BOOK: Sea State by J.M. Simpson (The Castleby Series Book 1

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BOOK: Sea State by J.M. Simpson

The Castleby Series by J M Simpson BOOK 2….

Jesse Stevens needs to escape her past, start a new life and feel safe.

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The rugged coastline and tight-knit community of Castleby offers her that chance. Her new job with the local lifeboat crew gives her the stability and comfort she craves. Her skipper, Doug Brodie, faces his own demons. He is struggling with survivor’s guilt, physical and mental scars, and a marriage teetering on the brink.

Jesse is desperate to put aside the dark nightmares and terrible memories. As she and Doug grow closer, she wonders whether she can ever really live a normal life and be happy. But Jesse is in grave danger. Someone is watching her; trying to control and manipulate her life. Someone plans to make her life a living nightmare and return her to the hell she thought she had left behind. Will she ever be free?

Mystery and suspense sprinkled with humour and romance in the first of the Castleby Series.

About the Author
Jo Simpson was born in Essex but was raised primarily in the West Country, enjoying a childhood in Devon and Cornwall, never far from a rugged coastline, sandy beach, or harbour.
Jo obtained a degree in Building Surveying from the University of Greenwich and then went on to specialise in research in construction and development, gaining her PhD in 2001. Jo still runs a successful research consultancy and writes her novels in every spare moment she has.
She lives in Kent, with her two (occasionally stroppy) teenage daughters, her extremely long suffering husband and her two writing partners Max (who features as Brock in the series) and Merlin, both rescue Border Collies.
Jo’s debut novels are the Castleby series, comprising of five books set in a coastal community and largely inspired by the time she’s spent in and around the UK’s coastline, and the never-ending visits to RNLI shops that her children insisted on regularly! The series seemed a natural progression and the fictional seaside town of Castleby grew with new people and new plotlines. The debut novel in the Castleby series is Sea State, out December 2021, the second is Sea Change, due for release in March 2022.

Jo is planning a new series set in the Scottish highlands, the first of which will hopefully publish in early 2023.
In what little spare time Jo has, she spends writing, walking by the ocean, being an armchair movie critic, and drinking copious amounts of wine in her most favourite pub with friends.

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