BODY LAB`S: Rugby Sports Massage and Nutrition ~ What You Need To Know:

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Rugby combines skill and physical strength to form one of the toughest sports around; as the game progresses, so does the athlete`s need to look after their body to keep up with the pace of the game. Two key ways you can do this is through proper nutrition, which will provide you with the energy to last 80 minutes and utilising sports massage, which can aid recovery and prepare the body for the next match.
Over the last decade nutrition has become increasingly important to a successful rugby player and the misconception that protein, protein and more protein will lead to a great player is rapidly disappearing. Although nutrition is highly individual some points can be applied to everyone:
Pre Game – Eat extra carbohydrate and drink plenty of fluid, 24 hours prior to the game. Have your last meal 3-4 hours before the game, for example pasta with a tomato based sauce, and lean meat, chicken, or fish; or a baked potato with tuna, or chicken. Have a light snack 1-2 hours before.
During Game – As the match won’t last longer than 80 minutes solid food isn’t required during the game but hydration is the most important aspect. An isotonic drink at half time should keep you hydrated until full time.
Post Game – For optimal recovery you should aim to eat a meal high in carbohydrate and protein within 1 hour of the match ending and replace any lost fluids. Opt for high carbohydrate, low fat snacks, such as… sandwich with low fat cheese, ham, chicken, tuna, boiled egg, or jam and peanut butter, bananas, fruit muffins, or pancakes, bowl of cereal with low fat milk, fresh fruit and a diet yoghurt, dried fruit, low fat cereal bar, fig rolls, sports drink, fruit smoothies.
Sports Massage can compliment your training programme and can increase the blood flow that is needed for recovery. It will improve the range of motion and strength of injured muscles which in turn can accelerate their healing process.
Pre-match: A quick massage will increase your circulation and flexibility and leave your muscles resilient and ready to go.
Post-match: After a hard event a massage will relieve any muscle spasms and prevent soreness.
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