YourZooki Say Bye to Fishy Burps and HUGE capsules

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Say Bye to Fishy Burps and HUGE capsules



Do you suffer with Arthritis, achey joints or clicky knees?

Did a Doctor advise you or a friend to increase your Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

Is the capsule difficult to swallow and un-enjoyable?

Do you suffer from fishy burps?

Yes? Well you are not alone, for far too long the older generation has tolerated bad tasting health supplements in difficult to swallow capsules, often leading them to neglect essential supplements.

Omega 3 Fatty acids are a great example, proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve arthritic pain, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and more (1), but the large capsules and fishy aftertaste makes regular consumption unpleasant and unlikely.

Tracking pills each day is troublesome enough for the over 60’s, never mind swallowing them. YourZooki uses patented encapsulation technology to turn intolerable health supplements into delicious smooth and creamy emulsions, providing a long-awaited alternative set to revolutionise how we consume supplements;

Introducing the world’s first all-natural emulsion to successfully mask the fishy taste and smell of pharmaceutical grade fish-oil…. YourZooki’s Omega Zooki is enhanced with Vitamin E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA & DHA, and coloured using Tumeric, to help seniors:


§ Lower the risk of heart disease

· Help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s/Dementia

· Relieve and prevent arthritic pain

· Boost the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs.

· Boost the immune system

· Contribute to the maintenance of the normal function of your brain and vision

· Reverse age-related eye disorders

· Lead to healthier skin and hair

· Help reduce the risk of diabetes from developing cognitive deficit

· Help decrease major depression disorder symptoms

· Reduce muscle soreness

“My Mother was diagnosed with arthritis and given HUGE fish oil capsules to take daily. She was taking 8 pills per day when she started to refuse her medication. Sick with worry, we went online, and that’s when we came across the Omega Zooki. She’s been using it for 3-months now and never needs to be reminded.

– Said Jack Smith

Just one teaspoon is required to hit your recommended daily amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids so popular ways of enjoying YourZooki include:


– Drizzling it over fruit

– Supercharging a smoothie

– Adding it to your porridge.

– Lick it straight from the spoon

You are only limited by your imagination…

So, what even is Zooki? Zooki is an emulsion, it has a soft and creamy texture and can be enhanced by active ingredients like Omega 3 EPA, DHA, CLA, MCT, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and more.

This is achieved by replicating the body’s process of ‘wrapping’ the oils in water soluble, natural micelles which can be dissolved in a solution and emulsified resulting in Zooki.

The Omega Zooki is available in peaches and mangoes flavour from, RRP £23.99

YourZooki’s mission to provide delicious emulsions as alternatives to bad tasting supplements ensues. To learn more about the supplement transformations of the year, what’s next or how it started, please visit us at:

Social media: @YourZooki // Website:

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