BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perennials RFC I XV v City Of Culture Derry RFC Golden Oldies I XV: In 200+ Action Shots LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Club Motto – Marcescentibus Abundans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A comprehensive play by play analysis match report will follow. Video highlights will not be released as other teams will try to copy the Perennials ground breaking rugby running patterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Club motto – Marcescentibus Abundans (Rich in Decaying Matter)

In August 1989 a touring team from Canada, the Kawartha Krocks were looking for a team of over 40’s to play rugby against in their tour of Ireland.

As it was pre-season and no single club could gather together a pool of twenty over 40’s so early in the season, a few die hards, in the twilight of their playing careers, pulled together a team from numerous clubs to fulfil the fixture. From this match, friendships were made with players from all the clubs represented and the following month the Perennials were formed.

The aim of the club is to play approximately ten matches on an annual basis, against similar “mature” teams, tour on a regular basis and raise money for charity. To date we have succeeded on all three fronts.

The club is made up of members from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, South Africa, Canada and America who all enjoy the game of rugby, the friendship that it brings and give their support to raising money for charity.

The club has former Irish internationals and Ulster provincial players amonst its membership and whilst our age sometimetimes may prevent us from getting as quickly around the pitch as we used to, sometimes we know the short cuts.

The club has toured South Africa, England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, North America, Canada, Spain, and Portugal some on more than one occasion.

On the charity front the Perennials have raised over £350,000 in support of numerous charities. Our aim is to support smaller local charities who in many cases are not in the headline news.

Be it a fund raising Golf Day or a Day at the Races or something spontaneous on match day, we owe a big thank you to all our members, friends and other rugby clubs who give generously in their support of our charity drive.

Welcome to the Perennials.

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