Cardiff Blues statement: Owen Williams

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Cardiff Blues has today (Friday, September 5) announced that Owen Williams continues to make progress at Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff after suffering a serious spinal cord injury in June.

Owen has been at the Welsh Spinal Injuries and Neurological Rehabilitation Unit since early July, where he continues his long-term recovery and rehabilitation.

Owen is now tolerating periods of time sitting up in a wheelchair, allowing him the chance to spend short periods of time outside the hospital. He is also starting to use the gym at the hospital for early upper limb rehabilitation.

It remains very early in his recovery, but support for the #StayStrongForOws campaign worldwide has been a huge inspiration for Owen, his family and friends.

Over 14,000 #StayStrongForOws wristbands have now been sold and fundraising continues, in association with the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust, to support Owen.

Cardiff Blues would like to reiterate its thanks to the media for the privacy and respect shown to Owen and his family over the last four months.

The region will continue to share updates when available.

Thank you for your support and #StayStrongForOws

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