Celebrate The Great Outdoors with Muir Way Unique, geographical gifts to add a personal touch, www.muir-way.com

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Celebrate The Great Outdoors with Muir Way Unique, geographical gifts to add a personal touch,





The kick-start to summer is finally here and it’s the season to celebrate! Ditch the cheesy tie or random gift card and shop for maps that are sure to please your geographically inclined dude. Equip him with the love of National Parks, mountain ranges, and hydrology with the daring designs from Muir Way! Proudly made in the USA, this environmentally friendly brand strongly believes in the preservation of America’s wilderness for future generations. Muir Way donates a portion of every sale to the Sierra Club Foundation which has helped to protect our air, land, and water for over 120 years.

Check out the different designs from Muir Way:

Hydrology Series: The incredibly detailed maps in this creative collection show the inherent beauty of America and Canada’s system of waterways, showing every river, stream, and lake delivering life throughout the land. Constructed using data from NASA’s Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, the width and rivers and streams on the map are determined by their Strahler number, which defines their size based on the hierarchy of tributaries. Available as an 18×24 in., 24×32 in., and 30×40 in. Art Paper Print in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Red.

National Parks Series: Using clean design and a mix of colors, Muir Way has recreated the traditional National Park Map. National Park Posters consist of over 60 designs of National Parks, Seashores, State Parks, and Canadian Parks all available in 20 different color palettes.

Range Series: The most complete and detailed maps ever made, these unique creations use contour lines to represent the topography of entire mountain ranges. Combining the data of hundreds of smaller USGS quadrant maps to form an accurate construction of mountain ranges from their southern to northern most borders, this adventurous art includes only natural features shown through contour lines, rivers, and lakes, and feature the most iconic trails within their borders.

It’s always a little tricky finding a great gift to give your grad or dad, shop the distinct, detailed styles from Muir Way for any outdoor lover in your life!


Jared, the founder of Muir Way, has spent his life exploring the outdoors and our country’s National Park system. With a passion for adventure and exploration, he was always excited to open the map he received at the entrance of a new national park. Those maps were more than just directions, they helped to awaken the beauty and adventure that was to come. Saving those national park maps as mementos of his trips, they would usually get lost in a box never to be seen again. After a trip to Yosemite National Park, Jared made the decision to design a map that wouldn’t get lost. Using soft color palettes and clean design, he created versions of National Park maps that he hopes will be displayed on walls, not just as art, but also as reminders of the places we love most. Since opening Muir Way in 2013, dozens of new National Park designs, as well as historic maps of National Parks, cities, and towns around the country have been added to the site.

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