Checkmylevel (CHECK™) Shortlisted for Two Sports Technology Awards

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Checkmylevel (CHECK™) Shortlisted for Two Sports Technology Awards

13 February 2014 – Following its UK launch in November, CHECK™, the sports performance training aid has been shortlisted for two prestigious Sports Technology Awards.  The innovative device, which is aimed at professional and recreational athletes, helps users to optimise training programmes by assessing neuromuscular readiness and recovery.
The CHECK™ is shortlisted in two categories, Best Training Technology and Best Performance Technology for Elite Athletes.  The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on Friday 4th April.

Juha Ruohonen, CEO of the company says: “We are immensely proud of the work that’s gone into developing the CHECK™. We’ve had great feedback from both professional and recreational athletes who are using it and seeing real results.  Being shortlisted for these two awards is great recognition of what we have achieved.”

The Sports Technology Awards has been launched to recognise the increasing important role that technology plays in sport and the positive impact of advances from the perspective of officials and players as well as spectators. The awards present the opportunity to celebrate excellence and acknowledge successful technological innovation across all aspects or the sports sector.

Developed in Finland in co-operation with athletes and Finnish sport scientists, CHECK™ is a total solution, which includes an assessment device, smartphone application and a cloud service. CHECK™ works by using electrodes to send a low-voltage current through the body to stimulate the nerve-muscle connection. The muscles intensity and delay of the reaction is measured and the Training Readiness of the athletes is assessed in real-time.

Already being used by a number of professional footballers, NBA and NFL teams, CHECK™ is aimed at athletes engaged in sports requiring strength, explosive power, skill and coordination. This includes most of the team sports e.g. football, hockey and rugby, individual sports e.g. tennis, golf and athletics, fight sports e.g. boxing and wrestling as well as general fitness, cycling, running, cross fit and bodybuilding. CHECK™ also works in endurance sports such as running or cycling, providing comprehensive information to heart rate based assessments.

For more information about CHECK™ visit CHECK™ is available now for £235 from CHECK™ online store.

For more information about the Sports Technology Awards visit

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