Online Greek Lessons for Children, through Skype

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Online Greek Lessons at

Learn Greek Online ( ) is a school where children can learn Greek or improve their Greek language skills, fast and efficient with one-to-one lessons through Skype, with a native Greek teacher.


• Efficient – Highly personalized lessons that address your child’s specific needs, so it will have faster progress.
• Enjoyable – The lessons include: Songs, Videos, Topics that interest the child, Funny material.
• Sound Natural – The lessons are with a native Greek teacher living in Greece. The child will learn to speak and sound more natural. Not as if it is reading from an old textbook.
• Comfortable – The child takes the lessons from the comfort of its home.
• Save time – There is no need to commute to Greek school.

What the child will learn:

According to the child’s needs, interests and parent’s requirements, the child may learn :
• Language (listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writting).
• Grammar.
• Greek mythology.
• Greek history.
• Other linguistic domains that the child is keen on.

The child will learn faster and it will be easy on its busy schedule. A great idea overall. For more information you can visit :

The best way to see if your child can benefit from online Greek lessons is to book a free meeting with the teacher at :


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