Boost your weight loss with olive oil

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Boost your weight loss with olive oil

If you’re trying to shift a few extra pounds for summer (the weight ones not the £’s!) then you might want to stock up on some extra virgin olive oil – which according to studies helps to burn fat and make you extra lean.


In trials, rats regularly fed extra virgin olive oil over a set period of time resulted in considerably lower body fat and had higher concentrations of noradrenalin and adrenaline excretion (an important element in burning brown fat) than rats fed corn oil and even regular olive oil.

This could be because extra virgin olive oil has been found to have a thermic effect (heat producing) which is burned off as energy as opposed to being stored by the body as fat; and also helps other fats to be burned off more efficiently.

To reap the fat burning results (as well as numerous other health benefits) of extra virgin olive oil, you should aim to consume at least a tablespoon every day.  This can mixed into your breakfast muesli, drizzled on toast or salads, eaten with dips or simply double dunked with fresh bread and herb mixes – and of course used for everyday cooking.  For best results, and if you are a neat olive oil lover, there is nothing better than mixing a tablespoon of a good quality extra virgin olive oil with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon and swallowing it whole before you go to bed!

The purer the extra virgin olive oil, the better and the Sinolea oil from Terra is a fine example of such oil.  To preserve the sensitive aromatic properties, antioxidants and nutrients, the oil is extracted using a cold-dripped method from stone-crushed hand-picked olives that are half-green.  Half-green olives give less yield than fully mature olives but make superior quality olive oil because they are still vibrantly alive and brimming with vitamins and polyphenols.  To further ensure that all the goodness is left intact, the oil is left completely unfiltered and is housed in a black tinted bottle to limit any damage from light and is bottled under Nitrogen to ensure that all the flavour, aroma and goodness is kept in the bottle for as long as possible before it is opened.


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