Check This Out: The Rugby Business Network Just Hit 5,000 Members And Have Started Meetings In Rugby Clubs – Hopefully Coming To Ulster – JOIN HERE

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Group: The Rugby Business Network
Subject: Group update (ethos & growth)
Dear Members

Since the last announcement many exciting things have happened.

1.) We have just hit 5,000 members, which is an incredible collection of people. Please take 2 minutes to share the group with 10 fellow business people who are interested in rugby. The bigger the community gets the more useful it is for all members. Lets get the group to 10,000 members!! You can share the group, via Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and email using the Share function in the top right corner of the group above managers choice.

2.) There seems to be some confusion as to the idea of the group. The group is for anyone in business, in whatever sector. The common theme that binds all members is an interest in rugby. Please feel free to share your expertise with fellow group members, it is all about trying to help each other out and add value to fellow members

3.) The latest video is up – Sean Burns ex London Irish and now MD of Burns Sheehan recruitment talks to us about life after professional rugby

4.) We now have regular networking events in Llanelli, San Francisco, London and Sydney. If you want to attend or organise an event check out or email (

I hope that wherever you are in the world, business is going well and you’re enjoying your rugby. Please spread the word of The Rugby Business Network. Our aim is to have a networking event at every rugby club in the world.

Best Wishes Ian Kench

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