It’s time to get beach-body ready! 7 top tips to make sure you’re bikini ready this summer!

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It’s time to get beach-body ready!

7 top tips to make sure you’re bikini ready this summer!


Even on tour, Taylor Swift makes sure she gets on the treadmill for a good hour each day! She says her motivation for hitting the gym makes her feel better on the inside…and gives her a very toned bikini body!

Here are our 7 top tips to make sure you are in bikini-shape for your summer holiday:

Have an eggy breakfast! Dr Marilyn Glenville, Nutritionist and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar explains, “Research has shown that Leucine, one of the essential amino acids found in eggs, can help with weight loss by stabilizing blood sugar levels and encouraging the body to shed fat.”
Increase your protein! Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says, “Protein foods help to slow the digestion and absorption of sugars and starches in our foods, helping to prevent further cravings for sweet or starchy foods.”
Look out for non-starchy veggies! Cassandra says for a flatter tummy, “Eat green and cruciferous vegetables, in particular as they are very rich, in nutrients and antioxidants (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage etc.”
If you want to get in as many stomach flattening greens as possible, try Nature’s Plus Ultra Juice Organic Green Powder, (£29.95,, which is packed with greens like kale, spinach and flax seeds that can increase your metabolism!

Get your trainers on! Pick an exercise class or activity you love to get your blood flowing and boost your metabolism. A combination of cardio and strength training will get your muscles lean and strong.

Whether your exercise of choice is pounding the pavement or hitting the gym, make sure you keep your trainers smelling fresh with the new Carnation Shoe Deodoriser Pouches (£4.99, Just slip them into your shoes and the Moso Bamboo Charcoal will eliminate odour and reduce moisture leaving you feet that smell and feel fresh!

Cut the sweet treats! As tempting as it is to reach into the biscuit tin, try to avoid this! Not only is sugar fattening but if you quickly reduce your intake, it can promote the occurrence of Glucagon, a hormone which helps you to burn off fat.

To help you combat your cravings, try the brand new Slissie.

Slissie (£39.99, is a lipstick-sized device, which delivers natural appetite-supressing flavours that instantly support anyone that wants to resist the sugary snack temptation. The smell and taste of Slissie is designed to trick the brain into the thinking that our cravings have been satisfied.

Psychologist Corrine Sweet says, “With a little help from your Slissie friend, you will soon be reaping the rewards for the application of willpower.”

Balance your blood sugar! Having a high-protein snack between lunch and dinner will keep up your metabolic rate and keep your blood-sugar levels balanced. Try to choose a snack that is low in calories and high in protein.
Cassandra says, “A snack such as an oatcake with nut butter, or a handful of seeds, helps to stop us overeating at the next meal, or reaching for something sugary to boost our energy.”

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at, adds, “ When buying snacks, avoid those that have unnatural or chemical-sounding ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, colouring or preservatives.”

Finally, treat yourself to a new swimsuit! Show off your toned legs and stomach in a fancy new number!

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