CARL HAYMAN CITING: Heineken Cup Amlin Challenge Final / Denis Templeton (Ireland)

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ERC has received a Citing Complaint against the Toulon prop, Carl Hayman (No 3), following the Amlin Challenge Cup final match between Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque and Toulon at the Twickenham Stoop on Friday, 18 May 2012.

Hayman is alleged to have carried out a dangerous tackle on the Biarritz winger, Taku Ngwenya (No 14), during the second half of the match for which he received a yellow card. The complaint was made by Citing Commissioner, Denis Templeton (Ireland).

Christopher Quinlan QC (England) has been appointed as the independent Judicial Officer to hear the complaint, and the hearing will take place on Thursday, 24 May.

Law 10.4 (j) Lifting a player from the ground and either dropping or driving that player’s head and/or upper body into the ground whilst the player’s feet are off the ground.

Under the IRB Recommended Sanctions for Offences Committed within the Playing Enclosure, Law 10.4 (j) carries the following penalties: Low End: 3 weeks; Mid Range: 6 weeks; Top End: 10+ to 52 weeks.

i) Citing Commissioner
a) Citing Commissioners are appointed by ERC for all Heineken Cup and all televised Amlin Challenge Cup matches and shall be entitled to cite a Player for any act or acts of Foul Play that in the Citing Commissioner’s opinion warranted a citing.
b) For such matches Clubs will not have the power to cite a player but may refer incidents to the Citing Commissioner within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match.
c) The Citing Commissioner will have 50 hours from the start of the game to make a citing. In exceptional circumstances this deadline can be extended.
d) The ERC Disciplinary Officer, Roger O’Connor, may forward the submitted Citing to a Citing Officer to determine whether there are sufficient grounds for the citing to progress.
e) The Disciplinary Officer will then bring a charge against the cited player.
ii) Disciplinary Hearing
a) Citing hearings will be heard by an independent Judicial Officer as soon as is practicable. Until the hearing a cited player is eligible to play in ERC tournaments.
b) The independent Judicial Officer is chosen by the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Panel, Professor Lorne Crerar.
c) ERC’s Disciplinary Officer, Roger O’Connor, presents the case against the player.
d) Both parties to the hearing (ERC and the player) have the right to appeal decisions of the independent Disciplinary Hearing. Appeals must be lodged within 3 business days of receiving the full written decision from the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Committee.

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