Buttoned up Britain’s toilet habits laid bare

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Buttoned up Britain’s toilet habits laid bare


New research has revealed we are a nation of timid toilet users and that the ‘taboo of poo’ lives on in Britain.

Over a third of respondents said they found a work poo ‘embarrassing’ (35 percent) and even more remarkably, doing your business in a place of business proved to be a complete no-go for one in five women (21 percent).

The nation treats ‘logging on’ when on the clock with such trepidation that only one percent named their workplace as the perfect place for a number two in the study of 1,700 UK adults conducted by pre-poo toilet spray V.I.Poo* – the same proportion of people who said they like to have a ‘poo with a view’.

Another squeamish spot was the home of a love interest, particularly when in the early stages of seeing each other. One in 10 brave souls (10 percent) would wait less than a week into relationship before letting loose in their partner’s house, with men twice as likely to pull the trigger (13 percent versus six percent of women).

Women were also identified as the more cautious sex when it came to using the toilet at a partner’s house – in fact one in seven (15 percent) said they would never ‘go’ when staying over, even after being together for years. Women also appear to be less likely to linger, with men taking on average 2.2 minutes longer to lighten their load.

Given we are clearly extremely selective about the locations we choose to do our business, it is not surprising to see certain factors influence where we settle down for some toilet time. The biggest barriers to Britons ‘dropping the kids off’ are no toilet roll (65 percent), no lock on the door (55 percent) or if the previous occupant had left behind an unpleasant smell (51 percent).

The accepted etiquette for ‘polite pooing’ also featured prominently in the research – the top five cardinal sins according to respondents were:

-Leaving behind a smelly toilet

-Not flushing after going

-Skid marks

-Leaving an empty toilet roll

-Sending a picture to a friend

A smelly cubicle proved a bone of contention for many, with a conscientious third of respondents claiming leaving no smell behind was important to consider before going (32 percent). Smells were often the source of embarrassment as well – over a third had blamed a putrid pong on an innocent party – most often an unsuspecting partner.

A spokesperson for V.I.Poo comments: “A remarkable 95 percent of respondents to our survey said they were still searching for a completely fool proof way to mask nasty, blush-inducing whiffs; we’re delighted to be launching V.I.Poo – a much needed secret weapon for a nation of nervous pooers.

“The sweet-smelling pre-poo toilet spray is a proactive solution to keep any unpleasant smells in the toilet bowl. It forms an aromatic layer on the surface of the toilet water, helping to trap any nasty odours, releasing delicate scent, and –most importantly – hiding the evidence.”

With the help of V.I.Poo, soon the nation will feel completely comfortable ‘sending a fax’, ‘seeing a man about a dog’ or ‘dropping a log’ anywhere, safe in the knowledge their cubicle exploits will be kept secret by their fragrant friend.

Pre-poo toilet spray for an enjoyable and pleasant-smelling ‘number two’ experience

A proactive solution to keep nasty smells in the toilet bowl when on the go or at home

Contains essential oils for a delicate aroma when leaving the cubicle

Available in four floral and fruity fragrances:

-Fruity Pin-Up

-Lavender Superstar

-Lemon Idol

-Rosy Starlet

Simply shake then spray three times BEFORE you go. V.I.Poo will form a layer on the surface of the water and trap any nasty odours

-Non-aerosol spray

-55ml bottle lasts for up to 100 uses

-MRRP £8 for 55ml

-Available on Amazon now and in stores from February 2017

Found in the toilet cleaner aisle

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