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Sarah’s Song by Rosie J Pova

Sarah searches for the perfect song to sing to her grandma–one that will make her well so they can share music and dance together again, just like they used to do. Sarah practices every day and tries different songs, but Grandma isn’t getting better and the cane she’s started using is not going away. Will Sarah find the perfect song? And could her song work in an unexpected way?

“Sarah’s Song is a touching tale about a young girl who loves to sing and dance with her grandma. When moving and crooning become difficult for Grandma, Sarah comes up with a perfect way for the two of them to continue sharing special musical moments. Sweet and tender, Sarah’s Song helps children understand that while aging may change grandparent relationships, grandmas and grandpas are always with us in our heart.”
– Anitra Rowe Schulte, writer and book blogger

“Sarah’s relationship with her grandma changes as Grandma ages and can no longer do some of their favorite activities. Sarah wants things to go back to the way they were, but of course that’s not possible. In this kind and affectionate story, Sarah figures out how to tweak a family tradition to keep her connection with her grandma strong.”

– Laura Purdie Salas, author of Meet My Family! Animal Babies and Their Families,

About the Author
Rosie J. Pova is an award-winning children’s author and poet who is fascinated with the power of words and passionate about sharing her stories with readers. She hopes to engage, entertain, encourage and excite children with memorable characters and uplifting tales.

Rosie enjoys doing school visits to inspire kids to read and write more, be their best and dream big! She’s available for speaking engagements and can be found at:

About the Illustrator
Emma Allen is an Illustrator from Kent, England. Emma loves to recreate the magic of childhood with her paintbrush and illustrating whimsical scenes of children in the great outdoors, often in the company of animals, is a real passion. After working for years in acrylic Emma recently made the move to watercolor and has never looked back! After studying at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London Emma went into a career in magazine production, and then changed direction after the birth of her daughter to follow her dream of becoming an Illustrator. Emma gained a Distinction in ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ from the London Art College and also achieved the ‘Student of the Year’ award. Some of Emma’s recent clients include Stoneworks Education Ltd, The Story Corner Ltd, Cocolivo, My Mother’s Love and The Wild Tomorrow Fund. Emma is thrilled to be working with Clear Fork Publishing.

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