Check out the most innovative CBD products on the market

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Check out the most innovative CBD products on the market

CBD is more popular than it ever has been, with this natural medicine giving many a route out from prescription meds with side effects and offering them genuine relief from their illnesses. However, when you first check out what CBD products are available, you’ll notice that there is so much to pick from! And while that has to be a good thing, it means that there are so many ways in which CBD can work, it can be somewhat baffling for newbies who just want something to numb pain or alleviate depression.

In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on the main ways of taking CBD and look at the benefits of each intake method.

Vaping CBD

Firstly, it was the ex-smokers who decided to give vaping a try, and now cannabis users are embracing this healthier, yet authentic way of medicating with CBD and other cannabinoids. For some, just chilling out and having a vape on some CBD e-liquid can be the perfect way to relax without feeling inebriated – as a relaxation substance, it has far fewer downsides than vaping.

But vaping also serves plenty of serious purposes, too, and is the most efficient way of remedying acute pain. However, all conditions can be treated with vaping, as the cannabinoids are transported around the body in the bloodstream, to interact with cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, brain and elsewhere.

Vaping works quicker than every other method because of the direct route that cannabinoids can take into the bloodstream, via absorption through the alveoli in the lungs.

The CBD vaping market is very inclusive, with low-dosers and high-dosers in good hands – products are sold in all sorts of potencies, and concentrates could even be used to further strengthen an oil.

Vaping can also be a lot of fun, and many different modifications can be made to make a device as tailored to your requirements as possible. CBD cartridges do not offer the same versatility. However, these are much simpler to get to grips with and ideal for someone who just wants to vape set amounts regularly. Many cartridges only release a certain dose of CBD with each draw, but this has a couple of advantages. One, you know how much you’re consuming, and two, you know how many draws you’re going to get before needing another cartridge.

CBD edibles

The range of CBD edible products available nowadays is astonishing. The industry has certainly progressed past the days where you could only get pot brownies and cannabis-infused cookies. Now, there are CBD lollipops, CBD gummy bears, CBD chocolate bars and more – any food you can think of, there’s probably a CBD version of it! But it’s common knowledge that edibles are quirky; more importantly, what benefits are there to taking them?

If you need relief to last all day, then edibles are the type of CBD product for you. There’s no set time before you’ll start feeling the effects, but anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes after taking is to be expected. The cannabinoids remain active for around six hours after eating them, however allow for variance on this.

The usual benefits of CBD can be harnessed from edibles: the anti-nausea effects, reduced anxiety qualities and mood-boosting properties are among the most popular reasons for using edibles.

CBD sublingual tinctures

The CBD sublingual tincture oils and sprays have been adopted by the medical cannabis community as the best way of administering safe and speedy CBD treatment. Absorption occurs much quicker sublingually, which is done by holding oil under the tongue, than it does by just swallowing the oil.

Child epilepsy patients are typically given CBD in the form of a tincture oil, and many of the approved cannabis-based drugs around the world are sublingual sprays.

However, you don’t need a serious ailment to get the benefits of sublingual CBD oils – if vaping isn’t for you, but the more gradual effects of edibles aren’t either, then sublingual consumption is perfect.

CBD topicals

Not everyone feels comfortable with vaping CBD or even eating it, and for those who do want to medicate without actually inhaling or ingesting, topicals are your best bet. These products sell best with patients who are suffering from severe inflammation that is accessible via the skin – those with arthritis find that CBD can dull the pain and reduce inflammation in joint cartilage, and therefore slow down deterioration and bone exposure.

If you’ve been out on the rugby field and suffered an injury, then quick application of a CBD cream or gel could help with the swelling and inevitable pain.

Aside from treating pain and inflammation, the immune system-regulating properties of CBD are of intriguing value in the treatment of skin disorders. CBD manages acne by controlling production of sebum oil, while stopping the rapid accumulation of new skin cells on the epidermis, the main symptom of psoriasis.

CBD concentrates

CBD concentrates are the most potent CBD products on the market and are primarily for patients who need large doses of CBD, but don’t have time to sit around and vape through an entire tank of e-liquid in one sitting. There are multiple types of concentrates, including crystals, shatters and waxes and these are all quite versatile. Some like to dab them using a nail, however there are vaporizers especially designed to accept concentrates, even wax.

CBD concentrates often contain just CBD, although there are a growing number of products that also incorporate terpenes. Terpenes are found in cannabis and other plants, and as well having a pungent aroma, they can also be quite therapeutic – by combining them with CBD in a concentrate, the medicinal potential of the product can be markedly enhanced.

CBD capsules

Not everybody wants a fancy CBD product, and CBD capsules fills that gap in the market. These are just like any supplements or prescription pills that you take as far as consumption goes. Simply take them with a glass of water and wait for the benefits to kick in. The oil cannot be released until the capsule is broken down, so capsules are comparable to edibles in many ways.

CBD capsules are ideal to carry around in your bag, since they come in a tub. Products can be found in various potencies to cater for several conditions.


So, there you have it – six unique ways of taking CBD, all of which are brilliant in their own way. You don’t even need a medical reason to start using CBD, either – supplementing your endocannabinoid system with this balancing compound is a clever trick to improve wellbeing.

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