and the unexpected ways that it has been transformed. The album includes Ronn McFarlane’s A Star in the East, along with his Early Christmas Morning and Grinch on the Run; Carolyn Surrick’s Mizzie Mine; Bach’s Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light; Barber’s Sure on this Shining Night; and classics such as Carol of the Bells; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Good King Wenceslas; O Come, O Come Emmanuel; Greensleeves, and many more.

Surrick’s composition, Mizzie Mine, is inspired by letters she received from her Swedish immigrant great-grandmother, which always began, “My dearest Mizzie Mine and family.” Surrick says, “My most beloved memories of Christmas are from my grandparent’s house. There’s not a detail that does not resonate. There was love, a roast leg of lamb, sweet rolls, and joy in that house, and my memories are full of longing for those days, and a recognition of the sweet sorrow for the end of childhood.”

McFarlane’s A Star in the East describes a journey – of moving forward, perhaps to a destination unknown. McFarlane says, “A Star in the East is a piece written specifically for Carolyn. To me, the ‘Star’ is not only a Star in the sky but also a window into a finer, more beautiful world of spirit.”

As one can hear in the resulting recording, the process of making this album was special, and a memorable experience for all involved. Surrick explains, “Every project is different. And when we put our many decades of experience together, it is likely that the result will be marvelous. It is not always the case that the process will be transcendent – but in this case it was. Truly, as we spent day after day in the studio, our sense of shared purpose increased. As musicians, we felt supported and heard. As people we felt cared for and valued. As a team we worked together to create a recording that was so much more than the sum of its parts. And I can hear it. When I listen, I hear beauty. I hear collaboration. I hear those ineffable moments of pure music. And I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, these people, that place, and the shared passion for the work. It was, indeed, miraculous.”

About the Artists:

Carolyn Surrick has a B.A. in music from the University of California Santa Cruz and an M.A. in musicology from George Washington University. She founded Ensemble Galilei in 1990 and the group started touring the U.S. in 1995. With Ensemble Galilei, she recorded fifteen CDs and produced four special projects including a partnership with The National Geographic Society for the creation of First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World as well as a collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to produce First Person: Seeing America.

With Celtic harper, Sue Richards, and multi-instrumentalist, Ginger Hildebrand, Surrick spent eight years of Fridays working with wounded warriors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She also worked with wounded warriors at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, as well as with Project Odyssey for the Wounded Warrior Project. The trio recorded two CDs and gave away over six thousand copies to wounded warriors and their families. Surrick also penned Between War and Here, a book of poetry about her time at Walter Reed, and has given away over a thousand copies of the book to veterans. Her latest book, The Last Day, was published in December of 2019. She is a collaborator at heart and was thrilled when the opportunity arose to create this project with Ronn. She lives outside of Annapolis, Maryland with her extended family, in a house built from a hand-hewn barn, made of American Chestnut.

Surrick’s viola da gamba was built by Marc Soubeyran in 1995, her strings were made by Damian Dlugolecki in 2021, and her bow is by Harry Grabenstein. She credits the instrument, strings, and bow with the extraordinary resonance heard on this recording.

Since taking up the lute in 1978, Ronn McFarlane has made his mark as a soloist, the founder of Ayreheart, and a founding member of the Baltimore Consort, touring 49 of the 50 United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. He has also performed as a guest artist with Apollo’s Fire, The Bach Sinfonia, The Catacoustic Consort, The Folger Consort, Houston Grand Opera, The Oregon Symphony, The Portland Baroque Orchestra, and The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra.

McFarlane was on the faculty at the Peabody Conservatory from 1984 to 1995, teaching lute and lute-related subjects. In 1996, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Music from Shenandoah Conservatory for his achievements in bringing the lute and its music to the world. He has over 40 recordings on the Dorian/Sono Luminus label, including solo albums, lute duets, flute & lute duets, lute songs, the complete lute music of Vivaldi, a collection of Elizabethan lute music and poetry, and recordings with the Baltimore Consort.

McFarlane has composed new music for the lute, building on the tradition of the lutenists/composers of past centuries. His original compositions are the focus of his solo CD, Indigo Road, which received a GRAMMY Award Nomination for Best Classical Crossover Album of 2009.

On this recording, McFarlane is playing a 10-course lute by Travis Carey, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2016) and an 11-course lute by Andrew Rutherford, New York (1991), converted to a 13-course lute by David Brown, Baltimore, MD in 2012.

All Blacks Captain Ardie Savea joins Roc Nation Sports

Roc Nation Sports has announced the signing of All Blacks rugby star flanker, Ardie Savea. The 28-year-old has played 59 Tests for New Zealand and became only the 70th player to lead the renowned black and white jersey of the All Blacks when he was handed the captaincy in August this year during The Rugby Championship.

His career has blossomed since bursting onto the scene at the age of 18; he has represented the Hurricanes in Super Rugby and the New Zealand Sevens team, to becoming one of the most influential cogs of the three-time World Champions’ team unit.

Speaking of his new move, Savea said:

“My family and I are so excited to be joining Roc Nation. Having a highly skilled team of specialists behind me looking after all aspects of my career will not only allow me to concentrate on my on- field performance but provide long term security for my family and a platform for me to pursue other areas of interest that I am really passionate about.”

Savea’s signing represents Roc Nation’s first entry into the New Zealand market and bolsters the growing rugby network to feature the three rugby powerhouse regions of Europe, South Africa, and Australasia. He joins a growing staple of rugby stars already on the Roc Nation Sports roster.

Roc Nation Sports International President, Michael Yormark said: “We are super excited to welcome another elite, world-class rugby player into the Roc Nation family. Not only is Ardie an extraordinary rugby player, but his personality and off-field goals and objectives mirror perfectly what our company stands for and the voice we want to have in the rugby community. There is no doubt that bringing Ardie into our family brings us a step closer to changing the game. ”

Roc Nation Sports will manage Savea’s career both on and off the field with a focus on his brand, off-field entrepreneurial projects and philanthropy. Ardie was introduced to Roc Nation by his good friend Siya Kolisi, Roc Nation Sports first rugby signing.

Roc Nation Sports Athlete, Siya Kolisi said: “Ardie is my brother and to now be able to work with him professionally off the field, in addition to doing battle on it, is an amazing feeling. Both of us have experienced many similar challenges throughout our career – and so to join forces with somebody so like-minded and determined to influence change makes me very excited for the future.”

Swann Buddy Video Doorbell
If you’re ducking in and out of home to visit family and friends this holiday season, you’ll want to communicate with any surprise drop ins or the mailman! The brand-new Swann Buddy Video Doorbell is perfect for users keen to setup their own DIY security system at their home, rental apartment or small business. The smart doorbell is 100% wireless with a long battery life and features two-way talk and a 110° wide vertical viewing angle that can see both the deliveries on the ground and the faces of visitors. For extra customisability, the included Chime Unit speaker comes with 6 chimes to choose from.

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Swann Motion Alert Sensor
After a long and gruelling lockdown, you’d be forgiven for wanting to book the next available hotel for a family road trip – and worrying about the safety and security of your home shouldn’t stop you. The Swann Motion Alert Sensor is 100% wireless (battery powered) PIR motion-sensing alarm that triggers mobile phone notifications with optional siren for any suspicious activity in and around your home. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or sightseeing in a new town, you’ll be granted peace of mind knowing that your house is being kept safe and sound! The Motion Alert Sensor is available as a single device to fit a niche need (but easily expanded if required), there is no hub necessary.

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Swann Xtreem® Wireless Security Camera
Looking to provide for peace of mind for family members, the Swann Xtreem® Wireless Security Camera is 100% wireless and can be easily mounted and set up anywhere indoors or outdoors in a matter of minutes. With an extremely long battery life up to 6 months, the camera comes with a comprehensive set of features for greater security including full HD video, 2-way talk to greet guests or warn off intruders, Swann’s True Detect™ heat and motion-sensing technology and sturdy weatherproof design. Like all Swann new security portfolio, the camera is both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

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The HTC VIVE Flow is a compact, lightweight immersive glasses device that transports wearers wherever they want or need to be – anytime, anywhere. The ideal Christmas gift for entertainment lovers and binge-watchers, you can stream your favourite content or dive into a range of immersive VR experiences. VIVE Flow is designed to fit many different head shapes and sizes and is designed with comfort and portability in mind, perfect for relaxing on long journeys or after a busy day.

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For any gaming enthusiasts, the HTC VIVE Pro 2 is the ultimate Christmas gift. With industry-leading 5K resolution, wide 120˚ field of view, and an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, escaping reality has never been so easy! Immerse your loved ones in new worlds from the comfort of the living room, with 4896 x 2448 combined pixel resolution making it feel as though they are really inside the game. Available as headset only or in a full kit, including base stations and controllers.

Headset only RRP $1,299.00 AUD
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HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite
Spoil your loved ones with the HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite and let them become immersed in exciting worlds, dive into creative spaces, and discover new ways to learn and stay active. The VIVE Cosmos Elite is enabled with SteamVR™ Tracking for precision movements and a detailed visual resolution display. This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone into sports, gaming, or exploring.

Pricing: RRP $1,669.00 AUD
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UPRIGHT Necklace Accessory
Of course we all love options when it comes to wearable tech. The UPRIGHT necklace is the latest and greatest way to wear your GO S device. Available in black and white, give your loved one the option of this light, durable and stylish necklace in addition to the adhesive backing. The easy-to-wear necklace attaches directly to the UPRIGHT GO S through a USB-C connect and closes with a magnetic clasp, making it suitable for all day wear. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the UPRIGHT GO S this Christmas.

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Upright GO S
Know someone who’s been working from home this year, slouched over the kitchen table perhaps? Give them the gift of great posture this Christmas! The UPRIGHT GO S is your personal posture trainer. With its discrete design, the device attaches directly at the top of your back, giving you real-time posture feedback through the app. When you begin to slouch, the device gently vibrates, reminding you to sit up straight and helping you to develop muscle memory. In just two weeks, your loved one will start to see results, setting them up for a happy and healthy 2022. Help your hard working loved one retrain the dreaded desk slouch this Christmas.
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BACON has been named the UK’s favourite ingredient in a fry up, according to new research.

The study, conducted by Foodhub, one of the leading online food ordering platforms, investigated the UK’s fry up habits in celebration of National Fry Up Day (December 7th).

Over half of Brits (55%) crowned bacon as the best item on a fry up, with eggs closely following behind (54%) and sausage coming in third (43%).

At the bottom end of the scale, black pudding was voted the nation’s least favourite ingredient in a full English, with nearly a third (30%) saying they would remove the controversial option.

In the fiercest and most controversial breakfast debate – red vs brown sauce – ketchup came out on top. Four in ten would opt for the tomato treat, with brown sauce losing out on top spot with 32% of the vote.

The study also discovered that a fry up is the best way to start the weekend, with a quarter of the nation (25%) stating Saturday is the day in which they most often tackle a full English. However, over one in 10 claimed they usually eat a fry up as their evening meal.

Also, the age-old question ‘How do you like your eggs in the morning?’ has finally been answered by the takeaway ordering platform. As fried eggs have come out on top with a staggering 58% of the nation choosing fried as their preferred way to have their eggs, with poached coming in second (14%) and scrambled following closely behind (13%).

However as much as Britain loves a fry up, it isn’t enough to see it named as the UK’s favourite British dish. A classic roast dinner was crowned the UK’s ultimate meal, taking over half of the vote (53%), with the iconic seaside treat fish ‘n’ chips (50%) taking second place and fry up finishing in third (23%).

And another British classic, tea (40%) was voted the nation’s favourite fry up thirst-quencher, settling the age-old debate of tea vs coffee. The latter did finish runner up with just over a fifth of the vote (21%), whilst fruit juice finished in third (13%).

Ardian Mula, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “We all know Britain loves a fry up, and it was interesting to see bacon come out as the nation’s favourite ingredient, especially as the bacon sandwich was just crowned the UK’s favourite sandwich in one of our previous studies to celebrate World Sandwich Day.

“The fry up is such an iconic, British breakfast dish, so we were surprised to discover that over one in 10 people would eat this as their evening meal. Remarkably, nearly a quarter of 18-24-year-olds claim they eat a fry up every single day! Luckily, Foodhub is on hand for the nation to get their fry up fix, as our platform offers a wide range of cuisines, anywhere at any time.”

There was a generational divide when it came to choosing an accompanying sauce to a fry up, with over a quarter (28%) of 18-24-year-olds opting for mayo compared to just 5% of 55-64-year-olds. The younger generation also chose juice as their drink of choice over the traditional tea or coffee.

To celebrate National Fry Up Day (December 7th) with a delicious dish, head to Foodhub’s website or app to order your full English exactly how you like it:


1. BACON (55%)
2. EGG (54%)
3. SAUSAGE (43%)
4. HASH BROWN (24%)
5. MUSHROOMS (23%)
6. BEANS (20%)
7. TOAST (17%)
8. TOMATOES (15%)
10. POTATOES (8%)


3. FRY UP (23%)
6. STEW (15%)
8. PIE AND MASH (13%)

BED OF NAILS are offering 25% off ALL their products – their biggest discount to date!

The deal has already started (from the 16th November).

– Scandinavian brand which has fused the best of both worlds, bringing the ancient practice of healing through acupuncture to our modern lives. Bed of Nails acupressure products can aid in a whole range of benefits – from helping with sleeplessness to reducing symptoms of stress, assisting with detoxification, and increasing blood flow. The perfect TLC this Christmas.
– It is harmless to skin, pain free and have more nails than others on the market, helping to spread out the pressure, with over 8,000 non-toxic nails! The more nails the better! They work to stimulate the body’s energy that is often lacking from stress and boost its innate way of healing itself. The pressure of the rounded nails against the skin helps the body to release endorphins, the body’s very own ‘happiness’ drug which provides a sense of joy, energy, pain relief and oxytocin, which instantly relaxes both mind and body (yes, it is possible to feel energetic and relaxed at the same time!)

If Bed of Nails is used regularly, benefits may include:
✔ Improved circulation
✔ Increased energy level
✔ Reduced stress and anxiety
✔ Alleviating headaches and malaise
✔ Aiding tension and muscle aches
✔ Improved sleep and relieve insomnia
✔ Relieving chronic neck and back pain
✔ Activating the parasympathetic nervous system
✔ Aiding weight loss by reducing cortisol levels
✔ Improved heart rate variability
✔ General feeling of revitalizing and rejuvenating
✔ Reduced blood pressure

Finally: Proof of Santa’s Existence and His Impact on Our World

Asheville, NC, Dec. 1, 2021 — The 200-year legacy of the American Santa Claus as we know him is meticulously documented and explained in author Tom Jerman’s fascinating new book, Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Holiday Gift-Bringers.

Readers will be surprised to learn Santa’s true origin story (hint: it wasn’t in Clement C. Moore’s popular poem, “The Night Before Christmas”), plus they’ll be treated to a deep dive into the backstories of other midwinter gift-givers from all over the globe. Jerman’s exhaustive research is evident in his detailed descriptions, and he masterfully showcases the rich diversity among the characters while also pointing out shared traits.

Santa Claus Worldwide is the first legitimate history of Santa Claus in more than a decade, and the first history in more than 100 years to provide a comprehensive look at the Yuletide gift-givers throughout the world.

Readers will discover:

• How midwinter gift-givers developed over thousands of years;
• The difference between Catholic followers of St. Nicholas and Protestant followers of the secular “terror men” in Europe following the Reformation;
• Historical examples of midwinter gift-givers who were female, Black, rich, gay, atheist and communist;
• When and how a New York printer named William Gilley created the “American Santa Claus” in an 1821 booklet, The Children’s Friend;
• How a wealthy New York professor, Clement C. Moore, bought a copy of The Children’s Friend and, in 1822, wrote “The Night Before Christmas;” and
• How The Children’s Friend disappeared from history until it was rediscovered in 1953.

Ultimately, Santa Claus Worldwide proves, conclusively, the existence of Santa and his impact on our world.

“Santa indisputably exists as the symbol of Christmas, and Christmas represents our most noble virtues,” Jerman says. “Symbols are real, and they can be very powerful.”

About the Author
Tom A. Jerman, a resident of Asheville, N.C., has bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and journalism and a juris doctorate degree from the University of Utah. Employed as a copy editor with The Salt Lake Tribune between 1974-78, he went on to practice labor and employment law for 35 years. In 2015, he took early retirement to pursue his desire to write something more interesting and enduring than legal treatises.

A serious collector, Jerman has amassed some 4,500 Santa figurines and ornaments, and thousands of antique postcards printed between 1900 and 1910. The enormous diversity of figures — temporal, geographic, historical, size, attire, date of gift-giving, mode of travel — prompted him to write Santa Claus Worldwide, the first volume of a planned trilogy.

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Twitter at @tomajerman.

Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Midwinter Gift-Bringers
Publisher: McFarland & Co.
ISBN-10: ‎1476680930
ISBN-13: ‎978-1476680934
Available from, and other online retailers

Just in Time for the Holidays: 20 Festive Failures to Curb Your Appetite for Yuletide Perfection

Newark, NJ, Nov. 23, 2021 — Lofty expectations of Norman Rockwell-worthy celebrations inevitably lead to letdowns. After all, when was the last time your holidays truly lived up to all the hype? Here to help you put your quest for holiday perfection in perspective is Miserable Holiday Stories (20 Festive Failures That Are Worse Than Yours) from humorist Alex Bernstein.

“It’s never too early to be miserable for the holidays,” Bernstein joked during a recent interview. “Misery is compelling. It’s what everybody relates to. You can look at this book and go, ‘thank God that’s not me!’”

Miserable Holiday Stories is a collection of quirky tales that feature Jewish Elvis impersonators, a kidnapped Santa Claus, confused parents, horrific holiday traffic, unbreakable toys and the ever-heroic Bicycle Boys.

Providing the yin to the Hallmark Channel’s yang, Miserable Holiday Stories delivers hefty doses of seasonal satire presented in the form of 20 short stories you can read while the babka is baking or anytime you need a respite from manufactured holiday merriment.

Tales include:
• “Blue Christmas”
• “Coloring Books”
• “The Unbreakable Toy”
• “The Smoking Lounge”
• “Brownie Mix” (A Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award finalist)
• “The #$@!# Bicycle Boys Save Christmas, Again!” (Also released as a single on Amazon)
• And many more!

Sure, Christmas and Hanukkah are supposed to be full of laughter, generosity and quality time with friends and family. But everyone knows the truth: the holidays are stressful at best and downright depressing at worst. Miserable Holiday Stories offers tongue-in-cheek escapism in the form of offbeat, thought-provoking tales, that just might prompt you to appreciate something about your own holiday experiences.

About the Author
Alex Bernstein is the award-winning author of the Miserable series of books (Miserable Adventure Stories, Miserable Holiday Stories, Miserable Love Stories) and Plrknib. His work has appeared at McSweeney’s, NewPopLit, The Big Jewel, The American Bystander, Yankee Pot Roast, Swink, Litro, Back Hair Advocate, Corvus, BluePrintReview, Hobo Pancakes, Gi60, The Rumpus, The Legendary, MonkeyBicycle and PopImage, among numerous others.

He is a staff writer on the new Discovery Kids cartoon The Dog & Pony Show. An occasional stand-up comic, Bernstein performed extensively in his youth and frequently over the past several years. His book Plrknib is a memoir about being the youngest comedian in Cincinnati in 1980.

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Facebook (AlexBernstein_author), Twitter alexbernstein_author) or Instagram (alexbernstein_author).

Miserable Holiday Stories (20 Festive Failures That Are Worse Than Yours)
Publisher: Racehorse (a division of Skyhorse Publishing)
ISBN-10: ‎1631585819
ISBN-13: ‎978-1631585814
Available from, and numerous other online retailers

Brits make 2021 a December to Remember as experience bookings surge for the holidays
The UK fights the chrimbo-limbo by stuffing the season with exciting outings to experience together
• Data from booking platform GetYourGuide reveals a 68% increase in activity bookings from UK customers from December 2019 to December 2021
• People on average are spending 32% more per head on Christmas experiences in 2021 vs 2019
• GetYourGuide highlights the newest and most eye-opening seasonal experiences available in the UK – ideal for a standout gift, without the wrapping and delivery worries!
London, 24th November 2021 Tis the season of advent-ure, as research from booking platform GetYourGuide reveals that Brits are determined to make the 2021 festive season special by booking a ho-ho-host of fun experiences and activities, making up for last year being a total turkey.
With the hangover of 2020’s lockdowns and Christmas cancellations still felt by many, and this year’s shortage and delivery rumours fuelling uncertainty as to whether presents will arrive on time (or at all!) Brits seem to be turning away from traditional gift giving and looking at ways they can have unforgettable experiences together, without worrying about what makes it in the post – whether that be booking quirky tours, exploring unusual locations, or ticking one of the UK’s many thrilling attractions off their bucket lists.
With a 68% increase in bookings for UK experiences in December, and an increased spend per head of 32% from 2019 to 2021, GetYourGuide’s data suggests we’re no nation of grinches, and are celebrating 2021 as a Christmas of doing, as well as giving.
Interestingly, the top-booked December activities also link to key holiday UK shopping locations – London, Edinburgh, and Liverpool – incorporating family favourites like the top-booked London Eye (#1), and Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and World of Illusions (#2). Some clearly favour pairing a potter round the Christmas sales with a Potter of the magical variety – with London’s Harry Potter and WB studio tour coming in at #8 of the most-booked experiences.
“It’s fantastic to see that more people across the UK are exploring new and fun ways to spend time together this festive season” commented Joanne Fennell, General Manager UK at GetYourGuide. “With so many options available across the nation for taking in the festive buzz this December and beyond, there’s sure to be the perfect experience for anyone to have an unforgettable time’.”
For those looking for a memorable gift without the fuss of logistics, wrapping, and delivery worries, GetYourGuide have made streamlined yet stylised gifting easy through e-gift card booking, and has announced a list of fabulously festive UK experiences, available as gifts to book for loved ones this season:
1. London: Experience UK’s capital at the most magical time of year on a festively decked-out open-top bus, with hilarious commentary and guides included! –
2. Manchester: Enjoy a festive evening cruise from the Salford Quays in Manchester, complete with mulled wine and mince pies –
3. London: See Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale come to life in the incredible surroundings of the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College
4. Discover Edinburgh at its most magical time of year as the Christmas lights glitter and the whole city gets into the festive spirit. Enjoy a customised tour with a local –
5. Get to know Dublin like never before during the festive period, with a personalised tour of the city with a local –

South London Gallery and their latest beautiful publication – The Orozco Garden – which could make a great Christmas present for any gardening or art lover.

The lavishly illustrated hardback book celebrates the 5th anniversary of the garden’s public opening which was designed by internationally acclaimed Mexican artist, Gabriel Orozco. Texts by horticulturist Richard Wilford, art historian Briony Fer and Director of South London Gallery, Margot Heller complete the book.

The Orozco Book

Price: £28

Luxury menswear jewellery line, Tateossian which is centred entirely around the Covid-19 pandemic

The collection not only embodies safety and style but also represents a historical period in our lifetime and puts a negative into a positive – pardon the pun!

We live in world where there is a need to minimise contact with surfaces due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, life goes on, lift buttons are still being pressed, doors are being opened, phones are being dialled and self-checkouts are busier than ever.

With this in mind, luxury menswear jewellery brand Tateossian has created a 5-piece strong non-contact / Covid 19 friendly accessory collection featuring cufflinks, a keyring, necklaces, and decorative pin.

The “Non Contact” necklace and keyring has been designed with the modern, cautious person in mind. Easy to use by inserting your finger through the hole of this smart key design which is set with an inlay of black carbon fibre, with black IP plated stainless steel.

This Christmas, Penguin is launching a limited edition print from beloved British illustrator Quentin Blake, with a proportion of the profits of each sale going to the National Literacy Trust – to help to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life.

The print is themed around the transformative power of books and reading for the imagination and is perfect for young and old readers alike.

Each art print is 30x40cm, printed on matt smooth fine art paper, with a mount and a responsibly sourced solid wood frame with an option to be finished in black, white or oak. They will be produced by specialist art printers, King & McGaw.

Price: Unframed prints will be available at £35 and framed prints at £85.

Link: Prints can be purchased through the Penguin online shop:

The Make Arcade Mini Felt Craft Kits £7 each

These simple but satisfying felt kits are extra special as they come complete with everything needed to make them into a badge, keyring or hanging decoration. The full range includes the new Seahorse and Cosy Koala kits.
Hi res imagery at this link.

Feather & Nest Sweetheart Plant in I Miss Your Face Pot £10

This adorable ‘hoya kerri’ aka sweetheart shaped succulent makes the perfect present for someone you love, especially in the decorative ceramic ‘I Miss Your Face’ pot included. You can choose between a winky, sleepy or cute face! Available here.

Summer time and safari is easy…

Getting away from it all, to a place where the living is easy, the ambience understated luxe, the food is wholesome, and the spa overlooks the verdant bush…

Add lazing around two pools, one with infinity features, both overlooking a waterhole always frequented by game, or sipping cocktails in the privacy of one’s room deck, or reclining on the main hospitality deck, all with too-close-for-comfort vistas of the waterhole. No stress, visitors are safely surrounded by security fences to keep the predators at bay, while game roam free as they own the location.

This is just some of the magical safari aspects at Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve of the North-West, bordering Botswana.

Early morning safaris are spectacular, offering magical light for photography, with a pitstop for tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and delicious buttermilk rusks in the bush, whilst game rangers always keep a vigilant eye on game – got to keep the paying guests safe…

Afternoon game drives include dazzling African sunsets with decadent sundowners before returning to the lodge for a convivial dinner, where safari groups converse about their sightings of the day.

Dinner is hosted in the Boma, or Restaurant or Dining Deck, always presenting a pleasant surprise element for guests.

Smaller game, such as the protected African wild dog, is flourishing in the Madikwe Reserve, while inquisitive squirrels and cheeky vervet monkeys forage for treats around the lodge. Not to mention the constant nest-building of the bright yellow little weaver birds around the lodge decks.

Never a dull moment, yet, the tranquillity of the African bush, notwithstanding the protestations of a coot protecting its young from an over-zealous young crocodile, or the greeting ritual of elephant nearby, make for an unforgettable stay at this place of the lion. Yes, you will hear lions roar at dawn or dusk – you will certainly spot several. After all, this is the place of the lion, Tau…

Current rates:
Special daily rates start at R 4,800 per person sharing, valid until 20 December 2021. After 20 December rates will be R6435.00 per person sharing – contact reservations for weekly and monthly special offers and packages at 011–4668715 or check specials at

Rates exclude:
• Park Entrance fees of R180.00 per person (Subject to change)
• Tourism Levy of R10.00 per person per night (Subject to change)
• Bar, Mini Bar, Laundry and all other extras
• Rhino Conservation Levy of R165.00 per adult per night

Voucher packages are available on full payment, valid until the end of 2021 at R 17,780, including:
2 nights for 2 people sharing, including:
A relaxing couple’s head and shoulder spa massage;
3 meals daily;
2 safaris daily plus refreshment on safari drives;
All tourism levies.

Covid-19 regulations apply to keep guests safe.

The highly addictive Tau live webcam will keep you mesmerized on:

The Tau Cubz Club, Tau Spa Oasis and Tau Conference Centre make this an ideal malaria-free destination for romantic, family, leisure or corporate safaris.

Tau Game Lodge opened its 5-star safari doors in 1995 and offers 30 rooms, from Standard to Luxury to Family Suites.

+27-(0)11-466 8715/17 – –

Nat King Cole and friends ‘A Sentimental Christmas’ has just been released. The album features duets with John Legend, Gloria Estefan, Kristin Chenoweth, Calum Scott and more. Check it out here:

“It’s impossible for me to think about Christmas music without thinking about Nat King Cole.” – John Legend

“Whenever I want to be transported to a beautiful, simpler time I put on Nat King Cole.” – Gloria Estefan

The Lumineers are releasing a Christmas song on the 10th of December.

Chad Lawson (the American pianist that’s surpassed 140 million streams) has released an enchanting Christmas EP with a special single with legend, Dinah Washington. Have a listen to the EP:

Anndd artwork for their Silent Night cover



Cleaning legend Dr. Beckmann is marking the festive season with the launch of a Christmas gin, inspired by the bouquet of freshly cleaned laundry.

In a year when light-up gin sprinkled with gold leaf and gingerbread gins have already got the nation talking, Dr.Beckmann’s Glow Gin is set to steal the limelight with the cleanest, freshest tasting gin ever made.

A gin inspired by the aroma of a fabric whitener? Absolutely!

“It tastes fresh, clean and indulgent – it’s the perfect Christmas drink,” said Dr. Beckmann spokeswoman Susan Fermor.

“Glowhite fans are huge advocates of our classic fragrance – those signature notes which fragrance every single Glowhite wash. So, rewarding this affection for the brand and using the same flavour notes to inspire our own gin and a scented candle has been something we’ve been working on for some time. We’re delighted with the results too.”

The Glow Gin has been launched to mark the 100th anniversary year of the nation’s favourite specialist laundry whitener range, Glowhite, which is manufactured by Dr. Beckmann at its UK factory in Bolton.
Susan Fermor added: “Our bespoke Glow Gin has been specially formulated and contains a variety of clean, white botanicals expertly blended with a flavourful combination of Juniper, Cardamom, Coriander, Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Liquorice Root and Elderflower.

“It is all your favourite fragrances, inspired by Glowhite, blended into a very special Christmas gin. It is perfect for when you’ve finished the cleaning for Christmas and you’ve some ‘me’ time to enjoy.”

The special edition gin is included in a one-off Christmas hamper which also includes a Glow Light candle, once again scented with that famous Glowhite aroma, plus a bauble filled with the Glowhite product, perfect to break open after the festive period to give your whites a new year boost!

Candles are a staple throughout the festive season, and the scent of freshly washed laundry is one of the many reasons why Glowhite ULTRA has been recognised as the nation’s favourite specialist laundry whitener, and now this smell can spread throughout the home with Dr. Beckmann’s Glow Light Christmas candle.

As well as reviving the whiteness of your laundry, Glowhite ULTRA can now add sparkle to your Christmas tree, in the form of a special Christmas bauble. The limited-edition hanging decoration is filled with the famous product, so when it is time to take down the decorations, the bauble can be opened, and the product can be used to clean up the messy festive aftermath.

The special edition Dr. Beckmann hamper, including gin, candle and bauble, is available for a limited time only. And Dr. Beckmann have a special supply to give away to fans. So, head to Dr. Beckmann’s social channels to enter the competition and have the ultimate Glowhite Christmas:

Susan Fermor added: “Christmas is always a special time of year and marking the 100th anniversary of Dr. Beckmann’s Glowhite range with the ‘Have a Glowhite Christmas’ hamper is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season for cleaning fans.

“Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, being cosy and enjoying a drink or two, and what could be better than trying Dr. Beckmann’s very first gin, whilst enjoying the scent of a fresh laundry candle flickering in the festive surroundings of your own home.”

To browse the rest of Dr. Beckmann’s products that’ll be sure to help clean up the festive mess this season, visit:

1. Dr. Beckmann Glow Gin – based on the classic aroma of it’s No1 selling Glowhite fabric whitener, this gin contains the freshest, cleanest tasting botanicals to reproduce the spirit of freshly cleaned laundry. Glow Gin contains Juniper, Cardamom, Coriander, Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Liquorice Root and Elderflower for a taste like no other
2. Something Wild Green Ant Gin – It is a collaboration between an Australian distillery and indigenous food supplier ‘Something Wild’ to replicate the diet of the world’s oldest civilization. Contains green ants, lime, myrtle, pepper berry and strawberry gum
3. Butcher’s Gin – a meat-flavoured gin, infused with real beef, based on the traditional marinades of a luxury Belgian butcher, with extra bits of beef thrown in for good measure
4. Seaweed Gin – This Canadian spirit uses dulse, an edible seaweed from Newfoundland to underpin the flavour
5. Elephant Gin – It’s not made from actual elephants, you’ll be pleased to hear. It is made in Germany but actually uses one of the African elephant’s favourite superfruits – Baobab – to give it a distinct aroma and flavour. Every bottle sold gives money to help save the African elephant too


Cosy up this Winter with Nut Blend, a range of feel-good flavoured nut butters with no added sugar or unnecessary sweetened ingredients.

The health benefits of nuts and the natural energy they provide means that they complement any lifestyle you lead. Little gems of mood boosting fuel (without the crash).
Nut butter has become increasingly popular in recent years, however the issue is that the majority on the market are plain and can taste a little dull, unless they are loaded with added sugar. Of the very few flavoured ones currently available, all have added sugar or sweetened ingredients, which rather defeats the object.

Nut Blend was created by London-based Gabriella Block, on a mission to create an indulgent, feel-good and mood-boosting product without relying on sugar. The brand has launched four delicious flavours: all with no added sugar or sweeteners, no palm oil and no added salt. Nut Blend’s unique nut butters are a blend of just nuts and a pinch of natural spices – literally nothing else – to naturally satisfy, brighten and boost your energy, without the sugar high.

Nut Blend varieties:
• Cacao, Cashew & Almond Butter: Decadent and rich with pure Peruvian cacao, creamy cashews, naturally sweet coconut and roasted almonds. Winner of Great Taste Award 2020.
• Maca, Pecan & Almond Butter: A popular blend of buttery pecans, crunchy roasted almonds and Peruvian maca for its subtle notes of caramel. Winner of Great Taste Award 2020.
• Coconut, Macadamia & Almond Butter: Velvety smooth with tropical coconut, buttery macadamias, roasted almonds and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds.
• Cinnamon, Hazelnut & Almond Butter: their signature blend, made with Sri Lankan ‘true’ cinnamon, rich-roasted hazelnuts, smooth almonds and a pinch of cacao.

Nut Blend varieties are available to buy online in 200g jars priced at £5.99 or a whopping 1kg jar at £23.99. For those that fancy tasting them all before choosing their favourite there is a taster pack priced at £22.00 which has all four varieties in 200g jars.

Gabriella said: “In 2015, I struggled to find food products on the market that boosted my mood and energy without relying on any type of added sugar, including naturally sourced sweeteners. After growing bored of plain almond butter, I decided to invest in a food processor and start making my own healthy nut butter blends, combinations of just nuts and a pinch of spice. Nothing else.

The resulting texture and taste was 100x better; I quickly fell in love with how great it made me feel – and couldn’t put the spoon down!

I proclaimed to my Mum; I think I could sell this! That was it – I set up Nut Blend and can now share the feel-good energy it provides with o thers.”

Spread it on toast, pour it over oats, blend it into a smoothie or stick a spoonful straight in. Nut Blend’s nut butters are a dose of feel-good energy.

East London Parasol Company launches their 2022 designs
Expect pastels and Regency-style inspiration, new takes on traditional textiles, a nod towards photographer Slim Aarons…as well as an exciting collaboration with British artist Harriet Popham

Our home surroundings are more important than ever before. Everyone wants to create a haven in which to live, work and entertain in equal measures, indoors and out. East London Parasols designs beautiful accessories for all sizes of outdoor spaces, seasons or occasions. These parasols add elegance, style and colour to a garden, patio or entertaining space. The new designs, launching in Jan 2022- bring together the best craftsmanship locally and across the world- made in Hampshire, UK, Jaipur, India and Bali, Indonesia.
Founder and designer, Lucy Ferguson, has created a number of distinct new designs. In 2022 East London Parasols will introduce a kaleidoscope of polka dots, stripes, pastel colours, 1970’s influenced pattern, ikat weaving, and the laid back pool-side chic of American photographer Slim Aarons.
East London Parasols have also collaborated with V&A exhibited British artist Harriet Popham, best known for her beautiful lino prints (@harrietpopham)
Harriet has created a narrative design for East London Parasol Company inspired by willow pattern and chinoiserie. This intricate white and blue parasol depicts the story of East London Parasols and Lucy’s inspiration for her creations. The playful design weaves together the religious and royal symbolism of parasols with motifs from India, Bali and London. The pattern exquisitely integrates Bengal tigers, parasols, fishing boats and Balinese temples with iconic scenes of the Thames in London, showcasing times and places in the journey of the making of the parasols.

Lucy’s designs for 2022 have also been inspired by American photographer, Slim Aarons. Best known for capturing a golden age of luxury, beauty and leisure, photographing Hollywood’s elite in milieu, mostly lounging by glamorous swimming pools..

When it comes to colour and decadence, East London Parasols has a plethora of collections. New for 2022 is a pink Ikat printed design. This pattern is inspired by an ancient dyeing technique in which skeins of thread are dyed and then woven to create a distinctive motif, a highly skilled area of expertise.

Pastels are going to be huge in 2022 and East London Parasols have created three designs in pale pink, yellow and pale blue. These are perfect for a Regency style scene, ornamented by their opulent peacock chair.

Inspired by 1970s prints and a spirograph pattern East London Parasols have created this retro parasol to match their new cane chair.
2022 is set to be an exciting year for East London Parasols as it continues to pave the way in terms of forward thinking trends, seeking new collaborations with up and coming artists and iconic blasts from the past. Lucy has successfully re-introduced a royal tradition into our lives, revived and reimagined for the post-Covid world, bringing colour and elegance to gardens, terraces, and balconies alike!

For more information please visit

EMS Training; The hottest new workout for 2022, with a cult celebrity following including Selling Sunset’s Crishell Stause

Did you see Selling Sunset’s Crishell Stause uses EMS training to keep in (very good) shape? Why not kick start 2022 the healthy way and get body beautiful like Crishell with Exerceo Training – a unique concept using the latest in EMS technology from XBody to offer a 20 minute high intensity workout, suitable for even the busiest of lifestyle: short enough to do on your lunch time and still give you enough spare time to get a bite to eat afterwards. Choose from 3 Central London studios – Belgravia, Monument or Blackfriars.
Loved and endorsed by the likes of the Selling Sunset cast, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and other A-listers; Poppy Delevigne, Rita Ora and Lady Amelia Windsor, EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is the fastest growing area of the fitness industry and eliminates the need to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals. EMS makes straightforward exercises more intense than a conventional workout, with each 20 minute session offering the equivalent workout to 90 minutes in a conventional gym.
Benefits of EMS Training

Scientifically proven to achieve fast, sustainable results

EX20 training sessions are equal to 90 minutes of high intensity gym training

Burn up to 500 calories per session

Repairs and strengthens muscles and joints

Beneficial for those recovering from injury as it places no strain on joints or tendons

Can help improve bone density

Aesthetic results in a very small fraction of time

Tone up, lose weight, gain muscle and reduce the appearance of cellulite. |


It’s safe to say that 2021 has been a year of ups and downs (lockdown 3.0, anyone?), and we for one are ready to wave goodbye to this strange year in spectacular style.

Whether you’re looking for delicious dining options, London’s hottest ticket parties, or where to celebrate for free, we’ve rounded up our top picks for New Year’s Eve for you.


Party like it’s 1920 at St Pancras Brasserie & Champagne Bar by Searcys
Go back in time to a New Year’s Roaring Twenties’ Speakeasy party at Europe’s longest Champagne bar, St Pancras Brasserie & Champagne Bar by Searcys. Located on the top floor of St Pancras station on the doorstep to Paris, get ready for a great evening of jazz, canapés, champagne and an indulgent three-course dinner.
Price: £125 per person.

Free event: The Glitter Ball Silent Burlesque Disco at Lola’s
Looking for a spot to celebrate in the West End without breaking the bank? Then head to Lola’s Underground Casino at The Hippodrome for the free to attend Glitter Ball this New Year’s Eve! An immersive burlesque party and silent disco that promises to be fierce and fabulous, brought to you by the House of Burlesque. Expect an evening adorned with sparkles, plus glitter hostesses, pop-up performances, your favourite anthems from not one but three different DJ’s, flash-mobs, cocktails and more. The Glitter Ball will be open from 9pm – 3am.

A Sky-high Party at Sky Garden
Dress to impress for Sky Garden’s renowned New Year’s Eve party, complete with a live 9-piece band, DJs playing until the early hours and 360-degree views of the city and fireworks. With an array of drinking and dining packages on offer (starting from £145 per person); including a sensational six-course tasting menu at fine-dining Fenchurch Restaurant; a four-course dinner in the buzzing atmosphere of Darwin Brasserie; or champagne, festive canapés and bowl food in Sky Garden’s bars, this is the perfect place for party revellers to ring in 2022.

Bottomless Drinks & Food at Sabine Rooftop Bar
Soar into the New Year at Sabine – London’s newest rooftop bar, boasting spectacular views of St. Paul’s – with bottomless wine, champagne, beer, and signature cocktails (from £150 per person) and with free-flowing tasty bites (from £250 per person). Enjoy festive cocktails such as the Brave Robin or Winter Bird and soak up the winter wonderland atmosphere of Sabine’s alpine chalet, surrounded by frosted foliage and fairy lights and to capture that 2022 Insta-moment.

Full Fat House Party at The Anthologist, Bank
Add an extra dose of glitz and glamour to your NYE celebrations and head to The Anthologist cocktail bar for a Full Fat House Party hosted by the legendary DJ Fat Tony. Whilst the music icon spins his staple disco sounds, accompanied by some of his favourite national artists and an entourage of dancers, you’ll enjoy a delicious three-course meal and a glass of bubbles, followed by complimentary access to the club with bangers playing until the early hours.
Price: Dance Tickets valid from 9pm, £22.50 / Dinner & Dance Tickets: £75
Tickets HERE.

Beach Party at The Trinity Arms, Brixton
Welcome to the beach as Brixton’s Trinity Arms gets set to host its beach party, where the weather is warm, and cocktails are cold. Set in the heated garden, don your funky shirts, and flip flops and party to the early hours – with plenty of food, wine and craft ales and beers on offer at this Brixton Young’s pub.
Tickets: From £5 at
Retro NYE Sing-along Party at The Old Brewery, Greenwich
For the ultimate evening of retro pop, join the fun at The Old Brewery for a nostalgic sing-along of all the karaoke favourites. From ABBA to rock classics and power ballads, dress up and show off your best dance moves, with prosecco on arrival, a three-course dinner and fizz at midnight.
Price: From £15, with bookings from 6pm

Alice in Wonderland at The Ship, Wandsworth
Fall down the proverbial rabbit hole Shipmates and join The Ship for a night of topsy-turvy Alice in Wonderland fun & games. Come dressed to the nines in other-worldly attire and dine on the A’La Carte menu, or simply gather your crew and hop aboard the party boat for a mad New Years to remember.
Price: From £10 with bookings from 7.30pm


See in 2022 in style at The Hunter’s Moon with a special NYE tasting menu
See in the New Year at The Hunter’s Moon in South Kensington with a spectacular four or five course tasting menu, complete with a glass of Charles Heidsieck Champagne, priced at £62/£75 per person respectively. The four-course menu will be available from 6-8pm for early diners, with reservations for the five-course tasting menu starting at 8pm with the table for the rest of the evening.

Ring in the New Year across The Cinnamon Collection
See in the New Year in style at Vivek Singh’s, The Cinnamon Collection, with perfectly crafted menus that are set to add some spice to your celebrations. Kick things off with a welcome aperitif on arrival before indulging in five-course menus curated by Vivek and his team.

At The Cinnamon Club (£125pp) and Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea (£75pp) this year, there’s a two-piece band playing soulful tunes from 7:30pm with menus packed full of the restaurants’ most popular dishes including tandoori wild Spencer Gulf king prawns; and slow-braised lamb leg with saffron sauce. Over in Covent Garden, Cinnamon Bazaar (£65pp) will be offering a five-course set menu and sharing sides for the table. At Cinnamon Kitchen City (£75pp), sip cocktails under the stars on the all-weather terrace in Devonshire Square before feasting on dishes such as tandoori spiced venison; and pan seared cod with Kerali sauce with DJs and dancing from 9:30pm-1:30am.

Decadent New Year’s Dinner and Bottomless Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel London
The luxury Park Lane hotel’s restaurant, Amaranto, will be offering caviar and truffle menus alongside it’s a la carte along with a live band for a decadent end to 2021. On New Year’s Day, guests can enjoy a three-course bottomless Ruinart N.V Champagne brunch (£125 per person), with a choice of sweet, eggs and savoury dishes such as buckwheat pancakes; omelette Arnold Bennett; and wagyu beef burger with truffle mayonnaise.

Champagne and Sushi at The Rooftop
The Rooftop at the Hippodrome Casino is the perfect spot to countdown in the clouds. With views of the West End skyline, bookings from 9pm will be able to take the celebrations into the small hours, with Lola’s Underground Casino entertainers making a special appearance for midnight. For just £50 per person, enjoy a large sharing sushi and sashimi Ocean Plate from the award-winning Heliot Steak House, plus, a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Rosé Champagne. Cheers to that!

Sky-High Dining at Searcys at The Gherkin
For the ultimate dining experience in the city, ring in the New Year at the very top of London’s most iconic skyscraper; The Gherkin. Enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon Champagne before indulging in a five-course dinner in the Helix restaurant with breathtaking views over London’s skyline, with celebrations continuing into the night as the clock strikes midnight!
Price: £350 per person.

Decadent feast and live music at The Park, Teddington
Enjoy a night of indulgence with a four-course feast at the stunning Park in Teddington. Enjoy a menu showcasing the best of seasonal fare including Seared king scallops with cauliflower and bacon crumb, Spiced duck breast with duck leg bon bons and Salted caramel tart, paired with beers and winter cocktails. Then dance to the night away with live band The Forty Fives and DJ Erold until the early hours. There are also a selection of stylish Boutique or Feature bedrooms awaiting to set you up the next morning to face the year anew.
Price: £75

1.) Gift a framed or canvas wall print from Claudio Ghiglione , the Italian Polar research Scientist who studies to preserve the beautiful landscapes he also photographs (As featured in the national press this week – The Photographers Opening Our Eyes To The Climate Crisis)

Picfair store:

“I like to use my images, supported by my knowledge on polar science, as a teaching method to reach as many people as possible and to communicate with the next generation, people and institutions about what is going on in these particular areas.”
Claudio Ghiglione

2.) Purchase a print of one of Niki Colemont’s (AKA “Squirrelman’s”) iconic squirrel shots and support the Belgium photographer and Rwandan refugee who’s dedicated the last five years to honing this unique brand of concept photography to create these joyful images (as featured in Huffington Post, Mirror Online and Daily Telegraph)

Picfair Store:

“I just want to spread love with my pictures and make people happy and laugh. “People need to find hope and joy and I hope I can make them forget their problems, even if this is for two seconds”
Niki Colemont

3.) Norwegian mountain athlete and outdoor photographer Kilian Journet shoots breathtaking images involving mountains and glaciers, with proceeds going to his foundation supporting mountain preservation around the world

Picfair Store:
More info:

“I have been climbing mountains and crossing glaciers my whole life, and can observe how the effects of climate change have been devastating.
We all have a role in reversing this tendency and to ensure that the next generations are able not only to play in the mountains but to live on a healthy planet. High mountains and glaciers are an essential part of the planet’s life, from the water cycle to biodiversity, and my foundation is aiming to work for the protection of these regions and their role in the planet’s health.”
Kilian Jornet


The Box, Plymouth’s award-winning museum, art gallery and archive is promising a festive season to remember for all the family! Visitors can craft their own decorations, gift wrap and even hand-made presents at Christmas workshops, enjoy a special breakfast with Santa and a special late-night opening designed for children and adults of all ages, rounded off with festive treats at The Box Kitchen & Bar.

For those looking for store-bought Christmas gift ideas, The Box’s shop is bursting with a carefully curated selection of beautiful, handmade gifts – from festive candles to locally made cards and jewellery.

And for an entirely different festive experience – bring the heat of the Australian desert to you with a visit to the critically acclaimed exhibition of Aboriginal Australian art, Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters!

The Box’s Christmas Workshops are the ultimate way to channel festive creativity. Craft presents, level-up your gift wrapping or design decorations for your Christmas tree – there’s something for everyone.

£10 first child | £8 for each additional child | Accompanying adults go free. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Sessions are most suitable for children 5+.

27 and 28 November, 10am-11.30am, 12.30pm-2pm and 2.30pm-4pm
Go to town with your gift giving this year with personalised Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper with this festive printmaking workshop. Take inspiration from the plants, starfish and Mildred the mammoth in The Box’s natural history gallery or create something totally new! Use ready-made ‘stamps’ or make your own ‘printing blocks’ to have lots of fun creating some special Christmas crafts that you’ll be proud of.

4 and 5 December, 10am-11.30am, 12.30pm-2pm and 2.30pm-4pm
Create a very special candle holder that will make your Christmas candles really twinkle, a perfect gift to treasure! With an experienced facilitator on hand, learn different clay techniques using air dry clay, and take inspiration from stars ceramics in the Museum’s ‘100 Journeys’ gallery and Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition.

11 and 12 December, 10am-11.30am, 12.30pm-2pm and 2.30pm-4pm
Learn how to marble paper and create a handmade book to treasure and keep, or to give to a loved one. During this workshop you can experimenting with marbled paper and learning the basics of bookmaking!

18 and 19 December, 10am-11.30am, 12.30pm-2pm and 2.30pm-4pm
Make your very own Christmas decorations from fabric, felt and ribbons to hang on the tree! Use the incredible galleries at The Box as inspiration to capture your imagination. Whether it will it be the mammoth, Captain Scott’s polar adventures, a snowy owl, these decorations can be treasured every year.


Father Christmas will be starting his day in The Box Kitchen & Bar every weekend from 9am-11am from 27 November until 19 December and you’re invited. He’ll be there to greet families on arrival before they sit down for delicious breakfast fare like pancakes with maple syrup or blueberries. Adult entry is £10, under-18s for £7 – tickets are selling fast – limited dates available here.


Wave off Father Christmas before he returns to the North Pole on Sunday 19 December and explore The Box’s galleries out of hours. Enjoy some acoustic music and Christmas crafts for all to enjoy – plus tasty treats at The Box Kitchen & Bar too. £5 per person. Book online.


From cuddly woolly mammoth toys to locally sourced textiles and jewellery – there’s something for any age and taste in The Box’s carefully curated shop, both onsite and online.

For the person who has everything, gifting membership to The Box this Christmas for free, unlimited entry to both Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters for a burst of Australian desert heat during winter or Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy, plus discounted access to Elizabethan House and many other member perks is the ideal gift.

In the shop, there are new festive items to meet your gift-buying and decoration needs – from Plymouth-inspired Christmas Cards (£3.50 each) designed by local artist Sarah Smalldon to Christmas Felt decorations (from £3) handmade with biodegradable, sustainable materials using traditional needle felting techniques.

The Figgy Pudding Christmas Scented Tin Candle (£12.50) will fill any home with its delicious sweet and fruity Christmas fragrance bursting with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and for the hard-to-buy for jewellery lover in your life, there’s a stunning Silver Ocean Stacking Ring (£34), handcrafted by Devon Sent and inspired by the region’s stunning coastlines and rugged moorland, complete with hand-carved with wave and seagull details.


If you’re local or travelling over the festive period, a visit to The Box is the perfect day trip for anyone spending Christmas in the South West. As well as the critically acclaimed exhibitions Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters and Mayflower 400: Legend & Legacy, there are a series of fantastic galleries and spaces to explore at The Box, including:

• Figureheads: A magnificent display of 14 monumental ships’ figureheads, collectively weighing over 20 tonnes
• 100 Journeys: Great explorers and their discoveries, from Drake to Scott and beyond
• Mammoth: Plymouth’s incredible natural history collections featuring 1,000 pickled marine creatures and a full-size mammoth replica
• Port of Plymouth: A celebration of Plymouth’s naval and maritime past
• Media Lab: Interactive room featuring the UK’s largest regional film and television archive
• Cottonian Collection: Illuminated manuscripts, Old Master drawings and fine art
• Active Archives: Public access to The Box’s huge archive containing some of the city’s most fascinating documents

You can find out more about The Box at


Struggling for gift inspiration this Christmas? Maybe you have a fussy partner, or a difficult to buy for father-in-law? Well, Showcase Cinemas has the perfect gift idea that’s guaranteed to be a smash hit.

From the hard-core film fanatic to the person who just has it all, you can treat them to a Showcase Cinemas gift card. Available in any value between £5 and £100, the recipient can keep going back to the cinema for their film fix or share the experience with friends and family.

And what’s more, for a limited time only, for every £25 gift card purchased online or at the box office, customers will also receive a FREE £5 bonus card, which can be used between 1st January – 31st March 2022.

The 2022 calendar is packed with blockbuster films, so there’s something for everyone. From the hugely anticipated The Batman, which sees Robert Pattison take on the iconic cape, to Sing 2, which is destined to be a family favourite, alongside the next releases in the Jurassic World and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

So, roll out the red carpet this Christmas, and treat someone special to the big screen experience, plus a little bit of popcorn too!
The special gift card offer is available to purchase now, both online at and at your local Showcase, and can be used for any ticket or refreshment purchase.

For adults only, Wheyhey pays homage to our favourite festive drinks: Mulled Wine, Champagne, and Eggnog

Wheyhey – the sugar free, high protein ice cream brand – has announced it’s launching a trio of boozy ice creams in three classic Christmas flavours to get Brits feeling festive this year, launching on 16th November for £6 per tub.

Combining two of the UK’s favourite things, ice cream and booze, the limited-edition range comes in a Mulled Wine, Champagne, and Eggnog flavour.

There’s no denying that some of the best moments are shared over a drink at Christmas, so Wheyhey has stepped in to make sure magical moments can also be enjoyed while eating their creamy and boozy desserts.

The first from the trio that is set to launch is Mulled Wine, a take on the spicy festive drink packed with fruity flavours and star anise. One delicious scoop will let you experience the feeling of a Christmas market without having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Next, inspired by Brits favourite Christmas tipple, is a Champagne infused ice cream that melts luxuriously in the mouth. Exploding with acidulous flavours against a smooth vanilla ice cream – who said anyone should have to choose between an aperitif and dessert?

And finally, if your idea of a true Christmas libation is a mug of eggnog topped with a cinnamon stick – this tub is for you. The serve imitates the famous traditional drink containing freshly grated nutmeg, a mixture of rum and bourbon, whipped eggs, and fluffy cream.

As with the full range, the festive flavours are all sugar free and high in protein, meaning that over-indulging Brits at Christmas can look forward to a delicious and healthy treat in amongst the hordes of chocolate, Christmas pudding, and pigs in blankets.

Dan Kaminski, Head of Innovation at Wheyhey, commented: “Our motto is to live outrageously well and now that we can finally have a normal Christmas together again, we want to create something special for the nation to enjoy.

“We often worry about overindulging during the festive period. But fear not, our three flavours are sugar free, low in calories and high in protein, so you can enjoy a delicious healthy dessert after the indulgent Christmas dinner.”

As the products are limited edition, you will need to act fast to get your hands on these flavours. They can be purchased online via with an RRP of £6 per 500ml tub, from 16th November whilst stocks last.

*Note: All products are alcohol free


Showcase Cinemas is celebrating one of the most colourful and cosy dates of the festive season – national Christmas Jumper Day – by offering their Insider members a free portion of popcorn on Friday 10th December.

On the day itself, members must simply don their favourite festive jumper and rock up to their local Showcase Cinema, ticket in hand, to qualify for a free small helping of the popular cinema snack, whilst enjoying the festive fun being played on the big screen this December.

Guests feeling the Christmas spirit will be able to enjoy new festive film releases including A Boy Called Christmas, released on November 26th, and Boxing Day, which hits the big screen on December 3rd, as well as Steven Spielberg’s take on the classic West Side Story, released on Christmas Jumper Day itself – December 10th.

And that’s not all…the perennial “is it a Christmas film?” debate can be had with Die Hard also showing on December 10th.

Showcase Cinemas UK General Manager, Mark Barlow, said: “We’re so excited for Christmas Jumper Day and can’t wait to see our guests in their festive favourites. So much so that our staff will be joining in too to make a real day of it.

“Insider members can grab their free small popcorn when seeing a film at their local Showcase Cinema, so take your jumper out of your wardrobe and sign up now to join the Insider scheme to receive this and many more benefits.”
Not only do Insider members have the chance to claim their free small popcorn on December 10th, but they will also be able to earn 10% Insider Rewards on all ticket, snack and drink purchases, plus discounted admission after 7pm Sunday and all-day Monday and Tuesday, and exclusive access to advance screenings. You can join for free via the Showcase website here.*

*Insider members must be 15 years of age or older.


Photo credit: Sebastian O’Reilly
PRICE: £48
Instagram: @jomolondon

Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell are delighted to announce the launch of JOMO’s flagship product: a luxurious sexual arousal oil infused with CBD.

Created as part of their quest to close the gender pleasure gap by creating a sexual wellness brand that connects sex and self-care, JOMO’s CBD Arousal Oil is an all-natural topical oil designed to work in harmony with your body. JOMO aims to elevate your intimate experience, ease discomfort, and help increase sensitivity, providing gentle lubrication through a unique blend of 100% plant-based oils and extracts.

Its key CBD ingredient is formally known as cannabidiol and informally called the “miracle molecule”. It has been well reported that CBD encourages relaxation. Alongside this, numerous women have reported that CBD increases blood flow which in turn enhances sensitivity, allowing CBD to boast an impressive sexual wellness portfolio of benefits. With a brand name inspired by the Joy Of Missing Out, JOMO is designed to celebrate those nights we choose to spend between the sheets, whether for a sensual solo experience or indulging in quality time with a partner.

The concept of JOMO first came about when founders Liv and Bella began to discuss how, despite the fact we are encouraged to be open about our sexual curiosities as well as our hang-ups, for many women, that is far easier said than done. Mainstream media, films and advertisements might have you believe that talking about sex comes easily to everyone. Sex is glamourised, and we rarely address the myriad of reasons that often lead to this topic becoming synonymous with feelings of embarrassment and guilt in everyday life.

Campbell’s career as a celebrity makeup artist has helped inform the appearance of the final product. “We want women to feel comfortable with JOMO as a staple item on their bedside table,”, states Bella. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that the look and feel of the product is sleek, elegant, and timeless. Most of us are happy to invest in products that look after our face – why don’t we look after our most intimate parts in the same way?”

The co-founders are on a quest to redefine female sexual wellness and empower women on their sexual journey. They aim to put the focus back on women, what women need and what women want, enabling women to facilitate sexual exploration, remove shameful and embarrassing connotations, and shift the cultural narrative surrounding sexual pleasure.

Composed of a naturally balanced blend of hemp-derived CBD, jojoba oil, black pepper extract and flower extracts, JOMO’s CBD Arousal Oil is designed to be a luxury staple for sexual self-care.

“The discomfort and unease that women so often feel when it comes to talking about sex can leave us unable to address the issues that stop us from having a fulfilling sex life,” says Liv. “In a world where sexual shame is still so prevalent, we hope to help take some of the embarrassment out of sexual wellness by using our platform to talk openly and positively about women’s sexual wellness and how to improve it.”
Bella goes on to explain that “challenges that make it harder to enjoy sex can be due to a wide range of reasons including stress, our menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception, the menopause, and other common issues, and yet too many women view this as some kind of personal failure. In 2019, the World Association of Sexual Health declared pleasure a human right, but not addressing these issues can sabotage our chances of enjoying our bodies, on our own or with a partner. The Journal of Sexual Medicine states that 35% of women have said they’ve never even tried using personal lubricant – and that’s something we seek to change.”


Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell understand on a personal level that every woman has a story to tell.

Liv is a fine-art photographer specialising in the female form, who is a stand-out star on Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea. Liv also has her own experiences with breaking free of shame and stigma. She has been incredibly candid about her struggle with alopecia and has used her platform to work to help others who may be experiencing similar issues.

Bella is an acclaimed professional celebrity makeup artist, with over 15 years of industry experience. She boasts an impressive portfolio, with clientele including Paris Hilton, Dominic Cooper, Catherine Tate, Kiefer Sutherland, Liam Payne, Tim Burton, Sophie Anderton, Hofit Golan, Jimmy Carr, Amanda Eliasch, Ridley Scott and Marco Pierre White. Her work has appeared in titles such as Net-A-Porter, Cosmopolitan, Elle magazine and Style Magazine and channels including BBC, ITV, E4, Amazon Prime Video and Channel 4. She has worked with brands all over the world including, M & C Saatchi, Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, Haagen Dasz and John Frieda.

“We can no longer depend on our governments to solve the crisis. We need to take ownership of our planet and accountability for our actions.
The change starts with us.”
-Azad Mardukhi – Founder / CarbonTrees

We literally consume trees every day. If we don’t act now, it will only be a matter of time before the planet has nothing left to give us. Reducing our carbon footprint is no longer enough to solve the climate crisis. We need to give back some of what we’ve taken from nature, and now we can. Just launched, CarbonTrees offers a real, natural, and effective climate change solution that gives back to the planet. Simply stated: They plant trees, restore forests, and repair soils. By providing fast, easy and affordable access to tree-planting, any consumer, business or organization can get involved by simply purchasing trees for $2 each. The CarbonTrees team will plant and care for them.

To commemorate the launch, CarbonTrees has already planted 55,000 trees in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Another 130,000 trees will be planted in Cochrane, Ontario next fall. In their first year the goal is to plant 1,500,000 trees or 2000 acres (809 Ha) of restored forests. 2022-2023 will see international expansion in Asia, Africa, and South America. California is currently in the works.

80% of the world’s terrestrial animals and plants live in forests. 95% of animals return to reforested lands. Honeybees pollinate 80% of the world’s flowers and plants including over 130 types of fruits and vegetables. Healthy forests are essential to the survival of Bee populations. CarbonTrees plants native trees, shrubs, and grasses that capture carbon dioxide, methane and other harmful greenhouse gasses, while enhancing biodiversity and protecting wildlife.

The cleantech industry is in search of a “machine” or “device” that mechanically sequesters CO2. That device already exists in nature. Trees sequester carbon while providing a wide array of ecosystem services that other climate solutions don’t. Trees, soils and other plants are the only available and scalable tools that sequester carbon. The best carbon-capture machine created to date uses 100 times more carbon that it can currently sequester. Trees produce oxygen. Trees clean water. Trees curb climate imbalance and natural disasters. Trees provide food and shelter to millions of animals and organisms all crucial to our survival. Planting trees comes with all the benefits of traditional carbon offsets with added biodiversity benefits and crucial ecosystem services.

Founded by entrepreneur and social activist Azad Mardukhi, CarbonTrees is actively engaged in nature-based climate change solutions and global biodiversity enhancement. CarbonTrees actively manages all our forests. Forest management begins with silviculture, which is the growing and cultivation of trees into healthy, diverse and resilient forests. The first step to any reforestation or afforestation project is developing a scientific, evidence-based silviculture plan. Having accredited scientists and certified forest management experts manage a young forest is critically essential to its’ success.

“I first had the idea to launch CarbonTrees when I was building custom homes in Toronto. I saw so much wood go to waste in the demolition process of the previous homes and so much wood get used in the construction of the new homes. I started doing research and realized that our consumption of wood far outweighed the replanting of trees”, Mardukhi explains. “I attended the COP21 Paris Climate Conference. In 2017, and was personally trained by Al Gore and certified as a Climate Reality Leader”

Mardukhi learned as much as he possibly could about climate solutions, forests and forest sciences and surrounded himself with the world’s foremost climate scientists and silviculture experts. He came to the conclusion that forests are the best available climate solution, and that they are almost entirely neglected in the broader discussion of climate change solutions.

“When I realized that only one country had met its climate promise five years after the Paris agreement, I decided it was time to make this my full-time job and mission in life.” Mardukhi said. “Climate change is right now; it is no longer a future concern. We can no longer depend on our governments to solve the climate crisis. We need to take ownership of our planet and accountability for our actions. The narrative that surrounds climate change revolves around “reduction”. We need to give back some of what we’ve taken from nature. Reducing our footprint is no longer enough to solve the climate crisis. We need real climate action. The solutions are in our nature and it’s up to us to activate nature.”

One third of all greenhouse gas emissions are removed by forests. Trees are the only available scalable tools that sequester carbon and harmful greenhouse gases. CarbonTrees is planting 100% native species. They don’t just plant and walk away. CarbonTrees forests are actively managed by forest scientists, Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) and silviculture experts. “Planting trees and walking away is like dropping your kids off at school and never picking them up,” Mardukhi said.

No pesticides are used. CarbonTrees values fungi, grasses, and other plants. They do not plant monocultures or use foreign or invasive species.

For more information on CarbonTrees, log into

Want to give a loved one the ultimate treat this year? Secret Spa has the perfect range of self-care treats, from manicures to massages, to help family and friends relax this Christmas.

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and it’s a time known for stress, busy days and cold, wintry nights. What better way to treat someone this Christmas than with a relaxing treatment from Secret Spa. Whether it’s some well-deserved self-care or gifting someone else who needs some down time, check out all the great treatments Secret Spa has to offer – all available from the comfort of home.

Gift Card
Left it last minute? No problem! Indulge your nearest and dearest with a Secret Spa where they can choose their favourite treatment from the team of elite beauty professionals. With home appointments from 6am-10pm, it’s the perfect fail-safe gift for anyone who deserves to be spoiled.

Manicures & Pedicures from £29
Know someone who loves a good mani-pedi? Secret Spa’s highly skilled nail technicians carry a wide range of premium polishes, both classic and gel, to deliver an immaculate manicure and pedicure at home.

Massages from £45
Christmas is always a stressful time, with work busier than ever and presents to be bought, so what better way to treat your loved one than with a relaxing massage. It’s also the perfect gift to give yourself, to help recover from the stress of spending Christmas with the in-laws! The team’s mobile massage therapists are certified to the highest levels in a range of techniques to deliver spa-quality, full body massages for the ultimate relaxation at home. Whether it’s a relaxing massage, a sports massage or a deep tissue massage, Secret Spa’s massage therapists are here and ready to pamper.

Spray Tans from £36
Treat your loved one to a mobile spray tan in their own home, ready for the party season, with Secret Spa’s specialised tanning professionals. The spray tan will take place in a tanning tent to keep their home perfectly clean. With no travel to a tanning salon needed, dry off in private and get the perfect result of a glowing tan, ready to bring in the New Year.

Facials from £63
The wintry cold weather really does take a toll on our skin and with the Christmas stress there’s never quite enough time to rejuvenate. Secret Spa is offering the perfect treatment of a luxury mobile facial in the comfort of your home. The team’s expert facialists tailor treatments to skin types, bringing a bed, towels and all necessary equipment. Secret Spa is now offering two new glow-enhancing facials co-created with multi award-winning skincare brand, OSKIA.

For further information on the full range of treatments from Secret Spa and to book a treatment visit

Marco Pierre White’s London Dry Gin: Mr White’s
Famed chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White has launched Mr. White’s London Dry Gin, a Juniper led Gin with botanicals such as hand peeled orange, lemon verbena and fresh lavender. This limited edition first batch gin and bottle, makes for the perfect gift for any Marco fan, gin lover or collector. The bottle is not pretentious or extravagant, it is simply crafted and glamorous and Marco recommends re-using the bottle as watercraft or a vase.

Marco has always loved gin, he distinctly remembers the smell of the juniper berries from when he made his way to and from Harveys, London. When learning the craft of distilling gin Marco stated the basis for a good sauce is the same principles as the basis of a good quality spirit.

Exclusively available at Mr. White’s Gin House, Leicester Square or order online here Instagram

SP: £45 excluding pp.

Joy For All Companion Pets (pictured) might be of interest if you are looking at including something a little different.

The company behind the pets, Ageless Innovation, created a portfolio of animatronic, interactive cats and dogs which are proven to help combat loneliness and improve mental wellbeing amongst older adults, and those living with dementia.

Lifelike and realistic, the Joy for All Companion Pets were designed to look, sound, and feel just like real pets – without the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Joy For All Companion Pet Cat – RRP £109.00
Available from:
The Companion Pet Cat looks, feels and sounds like a real cat – but is so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. This beautiful cat responds to petting, hugging and motion much like the cats you know and love, plus purring technology further enhances the life-like qualities. The Companion Pet Cat is available in three colors: silver and creamy white, orange tabby, and black and white tuxedo. Batteries included.

Joy For All Companion Pet Pup – RRP 128.00
Available from:
The newest addition to the Joy for All line of animated companion pups has the same great innovative features you’ve come to love! The Freckled Pup has a freckled muzzle, soft, thick, life-like brown and white coat, and loveable floppy ears.

JAM Audio recently launched the Sound Stream+ Turntable, the perfect gift for any vinyl lover, and the Athlete True Wireless Earbuds are ideal for those who enjoy blasting the tunes whilst exercising.
Sustainable audio brand House of Marley’s Positive Vibration XL ANC Over-Ear Headphones are a great eco-friendly option if you’re looking to gift sustainably this Christmas.

JAM Sound Stream+ Turntable – RRP £149.99
Available from:, HMV

The Sound Stream+ Turntable includes built in speakers, ready for you to play any vinyl straight out of the box. Suitable for 33 ¹/₃, 45, 78 RPM records. This turntable also includes a headphone jack for solo listening parties.

JAM Athlete True Wireless Earbuds – RRP £49.99
Available from:, Amazon, Argos

Experience true wireless freedom with JAM’s TWS Athlete earbuds. Offering up to 6 hours of playtime (or 30+ hours when you use the rechargeable case), they’re ideal for getting your sweat on virtually anytime. The ultra-flexible ergonomic ear hook design moves with you, so they won’t shake off during an intense workout and make hands-free calling even more comfortable and convenient.
House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC Over-Ear Headphones – RRP £149.99
Available from:, Amazon, HMV

The Positive Vibration XL, now come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that can be switched on or off, whenever you need to. The headphones offer 32 hours of playback with ANC switched off, and 26 hours with ANC switched on. Quick-charge technology means a 15-minute charge results in a 2-hour playback boost. Also featuring 40mm Hi-Definition Drivers for that signature Marley sound and crafted using FSC certified wood, recyclable aluminium and iconic Marley REWIND™ fabric.

Secret Santa Gifts for Her
Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland 4 Bath Fizzers Set £6.99
Is your co-worker a bath-a-holic? What better gift to make their Christmas than a stunning set of four festive and botanical fragranced bath fizzers? Help them to relax over the break with these richly scented fizzers, ideal to warm up in the crisp December weather!

Yankee Candle Votive Set Of 8 £9.99
Who doesn’t love a candle? This set of eight different Yankee Candle votives takes the hard decision of guessing what your co-workers favourite scent is. With eight festive fragrances that will last for the whole season, this set is the ultimate gift for every home lover.

Wine Bottle Opener Set £9.99
We all have (at least) one co-worker who is known for their love of wine. But if wine isn’t quite in your budget, why not gift the ultimate accessory set? This five-piece kit comes with everything a wine aficionado should have in their kitchen – from a bottle opener to a bottle stopper – and comes in a handy wine bottle shaped case!
Secret Santa Gifts for Him
Cheeseboard And Knife Set £9.99
Do you have a resident office cheese connoisseur? This 100% eco-friendly, natural bamboo cheeseboard and knife set is the ideal gift for them! This versatile set includes three different cheese knives, allowing you to appropriately serve an array of cheeses to your guests: an excellent choice for that cheese aficionado.

Gibsons 1980s Sweetie Puzzle £9.99
Know somebody who loves sweets, but is trying to cut down on sugar? No problem! This gift is for them! Travel back in time to the golden era of all things sweet with the Gibson’s 1980’s Sweet Memories Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Tin! This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is presented in a beautifully designed rectangular tin, and will be sure to take any jigsaw puzzle (or sweetie) fan on a delightful trip down memory lane.

18 Piece Mini Screwdriver Set £7.99
Treat the office handyman (or DIY dodger) to this special edition screwdriver and bit set! Manufactured from carbon steel and presented in a quirky branded can, this handy set is ideal for any DIY enthusiast.
Funny Secret Santa Gifts
Poo-pourri Toilet Spray £4.99
There is always one person in the office who can never admit to leaving a pong in the shared loos – but we all know who it is! And this novelty (yet practical) gift is for them. With Poo-pourri’s most popular scent, simply spritz the bowl before you go and it elimates the bathroom odour before it even begins.

FunTime Desk Sucker Punch £9.99
Who has the most stressful job in the office? Help them beat away the stresses of everyday life with the Sucker Punch! This mini punching bag has a suction base that holds to any wooden or metal desktop surface, so your co-worker can take out their pressures on the bag, at their desk!

Christmas Jokes Toilet Roll £3.99
Christmas cracker jokes shouldn’t be reserved for Christmas day only. Give the gift of a festive chuckle every time your co-worker uses the loo with this toilet roll adorned with Christmas cracker jokes. You could even leave it in the office bathroom, for an all-rounder surprise gift!

Secret Santa Gifts for Under £5
Hot Chocolate Bomb £2.99
This Christmas, give the gift of chocolate. This ball of luxury drinking chocolate comes with a magical surprise of mini marshmallows! Simply place the Hot Chocolate Bomb in a glass or mug and enjoy the theatrics when you pour in hot milk. As the chocolate melts, silky mini marshmallows will float to the surface, creating a delicious and decadent festive drink. It’s a winner.

Flo Slogan Socks – “If you can read this, bring me a cup of coffee” £4.99
For the co-worker that somehow consumes more coffee than the rest of the office combined. These slogan socks are made from cotton and are fully machine washable, as well as being a fun quirky gift! Designed to fit sizes 4-8, these soft and durable socks are the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Robert Dyas Gift Voucher £5.00
Unable to decide what to buy someone? Then why not let them choose something for themselves and get them a Robert Dyas £5 Gift Voucher? For store use only.



SEVENTIES cinema classic Grease, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, has been named as Britain’s favourite big screen musical, according to new research1.

The study, carried out by Showcase Cinemas in advance of the highly anticipated release of West Side Story, sees the musical rom-com take over a quarter (26%) of the vote.

Britain chose the swaying hips of Danny Zuko and pitch perfect singing of Sandy Olsen as their favourite movie musical of all time, ahead of Julie Andrews’ smash-hits The Sound of Music (21%) and Mary Poppins (20%) which rounded off the top three. Disney’s The Lion King just missed out on a spot at the top table with 19% of the votes.

Grease, the classic teenage rom-com, dominated elsewhere too, as the nationwide vote saw the T-Birds and The Pink Ladies claim the nation’s favourite song from a musical – ‘Summer Nights’ (28%). Grease’s ‘You’re The One That I Want’ also tied for best dance scene alongside Dirty Dancing’s ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’. The American teenage smash-hit finished off its winning streak by taking the crown for most romantic musical moment with Sandy’s ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ (23%) scene.

To this day, musical movie masterpieces continue to grace the big screen receiving rave reviews across the country, and another one to add to the collection is the latest film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical West Side Story, which lands at Showcase Cinemas nationwide on December 10th.

The classic Bernstein and Sondheim musical hit Broadway back in 1957 and was an immediate success. The plot follows the conflict between New York City street gangs the Jets and the Sharks, drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The latest adaptation sees Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg take the director’s seat.

Alongside musical movies, biopics have also captured the hearts of the nation by retelling the stories of music icons. Research from Showcase Cinemas reveals that Britain’s most loved biopic of all time is 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, taking over a quarter of the national vote (28%).

The Elton John biopic Rocketman (16%) came in second, with the story of legendary country rock and roll star Johnny Cash in Walk the Line (15%) coming third.

Julie Andrews’ performance as Mary Poppins saw her crowned Britain’s favourite character from a musical with a quarter of the vote (25%), with Simba from The Lion King just missing out as the number one choice (20%).

However, when it comes to animated musicals, over a third of participants opted for 1994’s The Lion King.

Mufasa’s death in The Lion King was voted the saddest scene of all time in a musical, taking 27% of the vote. However, Scar failed to win most iconic musical villain, as that honour was bestowed upon Bill Sikes (25%) from Dickens’ novel turned musical, Oliver!, narrowly beating The Child Catcher (24%) from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

There was a modest dose of national pride on display north of the border as just under one in five (16%) Scots voted The Proclaimers musical Sunshine on Leith as their favourite of all time.

There was also a huge generational divide when it came to choosing Britain’s favourite musical. The 2013 Disney film, Frozen was named by 18 – 24-year-olds as their favourite big screen musical of all time, taking 21% of the vote. At the other end of the spectrum, the over 65s opted for the Von Trapps in The Sound Of Music, receiving just under a third of the vote.

Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “Musicals on the big screen have delivered so many iconic movie moments throughout the years, from dance scenes to soundtracks, it is near impossible to nominate a favourite.

“However, Grease became an instant phenomenon on release and has continued to capture the public’s hearts in the decades that followed, so it’s hard to argue with the nation’s choice here.

“Not only do musicals provide us with fantastic musical moments, but they also tell us stories in a unique way. We can’t wait to see people sit back and enjoy West Side Story when it lands on the big screen at Showcase.”

West Side Story is released on Friday December 10th, with tickets available now at:


1. GREASE (27%)
4. THE LION KING (19%)
5. MAMMA MIA! (19%)
7. OLIVER! (17%)

SEA LIFE Loch Lomond has become home to the UK’s first Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.
Sea turtles are known to migrate many thousands of miles in their lifetime, but on 19 November 2021 the turtle named April embarked on a life-changing journey of more than 5,000 miles – this time by plane.
April travelled from the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru to a new ‘forever home’ in Scotland thanks to the combined conservation efforts of the SEA LIFE Trust and Maldives-based environmental agencies, Reefscapers and Marine Savers.
Due to the pioneering rehabilitation efforts of a dedicated team, most of Marine Savers’ turtle patients are released back into the wild. Some, however, are too badly injured and need to find specialist homes overseas where they can live out their long lives – up to 80 years – in suitable environments like those provided by SEA LIFE.
When April was discovered in Raa Atoll – one of the 26 groups of islands that make up the Maldives – she was floating on the ocean surface entangled in ghost netting with a plastic bag around her neck. April was already missing her right front flipper due to the ghost netting entanglement and her left front flipper was wounded by friction from the plastic bag. An x-ray later revealed she was also suffering from a lung infection, with possible tears in her lungs.
Despite the loving care April received at the Centre, which has seen her flipper heal and her energy return, her ongoing buoyancy issues make a return to the wild impossible. Instead, Marine Savers’ Flying Turtles Project, SEA LIFE and its official conservation charity, the SEA LIFE Trust, teamed up with IAG Cargo to fly April to her new home in the UK.
It’s a continent-spanning journey that has required an oceanic level of planning and saw April travel first by speedboat then by plane to Glasgow via London, and on to a bagpipe welcome at Loch Lomond. Already something of a celebrity at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa – the sister resort of Landaa Giraavaru where she awaited the approval of paperwork and inspections – April’s star is on the rise as the whole adventure will be filmed to raise awareness of SEA LIFE conservation projects.
Kathryn Angel, SEA LIFE Loch Lomond’s General Manager said: “We are thrilled to welcome April to the Loch Lomond family, she has settled in brilliantly. To have a turtle in our facility once again is a real pleasure. The work carried out by the Marine Savers team in the Maldives has been amazing and its remarkable to see how well April has recovered.
“We are passionate about working with teams overseas to protect and rehabilitate injured and stranded sea creatures. We’re so proud of the hard work and dedication our team has to ensure the magnificent creatures in our waters are cared for and live a happy danger-free life, and April is yet another example of this. We’re so excited to introduce her to our guests once she’s completely comfortable with her new surroundings.”
It’s a sentiment echoed by Armando Kraenzlin, Regional Vice President & General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru, who said: “April and the other Flying Turtles represent our overarching conservation commitment at Four Seasons – our responsibility as inhabitants of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is not one we take lightly. We’re delighted to partner with SEA LIFE to offer her a second chance.”
April joins five other sea turtles flown to new homes through the Flying Turtles Project, while Marine Savers have rehabilitated and released more than 180 others to date. Other conservation projects at Four Seasons Maldives include one of the world’s most successful reef propagation projects, as well as the Maldivian Manta Ray Project – founding project of The Manta Trust, now the world’s leading global manta ray charity. A 2020 partnership with the NOW Force for Good Alliance and EarthCheck is part of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives ongoing commitment to grow and do better.
SEA LIFE and The SEA LIFE Trust work in partnership to rescue and rehabilitate injured, sick and stranded sea creatures. The SEA LIFE Trust owns and operates marine wildlife sanctuaries (including the world’s first Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland), runs inspiring conservation campaigns and funds projects and education programmes that champion the need to protect our oceans.
Presenter of BBC, CBBC and Discovery Channel programmes, marine conservationists and extreme adventurer Andy Torbet has been following and documenting the unique journey of April, from the Maldives to his home country of Scotland. He said: “I am delighted to be part of this project moving April, the first Olive Ridley turtle to reside in the UK, from the Maldives to Loch Lomond in Scotland.
“Olive Ridley Turtles are not native to the UK, but SEA LIFE will mimic the environment that April would naturally inhabit in the Maldives. The reason April has become one of the Marine Savers ‘Flying Turtles’ is because her injuries, sustained through plastic pollution, meaning that if she were to be released into the wild she would not survive as she lacks the buoyancy required to dive for food. This is why SEA LIFE have embarked on this mammoth effort to move April, meaning she’ll lead a healthy life within her new home from home at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond. I look forward to seeing April thrive within her new home in Scotland and to raise awareness of the plight that Olive Ridley Turtles face in the wild and the ongoing conservation efforts of the SEA LIFE Trust.”
To visit April in her new home, and to view the exclusive film of her journey, alongside more than 1,500 other sea creatures at the aquarium, head to SEA LIFE Loch Lomond’s website here:

Foodhub CEO predicts augmented takeaways will be the new way to order food
Augmented reality (AR) will transform food delivery within the next five years as the industry prepares for a technological evolution, according to the Foodhub CEO.

Ardian Mula says AR will enable customers to experience the sights, sounds and possibly even smells, of their favourite takeaway, allowing customers the full takeaway experience without leaving the house.

This year, Foodhub bosses have put plans in place for the development of AR within the business, placing the food delivery company at the forefront of the tech revolution.

Mr Mula says that many of the 20,000 restaurants and takeaways currently partnered with his Stoke-on-Trent-based firm could have access to the tech within just five years. He sees the development as a win-win for both consumer, who will enjoy a never-before-seen buying experience, and the trader, with access to a new and exciting marketing tool.

Mr Mula commented: “I see this technology as being a game changer for both the industry and the takeaway consumer. Imagine as a consumer if you could have the full takeaway experience, using just your smartphone and a pair of goggles?

“This could allow customers to effectively walk into a takeaway and get the full flavour of the business, from the branding to the shop interior. They could then ‘shop’ their own order, from building a burger to picking a pizza off the shelf, as well as interacting with staff – all from the comfort of their own living room.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s ordering habits have changed, and technology such as this will revitalise the industry in a way we haven’t seen for a long time.”

As progress is made developing this software, Foodhub is also placing significant resource into improving the technology available to independent takeaways right now, with the aim of using technology to improve efficiency, order levels and profitability.

Mr Mula said: “Whilst larger chains have had access to different technologies for some time, at Foodhub we want to see a level playing field across the big players within the industry and local high street takeaways.”

Meanwhile, it’s possible that takeaways will soon become entirely cashless, with more affordable technology such as pay by QR becoming the norm.

Mr Mula commented: “QR codes can be printed for pennies, a stark contrast to expensive payment hardware. In global markets such as India, there has been a big emphasis placed on providing businesses with these more affordable technologies, and we see a big opportunity to providing business owners with the chance to save on tech and instead invest elsewhere.”

In fact, deploying software online will reduce the need for takeaway owners to rely on hardware across the board. Fusion 2.0, an exciting update to Foodhub’s software system currently in trial with 100 takeaways nationally, will see traditional tools such as tills and printers being replaced with the need for only one device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

Using one device that can act as a digital chef’s menu, order management system, payment device and a tool to remove boundaries across multiple sites will result in less waste and increased efficiency.

Modularisation within the platform also gives takeaways the ability to access different features, whilst simply and easily being able to turn on and off anything they do not require access to. In turn, this provides access to cutting-edge technology, at an affordable cost.

Another development that aims to bring independents in line with larger chains is the more widespread introduction of automation. In practice, this involves kitchens having access to machinery that cooks food the same perfect way every time.

Mr Mula said: “While this tech, which has been used by big businesses for years, would reduce the need for staff, it would solve staffing issues for many whilst also resulting in increased customer satisfaction through providing a better, more precise, product. We’d love to see more independents with access to technology like this.”

When looking further into the future, within a decade Mr Mula foresees food being delivered by drones and robots, particularly in rural areas which are less accessible by car and motorcycle than cities.

Natasha Archer, at Archers Sweets in Leeds, has been working with Foodhub for just under a year and can already see the benefits technology is having on the business: “Over the last few years, we’ve been upgrading our tech capabilities in line with the functions available with the Foodhub platform.

“We’re currently trialling the new Fusion software and are really excited to see the changes this will have to our business. We can already see a difference with regards to profitability, and through the ease of running everything through one device.

“As an independent business, using the software developed by Foodhub means we are able to keep up with the biggest players in the industry, something we would struggle to do without access to technologies such as these.”

Overall, it is an incredibly exciting time for the industry, which thrived throughout the recent lockdowns and now needs to sustain the appetite for food deliveries.

Mr Mula added: “We’re incredibly excited about the evolution that the food industry is experiencing right now and Foodhub is pleased to be at the forefront of it. We are dedicating a lot of resource to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of this technology and are in a position to help our independent partners capitalise when the time is right.”

Overcoming Awkward Aims to Help Introverts Thrive in the Workplace
Courtenay, British Columbia/New York, NY, December 6, 2021 — Some people are electrified by the idea of business networking events, cold-calling and striking up conversations with total strangers. But for introverts, new people, new places and new challenges can trigger a knee-jerk reaction to run and hide.
To thrive in any industry where success hinges heavily on an ability to build relationships, an introvert must break free from crippling shyness and social anxiety. Here to help is bona fide introvert master marketer Monica Parkin.
In her ground-breaking new book, Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales, Parkin shares actionable strategies to create connections, build relationships, and establish loyal, repeat customers.
“How did a shy, socially awkward introvert like me turn into a master relationship builder?” Parkin asks. “Well, the answer is that you can evolve. … I was making myself crazy with all the social cues I did not understand and wondered why this comes so naturally to some people but was so impossibly hard for me. Today, I love the opportunity to go to events, meet people, hear people’s stories and build relationships. I can have the best of both worlds now, and so can you.”
Part memoir, part instruction guide, Overcoming Awkward reveals Parkin’s private struggles, shared with candid honesty and vulnerability. Her “one step at a time” approach, punctuated with personal anecdotes and humor, is easy to follow and implement.
In Overcoming Awkward, readers will learn:
– How to overcome social fears;
– How to build relationships effortlessly;
– Effective social media marketing;
– How to sow seeds for organic growth;
– How to win over angry clients;
– How to expand their comfort zone;
– The value of expert mentorship;
– And so much more.
“This is the definitive guide you’ve been waiting for,” Parkin adds. “Gone is the advice to introverts that they must learn to take on a persona that is light years away from who they really are. You will finally be free to just be you and will discover that your vibe attracts your tribe.”
Monica Parkin is a licensed mortgage broker and successful serial entrepreneur. She is an award-winning international speaker and the host of the Juggling without Balls podcast. She is also a self-professed introvert and crazy goat lady who lives on a small farm with an assortment of furry creatures. She loves to hear feedback from readers and looks forward to opportunities to speak on topics that empower others to feel more connected, confident and successful.
For more information, please visit
Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8773835998
Available from, and Goodreads

Book and Online Course Teach Veterans How to Market Their Value and Secure Their Futures

San Francisco, CA, November 23, 2021 — After nearly a decade as an Air Force aviator, Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is now a marketing professional and entrepreneur who knows first-hand the military-to-civilian transition chaos that all service members must navigate as they become veterans. Her groundbreaking new book, B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé, and companion online course deliver a solution that is described by Tiscareño-Sato as “counterculture to the institutionalized, ineffective, outdated way the DoD and DoL ‘prepare’ people to exit the service via the Transition Assistance Program.”

B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé readers will complete the “extracting product attributes” exercise, see nearly 30 examples of great branding created by veterans Tiscareño-Sato has personally coached, and learn how to write their own AUTHENTIC personal branding to influence their intended target audience. Tiscareño-Sato teaches readers a repeatable marketing messaging process that will be useful for years to come.

Asked about the book’s title, Tiscareño-Sato said, “I created the B.R.A.N.D. acronym to emphasize that military veterans must first Become Relevant, Authentic, Noticeable and Differentiated, instead of writing resumés that nobody will read. We are professionals with diverse, transferable skills earned during our military service. We must, however, first intrigue potential employers and networking partners with our distinctive value.”

The book has already reached No. 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the Military Family category, and the Military Writers Society of America recognized B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé with a 2021 Silver Medal.

If you’re a veteran or transitioning service member who has difficulty communicating the distinctive leadership experiences and achievements earned on active duty, Tiscareño-Sato’s guidebook and online course can equip you with the skills you need to demonstrate your worth, secure those job interviews, and achieve post-military success.

Author Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is an Air Force veteran, award-winning author and bilingual public speaker who has coached over 5,000 veterans, service members and professionals with live and virtual Authentic Personal Branding workshops. She is a highly decorated USAF aviator and was a 2014 White House Champion of Change honoree, which recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations whose extraordinary accomplishments positively affect communities. She completed her Air Force ROTC Aerospace Studies and her degree in Environmental Design/Architecture from U.C. Berkeley as a scholarship cadet. During Operation Southern Watch, she became the first Latina Air Force aviator to earn an Air Medal for combat air operations.

Tiscareño-Sato has won numerous literary awards for three prior publications, including a bilingual children’s book series inspired by her decade of military aviation service. Good Night Captain Mama/Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá and Captain Mama’s Surprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá are the first-ever bilingual children’s books about women flying airplanes in our nation’s military. She has been featured by NPR, USA Today, the NBC News website, CNN en Español, Univision and Telemundo.

For more information, please visit, or connect with the author on Instagram (graciela.tiscarenosato) and LinkedIn.

B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé: Your Marketing Guide for Veterans & Military Service Members Entering Civilian Life.
Publisher: Gracefully Global Group
Hardcover Release Date: November 11, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-9973090-7-2
Available now in paperback (ISBN-13: 978-0997309065) and Kindle (ISBN: 978-0997309067) formats from

Tis the Season to Overcome Crises of Faith

Tacoma, WA, November 26, 2021 — Is Jesus a man or a god? Did God create us? Is it true that we evolved? These uncertainties, among many others, plagued a young Roland G. Williams. When it came to spirituality, he had more questions than answers — a common denominator among those struggling with crises of faith.

“We have five major religions (Trinitarians, Unitarians, Oneness, Muslims and Jews) that set up a wall between one another, with all reading the same bible and coming up with five different gods,” Williams said.

In his quest to bring clarity, Williams spent 23 years researching and documenting the powerful messages he shares in his new book, God’s Me, Myself, and I: The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy (written under the penname God’s Sheepdog). In it, Williams delivers a spectrum of insights, aimed at explaining — and thereby conferring a deeper understanding — of many often-questioned biblical concepts.

In this book, Williams presents:
• Some of his own crises of faith.
• The prevalent theme of faith in the One God, from Genesis to Revelation.
• Scientific proof that God created prehistoric man, albeit not “in the likeness or image of God.”
• Compelling biblical reasons why keeping one’s faith is so difficult — yet so imperative.
• Compelling proof of the many major differences between God’s Spirit
Produced Son and God’s Begotten Son.
• That God is male and female, as referenced multiple times throughout scripture.
• That many bibles have changed and/or omitted God’s Word.
• How to genuinely increase one’s faith … for life.

Everyone has or will face crises of life and faith, Williams adds. These pivotal times are part of everyone’s spiritual journey. Why then do some people emerge from the crisis with their faith intact while others give up on God, the church and holy living?

“Walking through each crisis — while purposefully maintaining our faith — is the key to emerging from the crisis with our faith still vibrant and alive,” Williams said. “God’s Me, Myself, and I offers the key components to maintain one’s faith when going through crises.”

Roland Williams is originally from Mississippi. He is a former Trinitarian pastor, adult Sunday school teacher, retired chef, abstract artist, publisher and author. He believes in the Father, The Word, the Holy Spirit and the Begotten Son, but through research, understands that God is not a Triune God as the Trinity theology teaches Him to be.

He has studied scholars from Theophilus of Antioch to Tertullian; the Christian Theology of Dr. R. C. Sproul to Dr. James White; and Dr. David Bernard to Dr. Nathaniel Urshan; as well as Dr. Shabir Ally to Dr. Zakir Naik and others.

The University of Chicago History of Religions Journal Scholars Paul Copp, Matthew T. Kapstein and Christian Wedemeyer called Williams’ book “a solid piece of scholarship.”

Connect with Williams on LinkedIn @Roland Williams; Facebook (@Roland Williams) or Twitter (@rwilliams548).

God’s Me, Myself, and I: The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy
ISBN-10: 1732012202
ISBN-13: ‎978-1732012202
Available from and

November 22, 2021: Australian-made Woodsman Skincare has launched a range of men’s
skincare that proves that when it comes to taking care of their skin, Aussie men can choose
premium without the hefty price tag. Using high quality, natural ingredients, and eco-friendly
packaging you’d be proud to show off in your bathroom, the tightly edited new Woodsman range
features six skin and body care products to cleanse, scrub and moisturise, with every product in
the range available for $15 or under.
With a goal to create a natural men’s skincare range that was straight to the point and easy to use,
the new Woodsman collection includes two facial cleansers, (one for sensitive and one for
combination skin), a facial scrub, an everyday moisturiser with SPF, a handwash and a body wash;
all designed to give men bang-for-their-buck when looking to take the next step in their skincare
The entire range is based on clean formulations using proven natural ingredients, leaving out the
harsh chemicals commonly found in men’s skincare. From plant extracts like Quandong, Magnolia
Bark, Licorice Root, and Grapefruit Seed, to natural oils including Tangerine, Bergamot, Linseed,
Avocado, Patchouli and Argan Oils, Woodsman products are as gentle as they are nourishing and
suitable for a range of skin types.
Available online at and having recently secured national ranging at Coles
Supermarkets, Woodsman Skincare co-owner Geoffrey Turton is confident that the new range will
meet the needs of a large segment of the male population, whether they’re skincare novices or
“As a keen skincare user myself, I know that for too long, men have had to choose between super
‘blokey’ skincare filled with harsh ingredients that do little except strip the skin, or mainstream
skincare brands marketed at women with complex ingredients lists and multiple steps,” he said.
“What sets Woodsman apart is our no-fuss approach, giving Aussie men the confidence to take
better care of their skin, without having to invest hundreds of dollars in the process. While our

formulations are premium, our prices are not, and this has been part of our strategy from the outset:
Taking less of a margin so we can keep Woodsman as affordable as possible for our customers.”
With a leave no trace approach, Woodsman is committed to operating as sustainably as possible
and to continuously evolving its practices to improve its sustainability credentials. All Woodsman
products are vegan and cruelty free and all bottles are made using recycled plastics. Woodsman
will also plant a tree for every online order.
The Woodsman Skincare range includes:
Woodsman Skincare Dry and Sensitive Peppermint Face Wash
200ml, RRP $15.00
If you’re a dude prone to dry skin, put down the soap bar! This gentle milky face wash is
naturally scented with Peppermint Oil and Liquorice extract and is formulated to brighten,
soothe and clean the skin, while working to prevent the production of dark spots. With
Vitamin E and Magnolia Bark extract to help protect the skin from free radicals, this face
wash is the daily cleanser for those with skin prone to dryness or sensitivity.
Woodsman Skincare Oily and Combination Peppermint Face Wash
200ml, RRP $15.00
If you think soap is a good option for your oily and combination skin, think again! Harsh
soaps will only strip the acid mantle, which can cause your oil production to go into
overdrive. Instead, opt for this gentle foaming facewash formulated with native Australian
Quandong fruit extracts to gently strip away damaged skin cells and promote even
pigmentation. This is the perfect daily face wash to cleanse, brighten and balance oily
and combination skin.
Woodsman Skincare Licorice Root Face Scrub
200ml, RRP $15.00
Farewell dead skin cells and microplastics with this eco-friendly face scrub which uses
Bamboo Stem Powder to purify skin by eliminating built-up dirt and excess sebum. The
addition of Magnolia Bark Extract helps protect the skin from free radicals, while the
inclusion of licorice root helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and
hyperpigmentation. Best used just a few times each week to keep your skin singing!
Woodsman Skincare Everyday Moisturiser with SPF 15
120ml, RRP $15.00
Deeply nourishing, this every-day moisturiser with SPF15 is and packed with
nutrients like Vitamin E, and Grapefruit Seed Extract to promote skin elasticity, treat
dryness and keep the skin’s natural oils in balance. Natural oils such as Tangerine,
Bergamot, Linseed Oil and Seabuckthorn Oils are included for their dual antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Woodsman Skincare Wild Rum Hand Wash
200ml, RRP $10.00
The Wild Rum Hand Wash smells woody and fresh, designed to keep hands squeaky
clean without drying them out. Includes natural oils like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and
Avocado Oil as well as Vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6, the Wild Rum Hand Wash is designed
to keep hands moisturised and feeling silky smooth.
Woodsman Skincare Wild Rum Body Wash
200ml, RRP $13.00
Infused with Woodsman’s signature Wild Rum scent, this body wash is designed to be
your wingman in the shower, keeping skin hydrated and protected from wrinkling with
natural oils including Argan Oil, Coconut oil, avocado Oil and vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6
and A for nourishment. The combination of oils helps to condition the skin, supporting skin
growth and repair of wear and tear after a hard day’s work, whilst keeping skin smooth and
protecting it against cracking.
The Woodsman range is retailed through 800 Coles stores, or via the Woodsman website. For
more information visit

The Christmas trees are up, Mariah is on the radio, the advent calendars are open – it’s official, the festive season has officially started and it’s time to fill up those virtual shopping baskets with gifts for loved ones.

Jukes Cordialities, the sophisticated non-alcohol drinks that emulate the nose, palate and finish of a fine wine have released a sensational, seasonal stocking filler – their Limited-Edition Festive Box. The perfect gift for those who prefer a touch of sophistication to their alcohol-free tipple, the box contains a mix of different flavours, from Jukes 1, the ‘rich white’, to Jukes 6, ‘the deep red’ – all wrapped up in a beautiful, monochrome giftbox.

Based around organic apple cider vinegar, Jukes are alcohol free, vegan and extremely low in calories – less than 17 Kcal once mixed.

Priced at £42.50 and available only at: – free delivery throughout December. As seen in such elite restaurants across London as: Core by Clare Smyth, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Marcus and many more.

Treat your dog to REAL DOG LUXURY this festive season

Foxy Margot is the NEW luxury fur care collection for dogs that humans will love…because it smells divine, whilst being gentle and kind to that special four-legged person in your life.
Made in the UK by dog lovers, using gentle, vegan-friendly ingredients, Foxy Margot is the perfect stocking filler for dogs this Christmas (and for humans who love dogs but hate dog smells).
It’s a highly-concentrated, prebiotic range of shampoos, grooming sprays and balm, that helps cleanse, soothe, heal, hydrate and protect delicate dogs, leaving their fur silky, soft and scented with essential oils, not fox poo.
Foxy Margot was inspired by Margot, a real-life, Insta fox terrier with sensitive skin. Margot’s humans tried lots of different fragranced dog shampoos to keep her clean and smelling fresh, but most just left her dry and itchy.
Stroke Me Conditioning Shampoo
This luxuriously rich, PH-balanced, prebiotic Conditioning Shampoo contains moisturisers, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients, to help restore a healthy coat and leave it delicately fragranced with the sweet scent of neroli flowers. Highly concentrated, our deep-cleansing formula is kind on Margot’s delicate, dry skin.

Sniff Me Deodorising Shampoo
Margot’s lightly lavender-scented prebiotic dog odour control shampoo can help tackle even the most unpleasant fur smells. If your pup’s been rolling in something whiffy, this deep-cleansing formula, with anti-bacterial cleaning power, helps banish nasty odours, rather than mask them.

Smell Me Deodorising Mist
Our prebiotic fragrance mist instantly freshens fur, leaving it delicately scented with the sweet scent of neroli flowers. Perfect for in between bath times or when your pup smells doggy. A light spray in the air also helps to freshen up a canine bedroom.

Smooth Me Detangling Spritz
Discover a fragrant way to tackle tangles. There’s less brush biting from Margot, thanks to this nourishing, antioxidant-rich, neroli-scented leave-in conditioner – just silky-smooth fur that’s easier to style. Our rich, vegan-friendly formula is kind to her sensitive skin but tough on the frizzy fuzz.
Soothe Me Nose & Paw Balm
Margot’s rich, nurturing dog rescue balm is made for delicate noses and paws. The prebiotic formula helps soothe and heal damaged, dry or irritated skin. Apply to sore pads and skin folds to help fight bacteria and keep skin soft and hydrated.

“I’ve been looking for something to soothe Dave’s nose for a very long time and this has certainly done the trick and has also calmed down the skin between his toes too. It’s a miracle!”
Rachel (& Dave the rescue Spaniel)

“This is genuinely the best shampoo we’ve had in ages for getting Kitty clean.”
Alison (& Kitty the Lakeland)

Margot likes chasing rabbits, but she’d never test her products on one. Each lovingly made foxy formulation has been tried and tested…on Margot. They’re crafted in small batches in the UK and made with natural aromatherapy oils, not nasty synthetic perfumes. We don’t use parabens, sulphates, phosphates, petrochemicals, phthalates or artificial colours. In fact, there’s nothing you wouldn’t want to put on your own skin and hair (if you’re a human).

* We only use recyclable bottles and tins.
Meet Margot and friends on her personal Instagram @the_foxy_margot
Find out more about real dog luxury @foxy.margot

Formulated for dogs, Foxy Margot products are available exclusively at

Stocking Filler Last Minute Gift Guide

Good things really do come in small packages! Whatever the budget this Christmas, here’s five gifts to add to the stocking filler list for any loved one…

Perfect for bathing enthusiasts…
Westlab: Limited Edition Christmas Collection: RRP £2.99, available at Home Bargains
Packaged with eye-catching and festive designs, the brand-new salts Peppermint Joy and Starry Night are perfect for injecting an element of festive cheer into the bathroom. Designed to relax, soothe and revitalise bathers, the Peppermint Joy salts nod to seasonal favourite candy canes with a fruity mineral-infused scent. Meanwhile, the Starry Night salts capture the true essence of Christmas with a spicy aroma. Transform every evening into a magic one with the warming fragrances of cinnamon, ginger and spiced orange. Aligning with Westlab’s ethical ethos, the new salts are made with 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free, along with being sold in 100% recyclable packaging.

Dr. Bronner’s: Peppermint Range – RRP from £3.75, available from
Go candy cane crazy this Christmas with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Range. Cooling, refreshing and festive, this skincare range really is the best option for human, home and the earth. Perfect as part of an eco-ho-ho stocking, this range includes a multi-purpose liquid soap, body lotion, lip balm and hand hygiene spray. Leaving loved ones feeling tingly fresh all through the festive season, each product is made with organic and fair-trade ingredients. Packaging is made from post-consumer recycled bottles and while already in circulation, Dr. Bronner’s provides a new purpose for existing plastic. They also encourage users to reuse bottles with larger bottles of liquid soap for decanting or by getting creative and repurposing the bottle for another use.

Perfect for a fitness junkie…
Four Sigmatic: Sweet Vanilla Protein – RRP £38, available from
With the New Year seeing many people setting new fitness goals, Four Sigmatic’s new chef-worthy Protein Powder is the perfect stocking gift for those on their wellness journey. Being vegan and easy to use, this versatile plant-based drink suits all lifestyles and diet preferences. Helping to elevate daily routines and overall wellness, the collection blends functional mushrooms and adaptogens to go way beyond simply helping muscle-repair post-workout. Available in a bulk-buy option, the protein powder comes in a completely recyclable tin can or can be refilled with other products. Not only gentle for the human but planet too, Four Sigmatic has recently partnered with tentree to plant 40,000 trees to absorb the amount of CO2 they release and become climate+.

Perfect for beauty lovers…
Mavala: Fabulous Lashes – RRP £21, available from Leading Pharmacies
Perfect for the beauty lovers in your life, this two-step duo leaves lashes looking gorgeous both day and night. Lashes need to be conditioned, just like the hair does, and this duo does just the trick. Amplify lashes during the day by using Mavala’s Creamy Mascara, infused with an effective protein-based formula to lengthen and strengthen. At night, use the award-winning Double Lash, a nutritive treatment to lengthen, strengthen and thicken the lashes within 28 days. Apply on lashes after removing make-up from the day and let the serum work its magic overnight!

Urtekram: Spicy Orange Blossom Body Wash and Body Lotion – RRP from £6.49, available from
Ideal for sustainably filling a stocking, this vegan body and hair care range is the best of winter skincare. The Spicy Orange Blossom Body Wash and Body Lotion both encompass the refreshing scent of orange blossom, perfectly balanced by warm Christmassy spices including cinnamon for an uplifting aroma. Combining moisturising and caring ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter with hyaluronic acid, these products keep skin soft and hydrated during the colder months and are both 99-100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert according to the guidelines of the COSMOS Organic Standard – the best of organic living this Christmas!


There may be a few weeks to go yet, but the countdown to Christmas is most definitely on! What better way to share the festive magic than supporting local this year? Whether you’re a super organised Christmas shopper or a last-minute shop dasher, here is some gift inspiration to suit even the most difficult to buy for friends and family.

Specialist liquor store and independent retailer Tipples of Manchester have announced their unique Christmas range, the perfect presents for drink enthusiasts and proud Mancunians.

A real hidden gem within the city, Tipples of Manchester is a haven filled with an eclectic mix of delicious drinks, from gin and vodka to whiskey and wine, which is proudly selected with expert knowledge and a great deal of care and attention. Not only do Tipples offer a ‘sip before you spend’ service to ensure you love what you’re buying, but the team even taste every single bottle themselves to ensure the best quality. Their gifts are sustainable too, everything is recyclable, so you know you can rest easy whilst enjoying your tipple.

Indie owners, Manchester lads, Greg Adams and Thomas Pedley opened the store on Lloyd Street in summer 2019, and have, since then been introducing the city to a wonderful range of specialist drinks and cocktail ingredients. Now, they’ve put together a unique range of gifting boxes for customers.

Certain to get you in the festive ‘spirit’, these gifts have been carefully curated to suit a range of tastes. Whether you’re buying for a Gin lover or an all-round spirit enthusiast, there is something for everyone.


The Tipples Tasting Selection of Manchester Gin, £21
Exclusive to Tipples, this gin-lovers dream features five different flavours of award-winning Manchester Gin, along with a fact sheet and tasting notes.

The Tipples Tasting Selection Rockstar Rums, £21
Exclusive to Tipples. Accompanied by tasting notes, enjoy five stunning spiced Rockstar rums, as seen on a variety of well-known TV shows, including Dragons Den.

There are over 25 core tasting kits to choose from as well as an ever-changing selection of limited-edition gifts for the more discerning drinker. Each box includes five 30ml bottles of your chosen spirit, accompanied by tasting notes to enjoy with your tipple. All packaged in store with the option to add a personalised message.

A Christmas Tipple, £33
Introducing the return of Tipples’ own branded gin. This wintertime gin has been perfected over the years, created with cinnamon, ginger and bitter orange – it’s not to be ignored! An excellent gift for those partial to a gin & tonic or two. Suggested serve with ginger ale, as a cocktail, or enjoy it hot.

Available to purchase from mid-October, these delightful gifts can be purchased both in-store (on Lloyd Street, Manchester) and online, with next working day delivery available.

Visit to see their full product selection.

Order whilst stocks last by December 22nd for delivery before Christmas
All from the UK’s biggest online supplier of Steiff

Steiff Santa Christmas Musical Teddy Bear 27cm £225 limited edition of 1,225 pieces. Mohair. Musical box plays “Silent Night” Steiff Winter Wonderland Set £399 comprises seasonally dressed Steiff teddy bear Bunny Squirrel, magical trees and an advent wreath. Light one, then two, then three and four candles on each Sunday before Christmas. Video preview here

Steiff Nativity Scene 2021 £275 Mary, Joseph and Donkey each 10cm and three way jointed, each item has the same limited edition number making this selection highly collectible. Limited edition of 1225 pieces. Steiff Christmas Sleigh Set £199 limited edition of 1,225 pieces.

Steiff Shaun The Sheep Ornament £89.99, limited edition. Steiff Disney Olaf the Snowman £119.99 Steiff Mouse Queen Ornament limited edition £119.99

About Steiff
🐻 Heritage brand collected by toy and bear enthusiasts worldwide
🐻 Steiff’s original antique bears sell for thousands at auction
🐻 All authentic Steiff pieces still have the famous button in the ear
🐻 Limited editions come with a certificate of authenticity
🐻 is the UK’s largest stockist of Steiff

Lessons From a Decade in Wearables: Reviewing Old Forecasts to Help Predict the Future

Including the upcoming holiday season, IDTechEx expects wearable technology products to generate over £90bn in revenue in 2021. Having covered this industry for the past decade, IDTechEx has developed an extensive database of historic and current market data, including covering 55 different product sectors, revenue and sales volume estimates for hundreds of companies, and across each wearable technology product sector. Each year, IDTechEx publishes updated market datasets and forecasts for the wearables sector. The latest version can be found in IDTechEx’s main report on the topic “Wearable Technology Forecasts 2021-2031”, or throughout the rest of IDTechEx’s report portfolio covering each sector (AR, VR, MR, Hearables, Smart Clothing & E-textiles, Electronic Skin Patches, etc.).

In this article IDTechEx will do something that is relatively unusual for a market research company to do: publicly compare old forecasts with what actually happened. There are several clear reasons why this is not usually done. Primarily, it is because market forecasts represent a viewpoint from a moment in time, governed by significant assumptions, with product or sector definitions that may change over time, and with a finite amount of knowledge and resources behind the forecast. As such, they are rarely perfect (particularly on longer timescales), but a good forecast should capture the major themes within a sector, the broad direction of travel for an industry, and critically, the core story behind the numbers. However, in looking back at old forecasts for this article, IDTechEx hopes to learn some lessons, both about the wearables industry and about market forecasting in general.

To start, the image shows both the 2016 market data and forecast (left), and the 2021 data and forecast (right, with x-axis inverted for ease of comparison). The following article examines each part of these datasets and discusses the accuracy across each part and the reasons behind it.

2016 Market Data and Forecast and 2021 Market Data and Forecast for the Wearables Market. Source: IDTechEx

Reviewing the forecast: How much did IDTechEx get right?

The general big picture story throughout the forecasts is consistent throughout. The market for wearable electronic products has grown significantly over this period of time, maintaining many of the core themes around health & wellness, style, comfort, and practicality. The overall message about the benefit and potential of wearable products being maintained over time.

Nearly all major sections have grown to some extent, even where the inflection points and growth rates have differed slightly. Over this time, the number of product types being assessed within this forecast has increased from 35 to 55, including separating out distinct areas such as hearables as they have matured. we have also seen the “other” product sectors become more distinct, moving from generic terms such as “other wearables” to more specific sectors such as “wearable cameras” as overall confidence in each sector and estimate improves.

However, the forecasted market size for several of the key sectors, as well as the overall shape of the growth does differ fairly significantly from the initial 5-year predictions. For example, whilst the general projections for sales volume forecasts in smartwatches as a sector perform relatively well when collated, IDTechEx also expected the price per unit to drop, as they had seen happen with more basic fitness trackers. This did not happen, and smartwatch average sales prices have remained high, keeping the total revenue strong. IDTechEx also initially anticipated a trend that would see more devices become increasingly independent from the smartphone. This narrative has been around for a while, but many products and companies are recognizing that this is perhaps a longer-term project that some initially suggested.

The largest discrepancy of all has come in hearables. In Q2 2016, hearables as a term had been coined, but the trend was largely limited to a couple of early start-ups and early prototypes. As such, the report at that time contained basic data for headphones and hearing aids, but little more. By the end of 2016, Apple launched Airpods and achieved almost unprecedented success with this new product type. Other vendors followed, and the entire industry has been transformed to a point where TWS headphones are now the dominant product.

As this trend unfolded, IDTechEx updated their datasets, expanding the hearables coverage to look at many more companies and device types, including adding sections covering cochlear implants, different categories of wireless headphones, and more. The report now also looks at the potential for disruption into the future, including the imminent changes in the hearing health industry as over-the-counter hearing health devices become more prominent.

The final larger section in the original forecast which shows a significant difference to the data is in virtual and augmented reality devices. This sector has been one of the hardest to predict, with billions of dollars of investment each year from the largest players, and aspirational forecasts from other vendors over time often being astronomically high (often easily into the hundreds of billions of dollars). In this case, IDTechEx always maintained a fairly conservative forecast; 2016 saw the launch of the first mainstream wave of consumer VR headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR), but IDTechEx still anticipated initial uptake to be modest, predicting that it would take time to develop content for this new format and that there were still many limitations with the hardware platforms.

IDTechEx had also seen AR come through the first wave of hype around Google Glass, which was being branded “a failure” by many in 2016. Fast forward to 2021 and the sector still feels in relative infancy; billions have been invested over time. The momentum is now being driven by Meta, who have focused their whole corporate rebranding from Facebook on a vision of the future based around the metaverse. Other companies continue with varying levels of commitment, including larger players like Microsoft, Sony, Alphabet, Snap, and others.

Just as in 2016, the community is still looking to Apple and speculating when they may launch something in this area, hoping that this will help the products take the final step into more aggressive growth. As such, the narratives in the forecasts here are nearly identical to in 2016 but come with the uncertainty of an industry that is fuelled by billions of dollars but is still trying to reach its inflection point.

Lessons from looking back

The numbers in the forecasts are far from perfect, but generally speaking the stories behind how growth will be achieved in each sector have held firm. The collated values of each line tend to balance out and the overall industry outlook remains consistent. This period of time included many new product launches from large players in new sectors, a major global pandemic, and many other significant events which would change the direction of the forecast, so it is difficult to feel too disappointed in the deviation, but it is also useful to look at the major lessons IDTechEx would take on board when looking back. Some ideas for these are as follows:

1. The power of the largest players

In the case of wearables, this could be rewritten as “the power of Apple”. In the past 5 years, Apple has launched two key products which have been industry-defining for wearables – the Apple Watch and Airpods. Each transformed the product sector which they lead, and together they contribute to Apple’s 36% revenue share of the entire wearables space.

As much as a start-up can gain significant funding and momentum around a new product type, the existing brand and infrastructure (from the supply chain to retail stores, to complimentary devices, to software, and more) of the largest players have a huge impact on their ability to scale and maintain a new product. As such, significant launches from larger players are far more likely to cause a step-change in a market trajectory than nearly any other driver. In itself, this is perhaps not surprising as a conclusion, but the extent to which this has been true for each product sector is the real lesson.

E.g. in wearables specifically, perhaps the hardest and most significant challenge for any ongoing forecast is predicting a potential Apple entry to VR/AR.

2. The sustained power of the smartphone

The ubiquity of the smartphone and its ability to communicate to other peripheral devices was the single biggest enabler for wearables. Wearables continues to benefit as part of the “peacetime dividend of the smartphone war”, where technology developed for the smartphone still underpins all of wearables today.

Periodically, IDTechEx integrate predictions that have predicted a decreasing reliance on smartphones, and/or a move in the center of gravity of personal computing away from the smartphone to another type of device. Each of these predictions has been significantly premature, and despite plateauing sales, the importance of the smartphone as the personal node as part of a computing infrastructure cannot be understated. This may eventually change, but these forecasts have shown that it will more likely be on a time period of decades rather than years.

3. The drivers, infrastructure, and fundamentals behind technology development

Different technology areas in wearables have moved on at different rates over this 5 year period. In areas like hearables, core technology improvements around radio communication and energy have been fundamental to the creation and growth of that sector. In other sectors such as AR & VR, core technology around optics and displays has been discussed for far longer and seen much larger investment and has progressed technically in many areas, but still remains in relative infancy commercially.

The lesson here is that technology development is not like-for-like in terms of progress. Each different area of technology has different trajectories, infrastructure, and fundamental challenges which they must work with.

If the infrastructure is huge, well established, and has a clear focus on a key short term development that will be critical for a new product (e.g. low power, latency-managed radio communication for TWS headphones), then it can make a significant change to a product landscape in a relatively short space of time. However, if the infrastructure is not as well established, or the key drivers behind the technology development are not well understood, or there are fundamental scientific barriers to development, then the technology will not progress as reliably, and longer-term projections with more uncertainty are necessary.

4. Knowing what you don’t know

All forecasts are built on assumptions, and each assumption varies in magnitude. In a sector like wearables, there are potentially hundreds of different product types ranging from the mainstream examples listed to everything from smart tattoos to smart clothing and beyond. To cover every single example of every single product would be impractical, so assumptions are built-in for sectors that are either too relatively small to cover in detail, or are not as interesting to the overall narrative.

However, as these may change, such as a new product launching from nothing or a peripheral area becoming far more relevant to the core narrative, these assumptions and definitions need to change. Assumptions around levels of detail and inclusion have changed in the majority of sectors, so being very clear about the level of detail being used for each sector in each iteration of a forecast is very important. This is a major reason why companies do not publish historic forecasts, but it equally must be understood and managed by all forecast users and developers over time.

Each of these lessons is not particularly groundbreaking in its own right. However, with each case, the extent to which they have proven to be true across the wearables sector is easy to underestimate. IDTechEx were certainly aware of each of these factors historically, but all of the major deviations between the 2016 forecast and the 2021 dataset come from underestimating one of these points.

Conclusions and outlook

Hopefully, the reflections in this article have been useful in explaining the process and limitations of forecasting, as well as helping to contextualize the datasets which are developed and published by IDTechEx.

Whilst they are rarely perfect considering the relatively long-term outlooks, each forecast and report aims to provide a concise but heavily researched and detailed summary of the industry. They involve dedicated full-time research into each market, including hundreds of primary interviews, attending major industry events, working with long-time customers in the space, and constantly iterating each report based on feedback. The aim each time is to provide the grounding of industry knowledge that it may take years to develop naturally in the duration of time that it takes to consume the report content.

Looking forward in wearables, the narratives where step change is likely in the next 2-5 years are the most compelling and also the most uncertain. In hearables, OTC hearing aids have been incoming for several years, but launch dates have been delayed and the momentum has stalled. However, if launches proceed and leaders like Bose or Apple successfully address this market, then it has the potential to transform the hearing health market indefinitely.

In AR/VR, the likes of Meta, Microsoft, Sony, and Google have already been in for a while, but with some now ramping up funding, the judgment must be made as to if/when a company like Apple or another leader will enter with a major product launch. If this is within the next 2-5 years then it could transform the industry very quickly, based on the product choices they make. Similar step-change narratives have been discussed in IDTechEx reports on electronic skin patches (e.g. related to RPM, non-invasive diabetes, and others), on smart clothing (e.g. pickup by a major sports brand, or otherwise), and more. These are the hardest to forecast but are also potentially the largest opportunities for companies looking to disrupt the status-quo in an industry.

To find out more about the portfolio of industry research produced by IDTechEx in wearables and a wide variety of related topics, visit or email The analyst team behind these research reports is also extremely active in talking to companies in the industry, either in covering these companies as part of the work or in discussing conclusions or outstanding questions with different stakeholders in the industry. Please get in touch for more information and they will be delighted to have a follow-up conversation.

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