Blog. Why online dating is such a wonderful norm and why being in a relationship is good for you.

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Having confidence about the future and feeling safe and secure economically are important benefits of being in long term stable relationships in which children are being produced and raised into healthy productive citizens.

As I walk amongst the lanes, fields and byways, I am constantly meeting fellow citizens and greeting them with a Good Day, Good Morning or Good Evening. I am constantly amazed at how happy these walkers are. Occassionally I may be walking the same road at the same time as a fellow citizen and we constantly re-affirm the age old foundations of healthy stable societies and individual citizens. Again and again we affirm the importance of individuals being in long term stable child bearing relationships.

Since the online dating revolution, stable long term healthy relationships has been really the driving force of internet dating! It is so healthy to date online and so safe. So many benefits. Security. Peace of mind. Trusted dating sites. User ratings and most importantly the accessability made possible by our 24hr online access anywhere in the country.

Kent as you may know is a simply wonderful place. People are writing and reading poetry. Painting oils and watercolours of the local scenes. Visiting the galleries and listening to classical music from the renaissance. The industrial revolution and enlightenment are central themes today and as many people go off grid they do so with the confidence that they have constant internet access. Building a life online and developing relationships in work and in love in Kent has meant that like so many civilisational centres the idea of not having a Kent Dating Site has become unimaginable.

It is our pleasure to report on the now normal everyday online dating that nearly everyone is doing. One can be catching up on the latest gardening tips online or following our favourite youtube homesteaders as they build their homes together. These are families making ends meat and helping each other along the way. So many of these people found each other online because with online dating you can so easily find like minded people.

Relationships are so important to health and wellness and not least to be able to talk through wonderful challenges together. Finding solutions online and working through the data to discover the right path forward. You could be installing your first off grid hydro electrical system from your backyard stream together. You could be raising livestock and have a pregnant cow that needs monitored. A job which is much more manageable with two people.

As so many people in Kent have found. Online dating is where so many people are kindling their long term stable relationships. Then embarking on lives in which children are born and raised as productive helpful and stable citizens.

If you are looking for love then really it is so worthwhile to check online in your local area for dating sites. Of course stay safe and take precautions particularly when meeting someone at first. Explore lots of sites and allow yourself to get a flavour for the diversity of sites out there. During this process you will also get to know yourself lots more. As individuals it is very helpful to have positive influences in our lives and taking time to find out more about yourself and what you are looking for in others is really not a bad starting point at all.

Very, very best wishes!

InTouch Rugby Dating & Relationships Editor.

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