BOOK: A ZERO-MILE JOURNEY by samuel N. Addae, Pharm D.

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A ZERO-MILE JOURNEY follows life in Enkoho—a small village in Ghana with mysterious happenings. Also known as the village that doesn’t exist, Enkoho’s struggles aren’t common knowledge to the outside world because even its inhabitants don’t want to make their association with it known. The mystery of Enkoho follows its inhabitants wherever they go. From Ghana to Guinea to Senegal to Britain and even America, the pull of the village is always within reach. Outsiders who visit risk being claimed by the village; such is how an American, Helena, comes to call Enkoho home against the intent of her mother, who brings her to the village as a child. Also in this village is Gyambibi: a conscientious, precocious boy. His family is the wealthiest around but a cataclysm changes that, killing many and devastating their agrarian livelihoods. A vast treasure that can rebuild the destroyed village is inaccessible because it’s also buried under the mystery that is Enkoho. Survival forces Gyambibi into the military, but the mysterious power of the village pulls him back. When opportunities open up for him to go to America, the village fights his efforts to leave to help those ravaged by hardships.

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