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Medichecks Sports Hormone Check giving detailed insights to health and fitness enthusiasts! >>



Sports Hormone Check


Medichecks has created a complete sports profile consisting of core hormone and metabolic blood tests designed to give detailed insights to health and fitness enthusiasts.

As the health and fitness industry continues to grow, many more people are taking control of their own health by monitoring and tracking important biomarkers in their blood in order to meet their fitness goals.

Technological advances have been a factor in this, with one in 20 Google searches now for health-related information, according to the search engine. We now have access to information that was never previously available and many people are now researching their health and fitness online.

Helen Marsden is the Director of home-testing company Medichecks, and believes this trend will continue to increase in the future.

She said: “Technology has not only made information about our health more widely available, it has completely changed our mind-sets about the degree to which we are now prepared to take responsibility for our own health.

“For sports men and women, whether they are elite athletes or just weekend warriors, gaining the insights into your health that a comprehensive blood test can give you can make the difference between performing at your top level or falling short on the day”.

With many more people searching online for information about their health, online-testing has continued to emerge over the past few years with Medichecks able to provide access to blood tests that top athletes use to optimise their performance.

The Medichecks Sports Hormone Check tests core hormones such as; testosterone, oestradiol and thyroid stimulating hormone.

There are 39 tests included, which gives sports enthusiasts the chance to check the state of their health from the comfort of their own home.

A qualified doctor will interpret the results and will tell you what to do next if any of them are outside the normal ranges.

Medichecks offer over 1200 online blood tests and health screens in total, many of which can be done from the comfort of your own home. Results are shown on a secure personal online dashboard so that you can monitor and track results over time.

If you are interested in the Sports Hormone Check or any of the other Medichecks tests then please visit:

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